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But Only If You Promise

 Adam Cole x Reader

    You impatiently tapped your fingers on the armrest as you watched the animated map in front of you, an estimated time to arrival ticking down in the bottom right hand corner. The tiny plane inched across the dotted line slowly, showing the path flown between Los Angeles and Tokyo- It’d been like watching paint dry for 14 hours. “Ms. Y/N, would you please return your seat to the upright position? We’re preparing to land now.” You snap out of your zombie like state and smile with a nod, pressing the button on the side of the seat to readjust. It’d been months since you’d seen Adam and you couldn’t believe the moment was finally almost here. After countless days of X’s on your calendar you’d finally be in his arms again today. Now.

    You wander through Narita airport exhausted and make your way through customs, gathering your luggage as fast as possible. As you walk through the terminals it hits you that you’re finally here…and that Adam is waiting in arrivals just as excited as you are. You take a deep breath to calm the butterflies as you step onto the escalator down and watch an ocean of faces appear- and soon that includes a bright set of baby blues you’d recognize anywhere. “Y/N!” you hear his smooth, deep voice say as he pushes through to you. Adam quickly silks his arm around your lower waist and pulls you in, slightly lifting your short frame up to his height. “Adam!” you manage to squeak out as you embrace him fully. Burying your face into his chest you smell the familiar spice of his signature cologne entangling with the musk of leather. You breathe it in heavily with a sigh. This was your heaven on earth. Hell, this was your heaven anywhere. You feel a hand cup your chin and pull your face up to eye level. “I’ve missed those lovely golden eyes of yours so much.” You feel yourself flush a warm pink as he dips in and kisses you tenderly, the firmness of his lips sinking you into a melted bliss.

    Adam leads you out the airport and to his rental car without an ounce of hesitation, clearly he’d memorized the route by now. As he loads your luggage into the trunk he pauses. “So uh, Y/N?” You look over, confused by the mild hesitation in his voice. He nods and continues. “I know we usually go out to celebrate with the guys after a big show, and I promise you’ll get to see them eventually since i’m sure you miss them. I know they miss you too, Matt and Nick have been going on about how happy they are to see you again and i’m really not trying to take that away or anyth-” You cup his face and make him look at you. “Relaaaaax! I’m your girlfriend, not your mother. You shouldn’t be so scared to tell me anything. Spit it out!” The corners of his eyes turn up as he smiles and laughs widely, his shoulders relaxing as he reaches back to smooth his hair bun. “You’re right, i’m being stupid. I just wanted to know if you’d be okay with us just doing a private outing tonight? Without any of them… Just us two in the night, maybe with some nature?” Your eyes widened in surprise. You’d been dating Adam for 3 years and as sweet as he always was he was never a huge romantic. A gentleman for absolute sure, but he was always a little too playful for romance. He’d try here and there because he knew you loved it but it always went hilariously awry. You didn’t mind, though. It was a part of his charm and you’d never had a problem with it- I mean what else could you expect from the panama city playboy himself? “Since when am I the type to decline a romantic date with you? Of course i’d love that. I think i’d prefer it even, I haven’t seen you since Christmas and would love some time for ourselves.” He lit up instantly, the April sun jealous of the way his smile beamed so exuberantly. “Great! I promise I won’t screw this up like usual, i’m so happy to have you here with me again and I need to show you that.” His face softens as he caresses your cheek “So what do you say we head to the hotel to drop off your things now, pumpkin?”

    You stare up at the hotel in disbelief “The Ritz, Adam? The Ritz?!” He nervously chuckles as the valet unloads the car and drives away. The bellhop loads a shiny expensive looking cart with your bags and escorts you to the elevator to your room.  5th floor. 10th floor. Top floor. You walk out to an exceptionally nice hallway, following the tail of the bellhop before he stops at the final room. As Adam speaks to him and tips him you slowly enter the room. A small eloquent foyer greets you, decorated tastefully with a vanity and a space to store shoes. 2 massive oak doors await to be opened in front of you. He walks to them confidently and pulls them apart, revealing a wide open marbled floor peppered in rose petals trailing throughout the living room and kitchen- all with a city view. The living room table holds the biggest vase of roses you’ve ever seen and a huge plushie of your favorite character. You’re shaken out of your mesmerized state as he grabs your hand and brings it to his lips, kissing the top of it lightly before speaking into your knuckles gently “I did this all for you, Y/N. I want you to remember this trip as the best trip of your life. No ifs ands or buts about it.” You look away shyly, unable to understand what you did to deserve someone so loving. “But it’s so-” He puts his lips against yours sweetly, speaking against them reassuringly. “It’s so what? Out there? Different? Extravagant? Anything but too much for you because you deserve it all.” You lean your forehead against his and happily sigh. “I understand what i’m doing, and all I hope is that you will too by the end of tonight. I need this to be perfect for you, for us. In every way.” You’re confused by his sentence but excited at the same time. What could he possibly have in store for tonight?

    1!…2!…3! The crowd erupts in cheers and screams around you as the bell rings. “The winner and still your Ring of Honor world champion, Adam Cole!” Adam stumbles to his feet clutching his side and smirks triumphantly as his music hits. You’ve heard it hundreds of times yet you still can’t help but jump up and down clapping to the beat in the front row.

Dirty, sexy, sneaky thing. Power over all with the love you bring…

He grabs his title and holds it up, proudly celebrating yet another victory. As he makes his way out of the ring he pauses and looks at you and points at himself going along with the song. He holds up the number 4 and points at you and you blush. You’d always teasingly sing that part of the song at him… but something in his look was different. Something that made you think that maybe it wasn’t just silly antics tonight. Before you look too deep into it you decide it’s best to happily shrug it off and just start heading backstage to catch up with him and see where you’d be headed tonight. And so, you do.

    “You were amazing out there babe, i’m so proud of you!” You yell out as you run to his arms, his hair dripping all over you still wet from his shower. “Had to put on a good show for my lovely little lady at ringside! It’s not often I have you hear to root for me ya know.” You smile as you hug him tighter. “Okay okay Y/N, baby, I don’t need a broken rib now!” He chuckles as he pushes your hair out of your face and lifts it up to kiss you. “So how about we have that date now?” You nod your head eagerly, excited by the prospect of a well deserved night out with the love of your life. He packs his things back into his gym bag and you two make your way out back to the rental car. As you approach the car he pauses and grabs you. “Y/N, I want this to be a surprise…” He says as he reaches into his pocket. “May I?” He holds a small silk blindfold in his hand and wiggles it in the air in front of you with hopeful eyes. You nod and he eagerly steps behind you as he wraps it over your eyes and quickly ties it. He dips down and holds his lips to your neck, caressing you with his breath and a kiss as gentle as the cool spring breeze. “I love you so much, Y/N. I only hope that I can show you just how much tonight.” He walks you to your side of the car and helps you inside before closing the door behind you. You wait nervously in the silence. The driver’s door opens and the weight shifts as he boards the car. “Are you ready?” he asks nervously. “Ready as i’ll ever be.”

    You finally arrive as he slows to a stop and you hear him fumble with a few things before he lets out a calm and happy sigh. “Alright darling, let me help you out.” You giggle “Well, i’d sure hope you aren’t planning to leave me like this!” He laughs and you can almost see his little eye squint through the blindfold from how vividly you see it in your head. He gets out and closes the door and comes to your aid, lifting you out of your seat and turning you to a particular direction. “Walk with me.” he says as you breathe in the chill of the 2am air. You obediently follow and after a few steps you feel the change from pavement to concrete. Then from concrete to grass. He silently leads you for another minute before he stops and walks behind you. He plays with the long ends of your hair for a few seconds quietly before breaking the silence. “I hope you like pink.” You stiffen, confused by the words coming from his mouth. “Of course I-” he pulls on the silk and it drops immediately from your face to the floor and it’s instantly followed by your jaw. Your eyes are flooded by an ocean of pink petals everywhere- on the trees above you, next to you, under you. A never ending sea of sakura floating down into a dense pillow of even more blossoms, all alongside a dimly lit lake. “Now face me.” He calls from behind you, his voice husky. You’re so amazed by the sight, you don’t even hear him at first. “Y/N, darling, look this way please.” He beckons again.

    You slowly turn and your heart races as you see the actual surprise. Candles lay all over in a carefully scattered array with a small blanket in the center, a basket of food resting in the middle. “I can’t believe you planned this whole picnic for me Adam…I don’t know what to say. I… Thank you so much. I don’t know how I could’ve gotten so lucky…” your voice trails off as he smiles softly before he turns and starts silently walking towards the blanket. “Adam? Do i follow or…” He continues walking before he stops right in front of the blanket, in the center of the glittering candles. He nods at you, reassuring your question. You walk to him and as you reach him he grabs both your hands and cups them together to the center of his chest. “Y/N, can you feel my heart? How you make it race?” You shyly nod. “Since the day I first met you, you’ve made it race every second I’ve looked at you. As time went on I thought it’d fade, but instead it grew more profound. You made me second guess myself like no woman ever had. You made me nervous and excited every time without fail, no matter what the circumstance. It was then that I realized you had to be mine.” You stare at him in shock. Absolute blissful shock. Adam was affectionate and loving but this magnitude caught you off guard. You’d never felt so happy in your life. “I wanted every single smile to be because of me and not another man… and once you became my girlfriend I was in disbelief that now that’d be true. Time went on…and then it happened. The moment I knew I loved you was a random Tuesday morning after you had slept over. It was when you had turned to face me half asleep. Your hair was a mess falling across the pillow, your face was bare revealing every little “imperfection” you always complained about …and there was even a little bit of drool dried to the corner of your mouth. You looked like the sweetest little angel. I stared at you sleeping for the next hour with the most unimaginable level of adoration- I didn’t even think it was possible. I told you I loved you over the burnt banana pancakes i’d made you that morning. When you glowed and said you loved me back I felt like the luckiest man on earth.” He paused to catch his breath and kissed every one of your knuckles, his lips like a light feather brushing your skin. “I need to wake up to that face everyday forever, Y/N.” You stare up at his baby blues through your tears as they happily dance down your cheeks. He shyly grins as he releases your hands slowly. “I want to love and take care of you forever. I want to have you by my side forever, Y/N.” He reaches into his pocket and fumbles with something again. “I’ll even learn how to make better pancakes, I promise!” He chuckles and you giggle. Just like Adam to be so playful. You look up at him and nod…but gasp as he slowly drops to one knee. He gingerly pulls out a small velvet navy box and turns it to you as he opens it to reveal a beautiful sparkling ring. And for just this once he stares up at you now, his sapphire eyes lovingly watching every detail of you. 

“But only if you promise.”

Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed! Was my first time writing in a super long time! Please feel free to give any criticism (or general comments) so I can improve! ^^ (p.s. i know his njpw theme is diff from his RoH theme, sorry!)

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an obiyuki beach trip! Thanks!!

Halfway through their first month at Lyrias, Shirayuki finally gets put on what Shidan’s lab affectionately calls Turtle Watch.

“Oh, finally!” she sighs, running her finger down the schedule. “I was sad I didn’t get to do it last time!”

“Who’d you get paired with?” Yuzuri asks, sliding her chin over her shoulder. “Ooh.”

“Oh.” She blinks. “Just with Obi.”

She doesn’t like how Yuzuri grins. “How romantic.”

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Can we suggest prompts from that list u reblogged? Bc if so, can you try 4 pls?

So, this somehow turned into a 11k monstrosity. Hope you enjoy it! And as always, also on ao3! (Thinking about turning this into a series, what do y’all think?)

One would think that after living his entire life ― almost twenty nine years now ― as a werewolf Derek would be used to the exhaustion and disorientation that came with the morning after a full moon. One would think that he would be used to the insufferable cottonmouth often accompanied by the humiliating realization that he had made some poor little woodland creature his meal, finding clumps of fur and bits of flesh around his mouth.

One would also think that he would be used to waking up completely naked, or at the very least nearly so, in the most random of places, ranging from the roof of his family’s home in the preserve to an unfamiliar parking lot across town. One might think that he would be used to the sensory overload the full moon brought with it, every sense heightened and intensified, a wave of primordial instincts rushing to the forefront of his mind.

One might think that he would be used to actually being a werewolf. But one would be wrong.

Because each and every month, without fail, Derek was overwhelmed by the thrall of the full moon and all its influencing effects. In mere moments, the control he worked so hard to maintain, in both his personal and professional lives, was shattered the instant the moon rose above the treetops.

Like clockwork, he and most of his family succumbed to their lupine instincts, the moonlight baptizing them each month, letting them shed their human burdens and be reborn in the night. It was like a cocktail of adrenaline and endorphins being shot into their veins, invigorating them the way nothing else on earth possibly could.

Most took to the woods, in either full or beta shift, spending the night hunting white-tailed and mule deer, whetting their ravenous appetites with fresh venison, painting their lips and fangs with warm blood. Others spent the time satisfying their more carnal desires, locking themselves behind closed doors with their mates to romp around in the sheets, testing both the limits of the Hale House’s soundproofing and the integrity of the headboards.

Personally, Derek preferred the thrill of the hunt, having no mate or partner by any stretch of the imagination, spending his night on four paws instead of two feet. He reveled in the carefree rush of chasing down prey, his eyes glittering yellow in the dark depths of the forest as he brought a buck to bay, sinking his fangs into the ungulate’s throat.

But he was also prone to wander, especially after his eating his fill of freshly killed deer or elk, his entire pack poking fun at his ‘lone wolf’ tendencies as they had been dubbed, wandering away the from the pack for seemingly no reason. Usually, he didn’t remember his little episodes of midnight wanderlust, only recalling catching wind of the most wondrous scent he had ever even dreamed of encountering, drawn to it like a moth to the flame, or rather a wolf to the moon.

His sisters, and more often than not his uncle and even both of his parents, constantly teases him about the mysterious siren scent he kept finding himself inexplicably attracted to, it luring him like the sweetest ambrosia. Their ribbing was mostly tolerable, a necessary evil he had grown accustomed to throughout his childhood of growing up with all of his family, both immediate and extended, living under the same roof.

But what was truly insufferable was the fact that his mother insisted that it was the scent of his mate, thus why it was so very intoxicating to him, sometimes going off on unbelievably embarrassing tangents about how she had met their father. It was a story they had all heard a million times before, the details burned into their memories, with a few more sordid details added once they were old enough.

It was such a foolishly romantic notion that it couldn’t possibly be true, an old omega’s tale of true mates and the moon’s heavenly light guiding couples, together though, admittedly, he found the idea of mates rather palatable. He was bolstered by the knowledge that somewhere out there in the world was someone absolutely perfect for him, someone who complemented him completely.

Where he was shy and at times cold and distant, his mate would be extroverted and exuberant and warm. Where he was more domestic and content at home, his mate would be adventurous and energetic, loud where he was quiet. His mate would be the day to his night, the sun to his moon. And it would be perfect.

The very thought appealed to him a great deal, especially with his less than stellar dating history.

First, there had been Kate, a woman older than him by more than twenty years who had used her charms and worldliness to entice and seduce him when he was barely legal, only a high school senior. She had been his first real girlfriend, making him feel older and more confident than he actually was, his friends on the basketball team practically worshipping him for sleeping with an older woman, christening her Cougar Kate.

They had shortly thereafter learned that she came from what was possibly the most well known family of werewolf hunters, the harsh truth coming to light when she attempted to burn down the Hale House. Fortunately, they had caught her red-handed before she could strike a single match, having had the bright idea to use pure gasoline and kerosene, the mere scent waking up everyone in the house. She had been arrested on the spot, given a speedy trial during which she was quickly convicted of over twenty counts of attempted murder, sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

Derek had sworn off relationships after that, shifting his focus to his studies. Having gotten into his first choice school, Stanford, he jumped headfirst into college life.

After graduating college with his Master’s in both education and history, he started dating Jennifer Blake, an English professor at a local community college. She had too had initially been sweet and intriguing, engaging him in the most intriguing talks about literature and the humanities but she hadn’t been much better than Kate in the long run.

In all actuality, she was not merely an English teacher, she was also a darach, a former emissary who had been betrayed by her ex-girlfriend and former pack. Apparently, from what Derek could gather, her plan was to siphon off as much energy from him and his family as she could, conspiring to conduct a series of sacrifices to revitalize her own power enough so she could exact revenge on her former pack.

It was all very convoluted and downright crazy, like something out of a bad Syfy original movie Peter always insisted on watching for the sole purpose of verbally ripping them apart, pointing out plot holes and awful dialogue. Again, luckily, they had discovered her devious little plot before she could lay a finger on a single virgin, shooing her out of their territory after relieving her of the last remainders of her power.

After all of that, Derek had completely sworn off any sort of romantic relationships, along with any sexual relationships, vehemently refusing to join any dating sites or pick up a one night stand like Laura and Erica insisted he do. With his luck, he would probably end up sleeping with a succubus, or an incubus as he had officially announced that he was bisexual shortly after graduating high school, after the whole Kate debacle.

Instead, he dedicated all of his time and energy to his family and his career, pouring all of himself, body and soul, into his new job at Beacon University, teaching History 135: Native American and Indigenous Peoples. And while he loved his job with all his heart, and his family even more so, he had to admit that sometimes he did long for a partner.

He longed for someone to curl up on the couch with after a long day, wrapped up in a warm blanket as they cuddled by the fireplace. He longed for someone to come home to after a long day of teaching and grading papers, someone to greet him with a quick kiss and a, “How was your day?”

He wanted someone he could bring home to meet his family, someone both of his parents could interrogate about their intentions with him, putting the fear of the moon into them. He wanted someone he could rely on to always be there for him, through thick and thin, through good times and bad.

He wanted someone he could wake up to on mornings like this.

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If I remember correctly.

The Elite is just the tag team name for the Young Bucks + Kenny, Super Kliq is The Bucks and Adam Cole (BAY BAY)[RIP], and The Dream Team is The Bucks, Kenny and Cole. Just like how Guerrillas of Destiny is just the tag name for Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa. I don’t know why Tama is so upset about Kenny having these tag team names while running the Bullet Club, ‘cause thats exactly what Tama would be doing if he took over.
Kenny is as Bullet Club loyal as Tama.

This is all weird and I just want the drama between them to stop. Especially the salt from Tama’s Twitter good lord its like he drained the ocean of its salt everytime he tweets about it.