buck and blanche

Better names for Bonnie and Clyde songs

Sounds Nice Until You Realize They Died (Prologue)

Al Capone Is Not A Good Role Model (Picture Show)

Clyde’s Guide To Seducing A Girl Into Hiding You From The Law (This World Will Remember Me)

The Best Song About Husband Hating Since “The Cell Block Tango” (You’re Going Back to Jail)

Death By Laura Osnes (How ‘Bout A Dance)

Cars Are Better Than People (When I Drive)

Jesus Is Nice But Sinning Is Nicer (God’s Arms Are Always Open)

She Chose Him Get Over It (You Can Do Better Than Him)

I Love My Problematic Husband (You Love Who You Love)

Justifiable Murder (Raise A Little Hell)

Robbery Has Never Sounded More FUn (This World Will Remember Us)

The American Government Failed Us Again What Else Is New (Made In America)

I Thought You Were Kidding About Being A Criminal??? (Too Late To Turn Back Now)

I Didn’t Ask For This, Buck (That’s What You Call A Dream)

Parents Are Boring, Crime Is Fun (What Was Good Enough For You)

God I Love My Gf (Bonnie)

Haha Remember When I Used To Feel Bad About Murder (Raise a Little Hell (Reprise))

Death By Laura Osnes pt.2 (Dyin’ Ain’t So Bad)

The Calm Before The Bullets (Dyin’ Ain’t So Bad (Reprise))