Steven:  You were in space too, Mayor Dewey?

Dewey:  Oh yeah, back in my internship at Gizmonics Institute.  You probably haven’t heard of them, they went defunct as of recently.  Next Sunday, AD, I think.

Dewey:  See, these mad scientists who worked on floor Deep 13 were working on an experiment to take over the world by playing the worst movies ever made to drive the populous mad.  They needed a test subject, so they kept me prisoner on a satellite and beamed up a bad movie for me to watch about every week.

Dewey:  Oh, but I was crafty.  I built some robots to keep me company.  Some to run the higher functions of the ship, but others were my buddies who kept me sane from the experiments.

Dewey:  Oh, I can still remember the memories…

Buck: Dad, for the last time, you were not stranded in space.

Dewey:  Yes I was.

Dewey:  HI KEEBA!!

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My ideal AOU end credits scene

Steve enters darkened Brooklyn apartment. There are boxes everywhere so its good to assume that he moved in quite recently.He looks like he’s had a long day. As he locks the door, he pauses. He turns around slowly; his face looks guarded but his eyes are smiling.

He looks toward a darkened corner of the room and says, “Fancy seein’ you here” or something along the lines of that.

A figure moves from within the darkness. The scene end before you can see their face but what you do see is a glint of a metal arm.


When Steve is locking the door, he hears a gravelly voice behind him say “I thought I told you not to do anything stupid” causing him to drop his keys.