buche de noel cake

Rajigaze Dec 16

Reita: Okay, shall we go to Christmas mail?

Uruha: Okay~

Reita: Ah! It says, “I want Uruha to read it!”

Uruha: Huh!?

Reita: Can you do it? I know you’re bad at this stuff.

Uruha: But it’s so long…

Reita: It ok  

Uruha: …It’s this one right

Reita: Yeah yeah yeah…what nice BGM for this

(*It’s Last Christmas)

Uruha: “Radio name, I love sweets. Reita-san, Uruha-san, good evening. Since the theme is Christmas, there’s something I want to ask you. Of course you ca…can’t have Christmas without cake”

Reita: Yes (laughing at Uru’s slip-up)

Uruha: “So, what is your go-to cake for Christmas? Is it the standard whipped cream cake that looks like fresh white snow? Maybe chocolate cake that goes perfect with red wine? Or is it the special Christmas cake, buuche dee N..oel …?? Kugurofu …the fairy tale-like….hekusen house…!?”

(Reita laughing cause Uru can’t pronounce shit)

Uruha: “By the way, for me, it would have to be buche de noel if I’m making it, or if I’m buying it it would be either buche de noel or chocolate cake. Also, Christmas Eve and Christmas day fall on a weekend this year. Everyone will be …kyakyaufufu –” THIS IS TOO HARD TO READ THERE’S TOO MUCH KATAKANA (giggles)

(*That last bit was supposed to be the sound of people partyin and havin a good ol time)

(Reita dying laughing)

Uruha: “Everyone will be having a happy time. But I’ll be spending it quietly at home alone. I hope everyone has a happy Christmas!”

(long pause)

Uruha: …Yeah

Reita: I have no idea what you were saying

Uruha: Yeah same

Reita: Like what’s ‘kugurofu’… (*trying 2 say kouglof)

Uruha: What’s buche de noel…

Reita: Idk….

Uruha: 'Hekusen’…they said it’s a special Christmas cake, so maybe we’re the only ones who don’t know what it is.

Reita: Yeah probably

(both laugh)

Reita: I don’t know what any of them are.

Uruha: But like red wine with chocolate cake sounds good.

Reita: Of course u would

Uruha: Ye

Reita: Well like obviously I know what chocolate cake is but 'kugurofu’ and like 'buche de noel’…

Uruha: And also 'hekusen house’…it’s a house?

(Reita bursts out laughing but like it is a house it’s a gingerbread house fuck off Reita)

Uruha: Eatin some kugurofu at the hekusen house

(Reita dying)

Uruha: Yeh u kno? Yesterday I went to the hekusen house and had me some kugurofu

Reita: Ur crazy man…

Uruha: (giggling) And then the buche de Noel came out and man…I lost it…

Reita: Really!! Oh cause you drank too much wine?

Uruha: Ah yes because I also had some rich chocolate cake that paired nicely with red wine…

Reita: (laughing) You’re an idiot.

Uruha: Ye that was my Christmas.

Reita: Dude I just pulled up a picture of hekusen house and it’s really a house!!!!

Uruha: What!?

Reita: So I guess you break the house and then eat it?

Uruha: …Ohh, is it a house-shaped cake?

Reita: Ahh I see, so it’s like you’re demolishing the house as you eat it…

Uruha: Well…yeh I guess… [some other joke about kouglof idk]

Reita: So anyway back to the question…

Uruha: Which one do we like?

Reita: (laughs) UM I DON’T KNOW??

Uruha (in very sweet voice): I like chocolate cake.

Reita: Yeah I gotta go with kugurofu. I probably eat it once every three days.

(Awkward pause and giggling)

Reita: Ohhh so this is kugurofu (*looking at a pic now)

Uruha: Ohhhh oh oh

Reita: I’ve seen it before, I’ve never eaten it before tho (laughs) …what was the other thing again?

Uruha: Buche de noel

Reita: Buche de noel…Oh I think everyone knows of this one…especially girls know this one.

Uruha: Yeah cause girls eat it

Reita: But I don’t think guys – ohhh okay, it’s that one that looks like a log!

Uruha: Ahhhh!

Reita: Yeah!

Uruha: I didn’t know it had a name!

Reita: Yeah! Okay, so next time I go to the store I’m gonna be like 'yes could I please have this buche de noel’

Uruha: Yeah…buche de – oh 'bush’??

Reita: Huh?

Uruha: Like in the woods???

Reita: Huh? Does 'bush’ mean woods?

Uruha: I don’t know??

Reita: Oh like 'forest’???

Uruha: Oh really??

Reita: Man idk (laughs) I’m gonna shut up now

Uruha: But ur guess is probably more far off than mine

Reita: Yes it’s GEGEGE

(*He’s reusing his stupid joke from the previous mail don’t even worry about it)

Uruha: Well anyway…

Reita: Yeah..

Uruha: They said they’re spending Christmas alone….damn even though they know so much about cake they’re alone…

(Reita dies laughing)

Uruha: Yeh

Reita: But they still wish we will have a happy Christmas! I mean, some people who are lonely would wish everyone else is lonely too. I’m glad they’re not that kind of person.

(buzzer goes off)

Uruha: What a great mail

Reita: What a great mail

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