NEXT 21th of JANUARY, TUESDAY. #FourthCore Djs and I will release the first “DRUM VS DUBSTEP LIVE REMIX” to the most famous 90´s TV SERIES:
2 - #Baywatches 
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PRÓXIMO MARTES 21 de ENERO. Los cracks de #FourthCore Djs y yo os lanzamos el primer “DRUM VS DUBSTEP LIVE REMIX” de las series más famosas de los 90:
2 - #LosVigilantesDeLaPlaya 
#Selia #MitchBuchannon #DavidHasselhoff -> BOOM!


Top 10 Romance Movies

7. The Great Gatsby

Like I said in my Romeo + Juliet post, I love Baz Luhrmann movies, and this is my second favorite (see my number 5). I love the story and nobody could have done a better job. (Who would of thought an Australian  A visual thrill, the movie was as much a piece of work as Gatsby’s parties. Leonardo DiCaprio was amazing (as usual). The unspoken hero of this movie is Catherine Martin, Luhrmann’s wife. She took home two Academy Awards for this movie (Production Design, and Costume Design) Just from the gif set above, you can see they were well deserved. Carey Mulligan delivered a tragic performance as Daisy Buchanan, making me sympathize for a character who, in the book, I hated. It was a thoroughly entertaining movie, and left nothing to be desired. Tobey Maguire was a perfect Nick Carraway, Isla Fisher’s character was a small role that left a big impression. When the movie was over I stared at my DVD player like Gatsby stared at the green light, wishing I could do it all over again. Baz Luhrmann’s most recent spectacle is the perfect example of a subtle romance. I wouldn’t categorize the movie as a romance, but I would categorize the story as one.