buccleuch park

Tree Silhouette

I took this picture last week in the park by my apartment in New Brunswick.  I took a few different pictures of this tree but I liked the editing on this one the best because I was able to really bring out the blues of the sky, create a strong silhouette of the tree and have a sharp horizon line in the background.

Lion Statue - Buccleuch Park

I took this picture at Buccleuch Park in New Brunswick.  I playing around with a 70-200mm lens which I have no experience with.  I spent a few hours walking around the park getting used to the focal lengths the lens was capable of and also wanted to test it out as a portrait lens, which is something I hear a 70-200mm is good for.  Since I did not have a model I used this statue of a lion and practiced getting god bokeh in the background.