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Do you like f/f ships? Do you have a fave?

Yes I do, my faves currently are:

1) Sun Jing/Qiu Tong from the chinese yuri manga “Their Story
2) Marceline/Princess Bubllegum from Adventure Time
3) Aoi/Remi, my ocs (lol)
4) Ruby/Sapphire from Steven Universe
5)Mikasa/Shasha from Attack On Titan

*If y'all wondering why I have never drawn my f/f otps, it’s cos I’m not confident enough yet to draw female(s) 💦

Yuri on Ice Idol AU Headcanons

Longer post than usual and @onnano-hito asked me to post (I actually made 2 sketches for this AU, but I have no ideia where they are, maybe you could consider my previous drawing of Seung-gil part of this? it fits)

•Debuted long ago, but, according to Yuri himself, his carrier didn’t went very well due to having anexty whenever he had to make live performances (but he was quite successful and popular)
•Long time Viktor fan
•During his hiatus, he performed Viktor’s most well known song “stay close to me”, the triplets recorded and uploaded, it went viral. Viktor saw it.
•Has a lot of stamina and can sing very well
•His songs are generaly love ballads or bubllegum pop, but can perform more mature themes
•Used to be a duo with Pichit, when they both where being produced by Celestino(Ciao Ciao)

•Super popular idol, has been on the entretaiment industry for more than 10 years
•There are rummors that he plans to retire to become a producer or a coreographer.
•Multitalented, can sing, act, dance and is very sociable. Considered a genius
•Uses a cool,flirty persona in front of the cameras. Behind them he can be a rather airhead, forgetful and do things on a whim
•His live perfomances alone can fill a stadium with fans
•Being on the industry for so long, he has performed all types of songs (I can’t think of any music style that would fit Viktor)

•Up and coming newcomer, who used to be a famous dancer when he was a kid.
•He’s very flexible and uses a ballet moves on his coreographs
•Likes rock, but due to his apperence, is forced to sing cute songs or piano centred pieces about silly teenager love
•On public apperences, he pretends to be a cute child. In reallity, he is very agressive and can be very rude, but by no means he’s a bad person.
•Yakov is his producer and has Lilia as his choreographor

•Used to form a duo with yuri
•Is being produced by Celestino
•Is very active on social media, to all idol fans delight.
•Wants to be part of the cast of the King and the Skater Remake
•Is super friendly with everyone and loves taking selfies with them. Has a lot of charisma
•he’s especiality is acting, but also likes to dance
•He became an Idol after his youtube channel became popular.(not really sure about this one)

•Yuri fanclub president and no.1 fan
•Aspiring Idol, but hasn’t been passed on any audiction yet
•Knows all facts and trivia about Yuri’s life and carries
•Supports Yuri in any way possible and defends him on the internet

•Likes acting, want to become an action movie star
•Uses bears themed outfits on some MVs
•His songs tend to be very cute
•Is part of a duo with Leo, in which Leo makes the songs and coreography and Guang-Hong sings and helps creating their MV
•Is a huge Pichit fan. Like his idol, posts a lot of pics on SNS

•Composes his own songs and create all his coreography by himself, with Guang Hong giving constructive critisim
•Is friends with many musicians and DJ’s
•BFF with Guang hong
•Also a Pichit fan

•Usually casted as villains on series and movies
•Overdramatic when acting
•Recently his songs are all about heartbreak.
•Was secretly dating, but was dumpped
•Not respected by his peers, despite being on the industry for a very long time
•Can sing surprisly well

•Very active on SNS. Has a lot of followers
•His songs have more lewd/mature themes.
•Has a friendly rivary with Viktor.
•A skilled dancer, with very “unique” style, due to his “entusiansm” during his performences (you guys also remember ep 10 ending)

Seung gil
•A perfectionist, all his moves are calculated to help his popularity
•Can sing and dance beaufully, despite his expressioless face
•Not a very good actor, for obivious reasons
•During entreviews, he talks as little as possible to avoid any rude coments due to his not very sociable personality(also requested by his producer)
•He only cries after concerts when he’s alone, being for hapinnes or sadness
•Avoids his mostly female fans as much as possible.
•In front of the cameras and during live concerts he looks cool and cold. While still not very sociable, he becomes more aprochable and an airhead when not dealing with the public eye

•Beloved by his fans, bc of his friendly personality. Often takes selfies with his fans
•Is trying to form a group with Mickey and Sara/Sala, much to the brother’s dismay
•He’s basicaly the same in front and behind cameras.
•Popular with older woman and kids (idk, i felt it was fitting)
•He’s song are generaly about “doing your best and never give up” but tries other themes and styles

•Is part of a dancing duo with his sister
•Super protective bother. Basicaly hates all men that try to be friendly with his sister.
•Too busy protecting his sister and managing their carrier to even bother dating.
•His songs are mostly about protecting a beloved one

•Super popular and loves the attention from his fans
•Used to be a child actor, thanks to his parents being former entratiners
•Part of a band, has his own fashion brand, is going to star a famous movie franchise, engaged with a famous actreess and also does modeling
•Multitalented, can sing, dance, act, ect.
•Makes his own stunds, no doubles
•During his concerts, he likes makig crazy moves. High risk, high reward

•Mysterious newcomer,this part of his charm
•Doesn’t speak much nor shows many emotions, but is a nice guy.
•One of the few people Yurio is friends with.
(I wrote those some time after ep 10, so I didn’t had much ideia what to write about him)