☆ Must me following me

☆ Must be a Rosy or a Bubblegum blog (or both)

☆ Reblog at least once! 

How it works:

I will be hand picking picking 5 blogs on August 5th to be in a poll till the 10th! Person with the most votes gets to be my BOTM! 

Winner will receive:

☆ A follow from me (if I’m not already following you)

☆ Your blog name on my blog somewhere the month of August

☆ Promos anytime they desire for the month of August (unless your crazy and want one every second, at least 2 every day)

☆ Get a spot in the Big City Lights Network and the Rosy Beauty Network

Any other questions just ask me here, Happy Reblogging :) xx ~ Bublicity