• Bubby
  • Troye Sivan

Troye: I have like a 3 year-old character, that I’ve like played since I was a little kid.

Grace: Is it called pale porcelain baby? (laughs)

Troye: (laughing) No, no. That’s a different one. His name is Bubby. And.. him  and my sister, like I pretty much don’t talk to my sister. I mean, he pretty much exists cos of it, he does.

Grace: (laughs)

Troye: And like, the whole family gets involved.

Grace: Do they have characters too? or are they as themselves?

Troye: No, they are as themselves. It’s just Bubby.

Grace: And so Bubby speaks to your sister? so you’re perfect to continue on the trajectory of musician, because you already have your Britney Spears split/alter ego character.

Troye: And he’s 3, and he has a disorder like he never grows up, because one time I told my sister that he was turning 4 and she got, like, really upset, because she didn’t want him to change and grow and stuff

Grace: (laughing) this is something that you’ve done since you were younger with your sister?

Troye: Yeah, since I was like… maybe, it’s actually embarrassing, because I was pretty old when I started doing it, maybe, like maybe 13.

Grace: How old was she?

Troye: She was, like, 10

Grace: it’s also hilarious that she got so upset that this alter character could possibly grow up

Troye: So, i had my first birthday, Troye had his first birthday, since Bubby’s creation and I was like “Ok, Say, I’m too old to do Bubby anymore” and she started getting really upset, so I was like “Ok, fine” and I started cuddling her as Bubby.


Jack: What does Bubby sound like?

Troye (as Bubby): Hi, my name is Bubby Balsey, and I’m from Australia.


Troye: So that was “Hi, my name is Bubby Mellet, but he cannot say his last name”.


Grace: Where this did come from? Where is the origin of this?

Troye: I asked my sister to carry me to bed and I was like lying on the couch, doing nothing, and I asked her to carry me to bed, and I started talking to her like a baby, because I couldn’t be bothered to walk and I kept doing it


Grace: You don’t know how bad I want to see this character manifest itself in a video!

Troye: I haven’t even shown you how he walks.

Grace: OMG! Is there physicality involved?

She is so beautiful. I used to stare at her when she wasn’t looking, but quickly turned away the moment she faced my way. I knew she’d caught me staring. She’d ask me what I was looking at, but I’d just shrug it off and not reply. It’s been a year now and a lot has changed. She is even more beautiful than before. I still stare at her when she isn’t looking, but never turn away when she looks back at me. I just smile. “What?” she goes. I tell her, “I am so in love with you.”
—  I am in love.

You cross my mind about a million times a day. And every time I just feel this overwhelming amount of gratitude for whatever force brought you to me. You are an annoying, stubborn little twat. But you are also one of the most beautiful people Ive ever met. Thank you for loving me even though I am hard to love. I promise if you stick around I will make you the happiest girl in the world. I will always stand by your side and I will always believe in you. I love you nugget. @briannamarriott #lesbians #lesbiancouple #cuties #mybaby #mydeer #lovebug #bubby #soinlove #loveletter #cheesy #corny #whatever #dontcare

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