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twiggy90210  asked:

May I ask why you changed the Jumin one? Did people get upset over it?

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It was a sensitive topic so I get where both sides are coming from ^__^;;
I have never watched 50 shades nor have I any intention of doing so (I don’t really like nsfw stuff in general as well – I have like 1.5% knowledge about any of it other than the basic stuff you accidentally learn about in high school and i don’t want to find out more thanks to previous unpleasant childhood experiences lol)

&& the entire meme was based off a canon in-game 707 thought bubble about “50 Shades of Chairman-To-Be” [screenshot in previous posts] ((+++so much of the fandom was seeing Jumin as someone who would /watch/ it)) so i thought it was okay

but I’m glad people took the time to politely explain why the movie is problematic because I wouldn’t have known otherwise ^__^ while the reference was very tiny and indirect, i felt like it was sending messages that i think jumin is the same as this grey guy – i don’t btw, which is why he is asking for mc’s consent unlike the grey person guy (afaik…idk) – i think jumin is precious if you treat him right too. his obsession still creeps me out though haha but still - fave! ;;;

i don’t like remembering it but i personally know the feeling of having your consent disregarded ; ; ;; ;;; ;; so yeah idk – i definitely have no bad intentions with the previous comic – i just booked on the fact that it was referenced in the game ;; i’m sorry! please don’t hate me

why do i feel like i dont have the right to draw jumin anymore… or anything MM at all because i might mess up some more lololol rip maybe i should take a break


young team leaders go for some boba!

The Houses
  • Hufflepuff: Daisy chains, flower crowns, loose braids, stray strands of hair that tickle your nose, freckles, poems about friends, passing notes to people who look like they need cheering up, toothy grins, picnics in meadows with the people you love, cold lemonade on hot days, sticking your hand out an open window to feel the rain, spinning around until you're dizzy, bubbly laughter, natural shades of shimmery eyeshadow, soft smiles, singing happy songs at the top of your lungs and not caring who hears
  • Slytherin: Bitten lips, bold eyeliner, perfecting the art of raising one eyebrow, sharp cheekbones, the satisfying feeling of cracking your knuckles, sarcasm, trying to plan your whole life out, dancing en pointe, intricate braided hairstyles, nails bitten to stubs, resting your forehead against the cold window, writing quotes up your arms, musky perfume, holding your bare hands in snow until they're numb, practicing something until you can do it in your sleep, hiding your emotions
  • Ravenclaw: Ink splatters up your arms and the edges of your hands, smears of ink on your face that you've forgotten about, the strain in your arms from carrying too many books, the smell of a secondhand bookstore, drawing on your arms, falling asleep while reading, confusing people with long words, swearing in foreign languages, sketching random strangers, cold rain on your face on a warm day, vintage clothes, using pens and paintbrushes to tie your hair up, fruit smoothies
  • Gryffindor: Hand-me-down clothes, putting your hair in messy buns, running until your legs ache and your lungs burn, scraped knees, random bruises that you don't remember getting, wearing leather jackets on hot days and instantly regretting it, dirty jokes, laughing so much it hurts, piggyback rides, singing loud and off key without caring who hears, rosy cheeks, tangled hair, practicing self defence and half-wanting to get an opportunity to use it, the smell of cinnamon at Christmas, playing pranks on your friends and knowing there'll be payback

The first time Lily Evans smiles at him is in the second week of seventh year. James is strolling along the corridor, his wand tucked underneath his cloak and an apple bouncing in his hand. Sirius is in detention, and he’s on his way to distract Filch in order to rescue his best friend. 

He stops when he hears crying. 

Eyebrows creasing, he heads toward the sound of distress. Sirius’ll be able to handle himself for a few more minutes. When James turns the corridor, he sees a sobbing second-year girl with dark hair in pigtails. Her papers are ripped into shreds at her feet, and her face is turning an ugly shade of purple.

“Don’t look at me!” the girl shrieks, covering her purple face from James.

“Merlin,” mutters James. “Are you alright?” 

“No!” she wails. 

“What happened?” 

Her crying grows louder and more violent. 

“Who did this?” he says quietly. 

“I - I can’t tell. They’ll hurt me and my friends if I tell on them,” whimpers the girl.

Fury rises up in James. “It was Snivelly - Severus Snape and his friends, isn’t it?” 

Her sobbing turns louder and rises a pitch, and that’s all the reassurance that James needs. The weaselly little git is turning to abusing the younger, defenseless girls with his gang of bullies now, is he?

Suddenly there’s a warm figure at his side - he turns to see none other than Lily Evans appear worriedly, rushing forward to the young girl. Her green eyes flash as she produces a tissue out of nowhere, handing it gently to the second year.

“Why don’t you sit down, sweetie?” soothes Lily. She guides the girl to a bench by the corridor, where the girl sits down, crossing her legs. Her face is bubbling a nasty shade of violet now. 

The girl dabs angrily at her face with the tissue. “It hurts! My face hurts!” 

“Hold still, alright?” Lily smiles softly as she points the wand, flicks it, and mutters an incantation. The purple boils stop spreading and start to deflate, some natural color returning to the girl’s face.

“Th-thanks,” stammers the younger girl. Her tear-streaked cheeks shine. She smiles up at Lily with eyes big of adoration. 

James remembers something in his pocket. He digs out a bar of chocolate he had purchased at Hogsmeade a few weeks back - he was planning to eat it during Herbology if the class became boring like usual, but it seemed like the girl needed it more than he did.

James tosses the chocolate bar over to the girl, grinning weakly. “Have this.” 

The second year grabs it from where the bar landed on her lab, giggling her thanks at James, and bites into it gratefully. She looks much more cheerful in seconds - the sugar must have helped. 

Lily whirls around in surprise, eyes widening, and James is not sure whether to be insulted or honored that she’s shocked he is here to comfort a young girl. He just manages a wave and a smirk like usual, a hand automatically running through his tufts of brown hair. 

He expects Lily to roll her eyes and brush past him in annoyance like usual. But instead, a genuine, real, warm smile curves across her face.

And it’s beautiful.