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I don’t know why I overlooked the blackberry bath bomb for so long, but it’s amazing!!! Between the smell and color I don’t know what I like the best. Will be giving this bad boy a repurchase for sure! ✨🌸💜

Little Oswald- The Zoo (pure fluff)

I got a request from @pink-cherry-berry-bubbles for “little!Oswald getting an owie and crying for his mommy” and it kinda spiraled into this.

I know we don’t know much about Oswald’s Dad at the moment but I kinda had the idea that maybe his actions were part of the reason Gertrude was so protective over her son, worried he may leave her alone and repeat history.

Gertrude takes Oswald to the Zoo where he encounters a Penguin for the first time, hiding her emotion from her own sadness, she focuses on her son’s happiness

Content- Little Oswald being cute, a little sadness, Penguins

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