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Autistic Hogwarts students
  • Autistic students who are best friends with their pets, owls, cats and frogs.
  • Autistic students who spend all their free time in the library.
  • Autistic students who know spells that can muffle the sounds around them. This could be really useful in the great hall and other crowded places.
  • Autistic students who made a deal with the elves in the kitchen that they get their favourite and sensory safe food and drinks every day.
  • Autistic students who know secret passages and the least popular stairs in Hogwarts to avoid crowds.
  • Autistic students who like to wear the school uniform because they always wear the same and they won’t have to decide what sensory friendly clothing they want to wear each morning.
  • Autistic students who like to communicate with the merpeople by sign language. The merpeople come to the big windows on the far side of the Slytherin common room if they are curious or want to talk.
  • Autistic students who stim by flying on a broom or play quidditch in the heavy equipment.
  • Autistic students who buy their stim toys in a magical fidget shop: Potions which smell like everything you want them to. Blankets that adjust their weight to the needs of the owner. Stim toys which change textures and other things like self-rotating glitter jars, endless bubble wrap, moving pictures for visual stimming. Everything you’d ever imagine.
  • Autistic students who create their own ‘personal space’ inside their wardrobe with an extension charm to relax, recover and be alone.
  •  Autistic students who use the time-turner to visit their favorite classes, again and again.
  • Autistic students who are befriended with the ghosts and portraits because they need no physical contact and have hundreds of years of knowledge to share.
  • Autistic students who have a self-writing quill which makes notes in class.
  • Autistic students who have a magical bracelet or pin which displays the mood and show if they want to communicate or be left alone.
  • Autistic students who have a collection of magical stim toys which can fly, hover, change colours or textures or make sounds.
  • Autistic students who sneak out of their common room at night because they like to wander the empty and quiet halls.
  • Autistic students who invented a light that only shine for them if they want to read and learn all night without waking everyone.
  • Autistic students who made howler which can only be heard by the receiver because they are bothered by the sudden noise every time someone received one.
  • Autistic students who are allowed to visit the greenhouse, potion class, astronomy tower, stables for magical creatures or the quidditch fields if they want to experiment or learn about their special interest.
  • Autistic students who meet other autistics in the room of requirements to train or analyse social situations, talk about their special interests, stimming together, etc.
  • Autistic students who have self-organizing and magically expanding shelves.
  • Autistic students who have an arrangement with the house elves in the kitchen that always food and drinks appear near them when it’s time to eat and they forgot about it.
  • Autistic students who have blankets which can adjust their weight if they want their blankets to be heavier or lighter.
  • Autistic students who go nonverbal have magical cards which can display and verbalise their thoughts if they have to say something.
  • Autistic students who have a special interest in muggle things and interrogate all new muggle-born and half-blood students about it.
  • Autistic students who ‘lock’ their wands, so they can stim with it without setting of spells.
  • Autistic students who learn to cast their spells wandless because they don’t like the feeling of holding a wand or like to flap their hands.
  • Autistic students who are allowed to miss class if they (are about to ) have a meltdown, shutdown or a sensory overload.
  • Autistic students who have enchanted chairs and tables in every classroom which can adjust the brightness of the light, the speech volume of the teacher and other students and the room temperature to make the perfect environment for each student.
  •  Autistic students who have a magical compass which shows them the fastest way to their common room or safe place from every location in Hogwarts if they are going to have a meltdown, shutdown or sensory overload.
  • Autistic students who stay over Christmas in Hogwarts because it’s quieter and less stressful there than at their home.
  • Autistic students who are visited by their families and friends on visiting day at Hogwarts once a month. On every train station and in Kings Cross on platform 9 ¾  a wizard is positioned who cast a temporary spell on the visitors and lead them through the barrier. They will arrive at Hogsmeade where the students can meet them. In special cases, they can stay in Hogsmeade for a few days. After that, the Hogwarts Express will bring them back to the muggle world.
  • Autistic students who manipulate stinkbombs from Zonko’s Joke Shop or Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes that they smell like their favourite stimmy smell.
  • Autistic students who have a huge collection of chocolate frog cards or rare magical plants.
  • Autistic students who always have a sneakoscope on them, which make an alarming sound when it’s in range of an untrustworthy person, like a poltergeist or bullies. 
  • Autistic students who like to spend their time in the shrieking shack, when everything is too much and they need alone-time. It’s a lonely place because no others students dare to go there.To get there, they use the secret passage under the whomping willow.
  • Autistic students who like to spend their time at the boathouse because it’s quieter there than on the lakeshore.
  • Autistic students who row out onto the great lake to play with the merpeople and the giant squid and feed the squid toast from breakfast.
  • Autistic students who can’t travel in the crowded and noisy Hogwarts Express. Instead, they’re allowed to use brooms, portkeys, floo powder, apparition spells or flying cars or carpets.
  • Autistic students who can’t live in the common room could rent a room in Hogsmeade or stay home. They have to travel every day to Hogwarts and back home.
  • Autistic students who are allowed to travel with floo powder through the fireplaces from one classroom the next to avoid the crowds in the hallways.
  • Autistic students who like to flap and rock while reading about their special interests use flying books or let them fly.
  • Autistic students who like rules, order and organisation  want to be praefect of their house.
  • Autistic students who like the sound of the water in the Slytherin dungeon or the howling wind in the Gryffindor/Ravenclaw tower.
  • Autistic students who have a bad sense of orientation and take a copy of the marauders’s map from the Hogwarts merch shop with them to find the way to their classrooms.
  • Autistic students who visite besides muggle studies the social norm class for muggle and wizard worlds, in which muggle-born, half-bloods and pure-bloods learn about the social life and the daily life with or without magic in the other world.
  • Autistic students who have problems with personal hygiene. Instead of teeth brushing they can chew on a bubble gum made out of the juice of a rare magical plant. And instead of showering they can use potions or charms to stay clean.
  •  Autistic students who got stimming attachments from Olivander’s. They can modify their wands with chewing bits or little attached fidget toys or transparent parts with shiny liquid in it, like a glitter jar.
  • Autistic students who have magical contact lenses which can adjust the light level of every environment after the users needs.
  • Autistic students who teach themselves Parseltongue because they see it as a new challenge and a special way to make friends with animals
  • Send me your Ideas!
  • to be continued
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Things I associate with BLACKPINK

Jisoo: Waves crashing onto the shore, ripped jeans, the sound of running water, walking along a river, flower petals, blue skies, white lace, open windows, snow flakes, rain drops on windows, mint green clothes, lemonade, succulent, Venus fly traps, hanging lights, studio lights, dream catchers.

Jennie: Chokers, messy hair, gems and crystals, day light shining through curtains, wind chimes, feeling the wind through your hair, natural light, zen gardens, shadows, palm trees, nude lipstick, cookie dough, coffee stains, aged paper, opening letters, the smell of freshly bakes cinnamon buns, iced coffee.

Rose: Drinking tea, milk in glass bottles, mason jars, bubbles, fizzy drinks, bath bombs, ice cream on a hot summer day, a cool spring breeze, winter coats, white and pink roses, reflections off water, circle sunglasses, pastel bomber jackets, playing with sparklers, baby pink lipstick, picking strawberries.

Lisa: Steam from hot tea, autumn leaves, taking walks in the evening, reading books under candle light, melted candles, sweater paws, walking in the sand with bare feet, flannel, finding seashells, collecting pretty rocks, the sound your feet make when you walk on rocks, brick roads, long boarding by the sea side.

Herbal How To: Tinctures and Extracts

Tinctures! I love these! In fact, this would be one of the more tried methods for herbal mixtures that I use and have used for years. A tincture is a concentrated herbal mixture, generally used when people need a concentrated dosage of herbs very fast, as tinctures are taken by mouth in liquid form. The generally accepted dosage for a tincture is 30 drops per ¼ cup of liquid, be it tea, juice, or water. Tinctures are made with alcohol, so obtaining the ingredients may be harder for those under the legal drinking age. Since this is a medical grade tincture, please research the herbs to be used before using them, as this tincture is made to be swallowed in liquid. A list of herbs can be found here.

When making a tincture, it is very important to have glass or ceramic bottles over metal or plastic containers, for the tincture itself will be made with alcohol and can leech unwanted chemicals from metals and plastics. Alcohol will allow the herbs to absorb faster into the system, maintain a shelf life of 3 to 5 years per tincture and prevents mold and decay in the herbs. When making a tincture, the alcohol MUST be at least 80 proof alcohol to prevent molding (yes, drinking alcohol). I have seen methods stating different kinds of alcohol can be used, but I have always has the best results using a plain (non-flavored) but decent quality vodka (like Smirnoff, Absolut, or Grey Goose), as it is generally flavorless and clear. The higher the quality of vodka, the more pure the herbal mixture, but do not go crazy and buy something extravagant, just find something that is at least double or triple distilled to guarantee the vodka has been properly carbon filtered. The beginning preparations will need a glass or ceramic container like a mason jar, but the final tincture MUST be placed in a dark amber or blue bottle, or a ceramic bottle. UV light will break the tincture down, causing it to loose shelf life and cause the herbal medicines inside to go bad faster.

Herbal Tincture:


  • 80 proof alcohol (preferably vodka)
  • quart mason or other glass canning jar with lid
  • fresh herbs of choice
  • muslin or cheesecloth
  • rubber band or string
  • butterknife
  • permanent marker
  • large bowl or container (for straining)
  • wooden spoon
  • sterile/latex gloves
  • funnel
  • storage bottles (amber/dark blue glass or ceramic)


  1. Clean all containers. Air dry.
  2. Wash all fresh herbs.
  3. In quart glass jar, pack herbs into the jar until the entire container is full.
  4. Fill quart jar to the top with alcohol. Use butter knife to press on herbs to release all trapped air bubbles.
  5. Tightly close the jar, and label the jar with the starting date and finishing date.
  6. Store somewhere where it will not contact sunlight for a month. Remove jar only to shake it every three days.
  7. After a month, remove the jar.
  8. Using the muslin or cheesecloth, place it over the large bowl or other straining container and tightly tie it into place with a string or rubber band.
  9. Pour the liquid out and strain it. Press the herbs on the straining cloth with a wooden spoon to press out any extra liquid. When the jar is empty, using sterile/latex gloves, remove the cloth and squeeze with your hands to make sure all liquid is strained. Throw herbs away.
  10. Using a funnel, pour the strained tincture into the dark bottle or multiple bottles and label the ingredients and date. Store in a cool or dark place out of direct sunlight.

The easiest method of using the tincture is to buy a medical grade dropper and count 30 drops per ¼th of a cup of liquid.

Artwork by @bubblesteaart

As written by my husband:

Since 2009 Kate and I have have been officially joined and playing the hardest game we ever have - Life. There always seems to be another level that needs to be beaten or a random encounter that comes out of nowhere. I think together we’ve beaten a lot of difficult bosses that this game has thrown at us but we’ve decided we finally need a little help. Coming in May of 2017 “Player 3” will be joining the fight. We already love this new guy and can’t wait to help level him up through all of Life’s challenges

Amortentia - Sam Winchester

This was a request from an amazing anon! Thank you so much for the idea!!

Prompt: Based on the amortentia potion from Harry Potter, Dean finds a bottle of it somewhere in the basement and passes it around, seeing what they each smell. Dean can’t believe it when she picks out what Sam smells like.

Warning: Much fluffs to be had. I couldn’t help sprinkling in some Destiel though. Whoops

“Hey guys, come check this out!” Dean voice called from the next room.

After Dean accidentally crashed into the side of some hidden door we had discovered yet another storage space inside the bunker, prompting us to cancel our planned evening of a Buffy marathon (Cas still hasn’t seen it. Dean is disgusted) and clear out the space for anything useful.

I sighed, looking to Dean. How is it that he and Sam are brothers and yet they can be so different? I guess it’s fine because then I would have crushes on two guys and that might lead to some complications.

Yeah. I wasn’t gonna deny it. None of that “I only have a tiny crush on him” BS that I read.

“What is it now. And if it’s another damn Busty Asian Beu-” Sam began talking only to end as his eyes fell on the slightly bubbling jar of… something.

I raised an eyebrow, “Okay… first off, what and second is it explosive?”

Cas, who had strode over to us, abandoning the stack of loose books he was examining before. “Amortentia. Odd…”

“Wait, from Harry Potter?” I asked, my potterhead mind immediately going to the easiest answer.

“What is-” Cas started, Dean cut him off with a wave of his hand.

Shrugging off the reference that he didn’t understand, Cas continued, “It’s an infatuation inducer. I’ve only seen it rarely in the past but I believe you can detect the fragrance of what you desire from it”

I chuckled, “So it’s the potion from Harry Potter. Awesome”

Sam stepped forward, taking the tall bottle of shimmering peach colored liquid from Dean’s hand. “Maybe Rowling’s a witch?” He mused.

The cork was firmly sealed on the vial as Sam flicked open a switchblade he kept in his back pocket in order to open it.

I shook my head, “She has to be a nice one. I’d really hate to have to hunt her down”

“Me too…” The long haired hunter finalized, prying off the bottle cork with a pop.

The potion let out a welcoming fizz and Dean took this as a chance to take it from Sam’s hand before sitting on the ground, leaning against a stack of boxes.

Dean smirked, “C’mon. Why not take a shot at it?”

Upon his suggestion we (even Cas) sat in a mangled circle, tensely waiting for Dean’s reaction as he lifted the bottle to his nose.

He looked down at the vial with a confused look in his eyes, “Barely smell anything. Maybe like… some kind of… ah ,screw it. I have no idea”

I scoffed, “Well that’s definitive”

“Bite me, Y/N” Dean replied, practically shoving the Ammortentia into Cas’ hand.

The angel stiffly accepted the drink, peering down at the potion.

“Gasoline perhaps? Leather…” He pondered and I wasn’t surprised. Dean and Cas had declared themselves in some weird ass human-angel relationship a while ago. It was kind of sweet to be honest. I mean, at least Dean could have someone to be with in this shitty life.

A feint blush tinged Dean’s freckled face as he coughed loudly, motioning for Sam to take the bottle.

Sam had small smile playing on his full lips as he took a deep breath of the pungent fumes of the potion.

He looked absolutely puzzled, and a bit startled, “Um… don’t get mad… but… blood? And gunpowder?”

Dean was instantly alarmed, “Ruby?”

Sam recoiled, a disgusted expression lingering on his face, “No! No… Definitely not her… But… Maybe there’s some kind of strawberry in there too?”

Cas tilted his head, “Blood, gunpowder, and strawberries is an odd combination, Sam. Maybe it’s a hunter?”

My heart skipped a beat before the heavy logic in my mind instantly beat out any possibility of it being me.

‘No way. Not me. There’s a shit ton of better options out there. And I use Old Spice! Not some Pantene crap’

‘Well, there was that two in one motel thing that smelled kinda fruity…’

‘…Shut up’

I only now realized that I was being handed the bottle. I quickly drew in a breath of the liquid, instantly being hit full on with a heavy dose of various smells.

“…So?” Sam asked, looking towards me with his brown/green eyes.

I didn’t really know what to say. I almost certainly didn’t expect to tell the truth.

“Books” I said affirmatively.

Dean laughed weakly, “Books? That’s it? I mean, I knew you were a geek but-”

“-Shut it Winchester”

Meanwhile I was trying to pick apart the most noticeable scents.

“I guess… Dust? Books and dust and beer” I finally placed the most prominent one, “Oh! That really cheap deodorant that Sam always use-”

I halted.

Slowly making eye contact with the younger Winchester, I realized we both ha d a matching look of dawning horror settling over out faces.

The room was silent until, of course, Dean managed to mutter, “I told you it would work”

I guess I had a confession to make…

Okay that was pretty fun to write :) Hope you liked it, Anon!

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FFIX: Gysahl Pickles

What’s this? This isn’t mmorpg food! 

And you would be correct dear reader, though it IS from a video game. I’ve fiddled around with pickling things a few times, never really satisfied. Then one day, while replaying Final Fantasy 9, I got to the part where Steiner experiences the joys of Gysahl Pickles and thought to myself, “What if I did this? I could at least try.” And try I did, and I must say the results were quite tasty.

Since we had another recipe this week already, I thought instead of a mmorpg recipe, I would put this forth, another in the list of random encounter recipes, if you will. For those of you confused at the use of carrots and parsnips, the original version of gysahl greens in Final Fantasy games were carrot-like plants, so that’s what we’re using. 

This will make 1 large jar of pickles, or two smaller jars. I didn’t use the standard process for canning/jarring goods, so while there isn’t necessarily a risk of contamination, these pickles should be kept refrigerated at all times!


  • 1 cup Distilled/Filtered Water
  • 1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 ½ tbsp Kosher/Pickling Salt
  • 1 Handful (approx. 1 ½ tbsp) Black Peppercorns 
  • 1 Handful (” “) Hot/Red Pepper Flakes
  • 1 Handful (” “) Fresh Ginger, peeled and roughly chopped
  • 2 large cloves Garlic
  • 4-5 sprigs of Fresh Dill
  • 3 large Carrots
  • 3 Parsnips

Cook Time: 10 - 15 min.  |  Wait Time: Approx. 2 days

Makes: Enough for a BBQ or Spring Cookout!


Step 1.) Wash the jar(s) you will be using in hot water and soap, then set aside.

Step 2.) Wash, peel, and julienne the carrots and parsnips to fit inside the jar(s). Slice your garlic cloves into 3-4 large pieces. Stuff the carrots, parsnips, garlic, and dill into the jar(s) until full.

Step 3.) In a pot, combine the water, vinegar, salt, peppercorns, pepper flakes, and ginger and bring to a boil, allow to sit at a boil for 2-3 minutes or until the salt is completely dissolved. 

Step 4.) Carefully pour the brine into the jar(s) until the brine is about 1/2″ below the top of the jar(s). Tap the jar(s) or use a knife to swirl around the inside to free trapped air bubbles. Close the jar(s) and allow to sit for about an hour to cool.

Step 5.) Place the jar(s) into the refrigerator and allow to sit for at least 2 days to marinate. Lasts for about 1 ½ weeks.


The apple cider vinegar makes a milder brine than what you might experience with normal white vinegar pickles. Mixed with the ginger and red pepper, this makes for a uniquely refreshing and spicy (but not too spicy) pickle! 

Apple cider vinegar also serves to give the pickles a pungent smell that, en masse, could have been the same overwhelming smell as their video game counterparts. But trust me, they taste much better than they smell!

I will definitely be making this again over the summer!

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the signs as stuff in my room
  • Aries: rebellious t-shirts
  • Taurus: food wrappers and my comforter
  • Gemini: broken hair ties and my phone charger
  • Cancer: picture of me and my (passed) mom and Barbie angel thing
  • Leo: mirror and sparkly makeup bag
  • Virgo: hand sanitizer and pastel Easter basket
  • Libra: fuzzy blue sweater and cute socks
  • Scorpio: my wallet and this huge like bubble jar thing full of change
  • Sagittarius: under shirts and sharpies
  • Capricorn: school bag and a ruler
  • Aquarius: my bed and 2 pairs of sunglasses
  • Pisces: notepads and art cases (pencils, oil pastels, paints)

Ploughman’s Pie, from Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett!

The very second I read about this pie, I had a mighty hankering to make it. A meat pie with cheese and pickled onions? A complete and balanced meal, in my opinion! Even Vetinari took a slice, which is quite a testament for a man who juggles intrigues, assassins, and possibly more food tasters than we’d ever hear about.

Here’s Glenda Sugarbean, the inventress of the pie, and her secret behind the crispy onion layer:

‘Yes. I’ve helped lots of people and I invented the Ploughman’s Pie.’

'Did the people you helped want to be helped?’

'What? Yes, they came and asked.’

'Good. And the Ploughman’s Pie?’

Glenda told her.

'Ah, you must be the cook at Unseen University,’ said the woman. 'Which means that you have access to rather more than the average cook and, therefore, I would deduce that to keep the pickled onions crisp in the pie you put them in a cold room at very nearly freezing point for some time immediately before baking, possibly wrapping them in cheese for the sake of temporary insulation, and, if you have assembled your pie correctly and paid attention to temperatures, I think that would do the trick.’ She paused. 'Hello?’

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You & Me

Shattering silent sorrow
The road littered with ash
You and me will never be
You a bubbling glass jar
Volcanic shattered resolve
Oblivious of your worth
You should have run
You should have left
I’m rising steady a clock
Ticking away empty souls
The bell rang out long ago
Warning you about me
Everyone left, and you should
have fled, flimsy little thing
Delicate glass bauble
A nothing when I’m done
Made with fire maybe
Not made for the likes of me
You should have fled before my
eye fell on you, frilly speck