TAZ spoilers

Okay… Don’t think about Lucretia arriving at the beach dwarves, the safe place she left Merle, only to find Hekuba and her child with Merle who doesn’t care about the whereabouts of her ex-husband. She begins to worry, but doesn’t panic on the outside, I mean people get divorced all the time right, that doesn’t mean anything bad happened to him?  

Don’t think about her trying to track down Taako and finding Glamour Springs, since that’s the last stop on his tour,desolate and the bodies still in the streets since there aren’t enough people left in down to bury them.  Her searching each and every body fervently trying to see if Taako is among them tears in her eyes hoping that he wasn’t there not caring who saw her morbid task only to be relieved that he wasn’t.  Her tracking down his abandoned stagecoach only to not find him. And then her dashing to Raven’s Roost not even thinking about the bubbleships and just going on foot because she’s breaking down now.

 Don’t think about Lucretia arriving at Raven’s Roost the safe home she left Magnus, and finding it destroyed.  It was once a thriving city where she knew Magnus was safe, happy, in love and then finding it collapsed upon itself.  She can’t even search for his body like she did with Taako because the town is just so ruined that it would take years to sift through the rubble and even then she knows she’ll never know.

Then think about Merle, Taako, and Magnus walking in with Killian and her stopping herself from running over to three best friends in the world that she was forced to betray and not sure if they were alive.  Yet here they are and she can’t help them remember, but for the first time since she founded the Bureau of Balance  she knows they’re safe and for now that’s enough

bubbleship  asked:

watch?v=FJ1W3562vt0 if you want to watch it. it was a BTS that was uploaded on the MBC site. I mean i don't think i implied that it was on purpose. it was probably a mistake on the part of MBC. what i was saying was that someone had to screen it before posting it and that someone should have thought better than to post it. besides saying SOB on Korean National tv without a bleep or anything is a huge deal. it's just not done and isn't ok, so saying it was a joke as an apology looks bad for MBC

also fans want the channel to apologize to Taemin, rather than saying “the staff member is close to Taemin and Naeun so she didn’t pay attention! we should have checked once more! sorry fans!” I mean, that may be true, but culturally and professionally it’s pretty bad. Many k-fans were upset with the scripting of the show already (staff were caught ordering Taemin to “read out the script” on a previous episode, i can link the Korean article if you want). this just takes the cake in many ways.

link to the video

link to article talking about mbc statement and scriptedness of wgm

i’m not sure if it’s custom to bleep swear words in korea, since i’ve seen idols swear without being bleeped before (for example junsu saying 미친새끼 in this clip). i will readily admit that it’s a professional gaffe no matter the custom or the platform, but i wonder if it’s really what we should be focusing most on?

i’ve been receiving a good deal of messages explaining to me how basically none of this is taemin’s fault, or if it is, wgm should have covered his ass better. but i don’t think taemin needs his ass covered, man, i think taemin needs to treat other human beings kindly. none of the messages that were sent to me or that i’ve read even mentioned the fact that naeun is weeping in that clip :( it’s like taemints are disregarding her completely, or worse, blaming her. whether taemin was ordered to make her cry or not (and i don’t think he was, since playing such a “prank” is in line with his tastes + why would a staffer react in such a way if it was what they ordered him to do in the first place?), he still did it, and afterwards he gave a flop apology

i love taemin too, but instead of being so worried about his image being protected properly, shouldn’t we worry about him growing into a good man? i think he fucked up and got called out on it, and that’s not such a bad thing, because all of us fuck up from time to time and if we never got called out we’d be much shittier people. in the statement mbc released it said that the staffer was only trying to comfort naeun while she was crying her eyes out, and on a human level, is that really such an awful thing? they were trying to offer her support, and if you look at her, you will see that it was much needed ;;

i hope you don’t take what i’m saying personally, i appreciate your point of view and you taking the time to share it with me. i still think taemin is a cool dude, and it’s fine for him to have flaws, just like all of us