bubbles wilson

my kind of aesthetics

- natasha romanoff saying a supposed to be a cheerful phrase with her monotone voice

-tony stark drowning people with words and sarcasm

-bruce banner being soft and talking about science

-clint barton with his family and naming his son pietro

-thor odinson being amused by midgardian things 

-steve rogers being soft and bubbly with bucky

-sam wilson being a supportive father to steve

-james rhodes when he supports and goes along with sad tony

-vision with paprika

- t’challa smiling

- scott lang seeing and hugging her daughter and when he touch anthony

-peter parker seeing bucky’s arm

- bucky barnes smiling and being a soft teddy bear

-gamora rolls her eyes

-drax being a bit dumb but in a cute way

-peter quill dancing

-groot/baby groot doing anything

-rocket when holding a screwdriver

anonymous asked:

Do you have examples for intp - infp relationships? That would be great.

Father/Daughter: Maurice [INTP] and Belle [INFP] from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Nakama: Nicco Robin [INTP] and Chopper [INFP] from One Piece

Enemies: Wilson Fisk [INFP] and Ben Urich [INTP] from Marvel’s Daredevil

Father/Daughter: Bubble [INFP] and Professor Utonium [INTP] from The Powerpuff Girls

Romantic: Ada Shelby [INFP] and Freddie Thorne [INTP] from Peaky Blinders

Friends: Dinesh [INFP] and Richard [INTP] from Silicon Valley

Friends: Luna Lovegood [INTP] and Neville Longbottom [INFP] from the Harry Potter Series

Friends: Molly Hooper [INFP] and Sherlock Holmes [INTP] from BBC’s Sherlock

WTF Bubbles (Deadpool x Reader)

Wade: What the fuck- what the fuck is that?

You: Wade, baby I know you-

Wade: Is that a fucking cow? IS THAT A- WHAT THE FUCK?! *screams*

You: Wade, it’s just a cow. She’s not gonna-

Wade: IT’S A SHE?! THAT MAKES IT AN EVEN BIGGER BITCH OH MY GOD DON’T LET THAT BITCH NEAR ME *grabs your arm, hides behind you* y/n please, let’s get out of here *hand lowers*

You: Wade… get your hand off my ass or else I’m going to call Bubbles over

Wade: Bubbles? You named a cow BUBBLES?!

*Bubbles hears her name*

You: Now look what you did

*Bubbles starts running towards Wade*

Wade: HOLY FUCKERY SHIT WTF COW NO BUBBLES BACK UP *starts screaming for dear life and runs faster than the road runner*


Mary Nolan (December 18, 1902 – October 31, 1948) was an American film actress. Nolan began her career as a Ziegfeld girl in the 1920s performing under the stage name Imogene “Bubbles” Wilson. She was fired from the Ziegfeld Follies in 1924 for her involvement in a tumultuous and highly publicized affair with comedian Frank Tinney. She left the United States shortly thereafter and began making films in Germany. She appeared in seventeen German films from 1925 to 1927 with a new stage name, “Imogene Robertson”.

She returned to the United States in 1927 and, in an attempt to distance herself from her old life, adopted yet another stage name, “Mary Nolan”. She was signed to Universal Pictures in 1928 where she found some success in films. By the 1930s, her acting career began to decline due to her drug abuse and reputation for being temperamental. After being bought out of contract with Universal, she was unable to secure film work with any major studios. Nolan spent the remainder of her acting career appearing in roles in low-budget films for independent studios. She made her final film appearance in 1933.

After her film career ended, Nolan appeared in vaudeville and performed in nightclubs and roadhouses around the United States. Her later years were plagued by drug problems and frequent hospitalizations. She returned to Hollywood in 1939 and spent her remaining years living in obscurity before dying of a barbiturate overdose in 1948.

During her Ziegfeld days, columnist Mark Hellinger summed up her popularity:

“Only two people in America would bring every reporter in New York to the docks to see them off. One is the President. The other is Imogene "Bubbles” Wilson.“

Imogene would later change her name to Mary Nolan, after her return to the United States.

Steve doesn’t ask, because he doesn’t have to; the look on Sam’s face says very clearly that the search for Bucky hasn’t made any progress during the time that Steve’s been called away to deal with killer robots. 

As for Sam… he doesn’t really have to ask, because what Steve’s been up to has been all over the news. And hell, Sam’s had his own up close and personal adventures with Tony Stark’s goddamn mess while also holding down the fort at crappy little hotel playing headquarters for Mission: Find Bucky, so asking isn’t necessary. 

So he doesn’t. 

Instead, he goes to the bathroom of their shitty hotel and draws a bubble bath. It’s barely big enough for the super soldier to fit in, but Steve looks like he needs to soak and it’s hard for Sam to leave the pararescue part of him behind sometimes. 

“A bath. God, does that sound incredible.” Steve’s clothes fall to the floor in record time and Sam does notice the cuts and bruises - that might not even be there in two days - just as much as he recognizes the fact that this is the first time Steve has ever not immediately picked up his clothes to fold them nicely in the way that either Sarah Rogers or the army drilled into him. 

Steve’s legs are too long, and his chest too wide, and the phrase ‘sardines’ comes to Sam’s mind immediately, even before Steve leans his head against the tile, looks up at Sam, and pleads, “Join me." 

"There’s no room, man,” Sam points out. 

“Makes you have to be closer to me,” Steve answers and the grin is slow in coming, as if he’s not quite sure whether to joke about it or not. 

“I never need an excuse for that,” Sam says, before his clothes join Steve’s on the floor. 

“I missed you,” Steve says honestly, his voice hoarse, whether from emotion or the bruises on his throat, it’s imposible to tell. 

“I missed you too,” Sam says. “I’m glad you managed not to get eaten by a killer robot." 

Steve’s laugh echoes off the tile as Sam and Steve’s limbs intertwine.