bubbles rings

In slow motion, vortex rings can be truly stunning. This video shows two bubble rings underwater as they interact with one another. Upon approach, the two low-pressure vortex cores link up in what’s known as vortex reconnection. Note how the vortex rings split and reconnect in two places – not one. According to Helmholtz’s second theorem a vortex cannot end in a fluid–it must form a closed path (or end at a boundary); that’s why both sides come apart and together this way. After reconnection, waves ripple back and forth along the distorted vortex ring; these are known as Kelvin waves. Some of those perturbations bring two sides of the enlarged vortex ring too close to one another, causing a second vortex reconnection, which pinches off a smaller vortex ring. (Image source: A. Lawrence; submitted by Kam-Yung Soh)

Note: As with many viral images, locating a true source for this video is difficult. So far the closest to an original source I’ve found is the Instagram post linked above. If you know the original source, please let me know so that I can update the credit accordingly. Thanks!


bubble rings

Skype sex with Tom Holland

A/N:Not requested / Warning: Kinda Smut

  • He’d call you real late at night one time, like you’d just be laying on the couch watching a film when he’d text you something like ‘I’m calling in 2, be ready’. Of course you’d be able to tell what type of mood he was in by his text
  • You’d get your laptop set up and in an instant that familiar, bubbly ring tone was playing
  • “You’ve been teasing me all day, you know what those photos do to me, darling”
  • “Do i? Why don’t you show me?”
  • You’d be able to see his pent up frustration written all over his features
  • For real, he’d be gritting his teeth, knuckles clenches, messy hair
  • “Just you wait until i get home…”
  • You can’t help but giggle, you did this… you made the Tom Holland more sexually frustrated than a teenage boy just by sending a few sneaky pics and texts
  • You’d see his hand snake into his pants and you’d do the same
  • You’d practically be getting off to the sound of him just moaning your name over and over
  • His accent just makes it 10 times better
  • “Pretend it’s me baby”
  • “Oh trust me, i am sweetheart”
  • The both of you would be a moaning, sweaty mess for each other
  • Lots of dirty talk both ways
  • At some point he’d take his shirt off and seeing his toned chest just makes everything better. (There’s even a few, barely there hickeys from last time he visited heading downwards)
  • “Moan my name darling, don’t hold back”
  • Tom would be a tiny bit paranoid about the others hearing him but you couldn’t care less
  • “That was the best yet”
Black Hole ~ Green Sun

So this is an absolutely absurd thing for me to do and has literally 0 meaning because the Furthest Ring canonically doesn’t follow the common rules of Space and Time, but fuck that.

Like many other things in the Homestuck Universe, the Green Sun’s size is vastly inconsistent. The Lands, the Moons, the Kids’ sprites versus the Adults, it all seems more like a loose representation than actually something physically meaningful. I mean this thing is twice the mass of the Universe, and yet when Dave and Rose ascend, we can see the curve of its horizon.

We also see Calliope collapse into a Black Hole, and while one could argue the Black Hole grew in size, the fact is it still originated from where Callie was standing, and our view of the Green Sun is this.

Definitely there’s no canon size for this thing. However, I did wonder… We know its Mass. We can never truly know the size of this thing because it’s more of a concept than a physical star, but, if we took into account real physics, how big should it be to not collapse under its own Density?

Enter the Schwartschild Radius. Turns out Black Holes are just hyperdense matter and everything has the potential to become one if compressed into a small enough space. This is the Schwartschild Radius, the minimum radius a sphere of that mass should have to not become a Black Hole. And its formula isn’t too complicated either!

2 times Mass times the Gravitational Constant divided by the Speed of Light Squared. We’re aiming for the lowest possible radius, and so all of these numbers are more averages and possibilities than actual, solid numbers. For example, we don’t know the Mass of the Universe, but we have estimates of the Mass of the Observable Universe. Multiply that by two and Presto, you have a close estimate of the Green Sun’s mass! Which put through the formula gives us a radius of…

8.9 * 10^25 meters.

1025 Number puns aside, this number is outrageously big. It’s 128,088,295,529,682,334,340 times the size of our Sun. And sure, our Sun isn’t even close to the biggest Star out there, but something 128 Quintillion times its size is fucking huge.

So that’s it right? I did all the math just to be a goof and put a number out there! Yay me. However that’s not all of it. Much like how the sizes are inconsistent in Homestuck, the Furthest Ring of all things is a lawless land without consistent Time or Space. It’s the opposite of Time and Space, it’s just a Void where Horrorterrors hang out and blow bubbles for the Kids and the Trolls and also Lord English shatters Space from time to-


No, not THAT Bingo! Get out!

There we go, that’s better. Again these numbers are meaningless because we don’t know if this is ALL of the Furthest Ring, it’s very likely not proportional and just a representation, and also the Furthest Ring itself is just fucked up and weird. But Vriska does mention the cracks map out the Furthest Ring and allow it to be navigated normally, so this is the closest image we have to something that could be useful to determinate the ‘size’ of the Furthest Ring.

The Green Sun’s 25 pixels in this image. The radius from its centre to Vriska’s X is 275 pixels. Which gives us a whopping 1.96 * 10^24 km in radius. Which, again, it’s a number so big it’s meaningless by itself, so why am I even doing this?

Well, because Vriska is travelling through this circle in a Pirate Ship.

If the Furthest Ring acts anything like normal physics when there’s ‘mapped out landmarks’ like the cracks, and Vriska’s journey ends exactly where it begins, and averaging a speed of 6 knots or 11.112 km per hour, Vriska’s Journey around the Furthest Ring would’ve taken 1,108,515,490,445,990,882,672,868 hours to complete, or 126,542,864,206,163,342,771 Years.

That’s 126.5 Sextillion Years. For reference, it’s averaged our Universe was born 12 to 14 Billion Years ago.

… Of course, though, the Furthest Ring is the ‘space’ where all Universes are born and die, and Aranea does mention having spent like, an eternity waiting for Meenah. So technically it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch.

The Furthest Ring isn’t the Afterlife, but it sort of acts like it. And while Time and Space are weird, the Ghosts do seem to spend an eternity wandering them aimlessly. So perhaps Vriska did spend 126.5 Sextillion Years.

Or maybe she went faster at 8 Knots because of course Vriska would do that. Or perhaps she went slower to reach the other side in 1 Octillion Years!

Or maybe all of this is meaningless because the Furthest Ring’s physics are ridiculous and make no sense in normal terms.

I don’t know, I was bored.


054-PHLIPPIN [Flipper-Dolphin]
-The Swimmer pokemon
-Ability: Cloud Nine - Hydratation(HA)
-Dex: “This playful pokemon adores floating around the surface of water on a sunny day, even developing a lifesaver-like air bag around its waist to keep itself afloat without any extra effort. This pokemon can deflate this air bag at will allowing and once it is free underwater it shows an incredible swimming technique that rivals with those of professional swimmers.”
    -Water gun
    -Aqua Ring
    -Water Sport

–>Evolves at lv. 25<–

055-JETACEAN [Jet-Cetacean]
-The Supersonic Pokemon
-Ability:  Swift Swim - Drizzle(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon is extremely smart and has evolved to be extremely fast on water, where he can easily outspeed a powerboat. This pokemon move in groups where they communicate with telepathic powers, sometimes they can even communicate with humans, as many sailors has mentioned in their stories.”
    -Zen Headbutt
    -Aqua Jet

–>Evolves at lv. 25 holding a Casteliacone <–

194-NARVOREAL [Narwhal-Boreal]
-The Icebreaker Pokemon
-Ability:  Slush Rush - Snow Warning(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon is adapted to icy water, with a body design to move through the thick layers of ice, using its drill and ice covered fins to break it. This pokemon drill is incredibly valuable for its toughness and impermeability, some people say they can drill even through the hull of an aircraft carrier.”
    -Horn Drill
    -Drill Run

–>Evolves at lv. 25 at night, holding a Rare Bone<–

195-VAQUIJIRA [Vaquita-Bake Kujira]
-The Extinction Pokemon
-Ability:  Shadow Tag - Serene Grace(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon has become a legend among both trainers and fishermen, believed to only exist in old tales due to it being impossible to be found on the wild. This Ghostly spirit is a gentle soul who shrouds itself in the bones of fallen sea creatures, appearing only after dark to conceal its soft body. Its is surrounded by an unsettling aura, which attracts some mysterious pokemon.”
    -Water Spout
    -Ominous Wind
    -Skull Bash
    -Phantom Force