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the preacher’s daughter strikes again


Source: イラスト&ペン入れ練習38(オーバーロード漫画①) and オーバーロード漫画② by namusan

Full resolution: http://imgur.com/a/EUbdR

im an adult but i talk like im five with my over-exaggeration of excitement and thankfulness and affection, but it’s only because i know what it’s like to feel like what im saying or doing isn’t important so i overdo it that way no one has to feel unwelcome around me like i used to feel around everyone else

Close By

Title: Close By

Pairing: Gaby Teller x Illya Kuryakin

Author’s Note: I wanted to write this so badly after watching the dance scene over and over.This drabble takes place a few hours afterwards. It’s my first gallya fic, let me know what you think of it :)

Panic bubbled up Gaby’s chest and numbness spread through her limbs. She fought her way out with everything she had, through uniformed men and miles long of narrow streets, but her struggle was pointless. The wall was out of her reach, just moving further and further away…

Gaby opened her eyes. She was back on her bed in the hotel room–knew that it all had been a dream, but her heart still hammered against her chest. Almost unthinking, she looked to her left to the other bed, and sighed. Illya’s sleeping figure confirmed that her suffering wasn’t real. 

Just yet.

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Pranking John || nibenhu-cas & starman-john-tracy

                          « ♥ »  —— Once she ends the call with John, she heads back into the living area to be with Nibs. “I lied and said I’d ordered pizza, but it’s making him come down so I best actually order pizza.” She laughs, “Also I got him to make a pit stop and pick up some bubble wrap. Poor lad doesn’t know what is going to hit him.” 

She moves to sit by Nibs as the orders the three pizza’s online. “You holding up there, Nibs? How’s your leg feeling?” She bites her lip, “What kind of pizza do you want?”