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“Many people made fun of me, with my animals, you know?.. If I come home from a hard day at the studio, what I come home [to are] my deer, or my chimps, and I can hug them and they don’t ask you anything, they don’t complain, you know, they don’t gossip, they just want a hug and some love and they get on with it. You know, ‘Where’s the pizza? Get up, put back the ice cream’, ‘cause the chimps, they love snacks. And, you know, they run around, they help me clean the room and they help me fix up things, you know, and they’re very – their DNA is literally identical to ours if you look in the microscope. And they’re amazing. […] Yeah, yeah, they help me clean my room, they help me dust, they’re doing windows, they flush the toilet after they use the bathroom, and (…) Bubbles would go by himself. And he’d sit at the table and he picks up the spoon and his fork and he eats, he’s very polite, and they’re very intelligent.”

Michael Jackson in “Take Two” The Footage You Were Never Meant To See” (2002)

He had his own wooden crib beneath the spiral staircase but he only slept there when his ass got real tired. Most times, Bubbles slept in the bed, under the duvet, and Michael slept on the floor in a sleeping bag. I think it’s fair to say that he was the best-kept ape in the whole of California, if not America. Bubbles wore Poison by Christian Dior because Michael always wanted him to smell and look good. When Mother smells that scent on someone today, she’ll whisper, “Smells like that old monkey!” He even had his own wardrobe, full of the latest designs for a two- or three-year-old boy. One time, in later years, when my son Jeremy was a toddler, I grabbed some clothes from the washroom and dressed him. When Mother saw him, she said, “You’re wearing Bubbles’ clothes!” I hated to admit that Bubbles had the better wardrobe. 

-Jermaine Jackson, You Are Not Alone

Cheer Up Post #4485 - Michael Jackson with Animals Edition

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Black Excellence

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Let Me

     You sighed, trying to hold back tears. Your family were being their verbally abusive selves, and you’d just walked out the door with nothing but your cell phone and the jacket on your back into the rain. You began walking, and dialed your boyfriend’s number, praying to god that he wasn’t busy.

           “Hello?” Yugyeom answered on the first ring.

           “Yugs, are you busy?” you tried to keep your voice even but failed miserably.

           “No, baby. I’m not. What happened?”

           “Mom and I are fighting, and of course everyone in the house is taking her side. They always take her side… I’m so tired of fighting.” your voice dissolved into a sob.

           He sighed. “I know, babe. I’m coming to get you right now. Where are you?”

           “I’m on 25th,” you said.

           “Okay, stay put. I’m on my way.”

           About fifteen minutes passed, and the rain had soaked you to the bone. You were shivering as Yugyeom rolled up to the curb. He leaned over to open the door, and the heat rushed out to greet you briefly before you slid into the passenger seat.

           “Baby, you’re shivering,” he said as he made a U-turn, “I’m sorry I couldn’t get here earlier. I came as fast as I could.”

           You glanced at him. “It’s fine, babe. I’m fine.”

           He shot you an anxious look, but continued driving.

           He shut off the car and you both got out, his hand lacing with yours as you walked up to the door of his apartment.

           “I’m freezing,” you said as you stepped in the door and set your jacket on a chair.

           “I know. I’m gonna go run us a bath,” he said, taking off to the bathroom. “Why don’t you put on one of my robes and I’ll come get you when it’s ready?”

           You nodded and undressed slowly in his bedroom, pulling one of Yugyeom’s fluffy white robes over your shoulders when you were finished. You dared to look at your phone, finding two text messages and a missed call from your mom.

           If you don’t come home right now, I’m kicking you out.

           Guess you don’t care. Your stuff is on the porch.

            You sighed in frustration and made your way to the bathroom, where your boyfriend was pulling the belt on his robe tight. He looked up. “I was just coming to get you. The tub’s ready.” He gestured to the bathtub full of fragrant bubbles. “I figured the lavender one would be a good choice for tonight. You look as exhausted as I feel. Come here,” he said, pulling you to his chest. He put a finger under your chin, lifting it so your faces were almost touching. “It’ll be okay, baby. Whatever we have to do to get you out, we’ll do. I don’t want you thinking you’re alone in this, Y/N. You have me. You’ll always have me.” He pressed his lips to yours, a tear falling down your cheek as you kissed him back. His hand moved to the small of your back, pressing you closer to him. Your hand tangled in his hair, and he smiled against your lips. “There’s my girl,” he breathed. You broke away from him and giggled, pecking him once more.

           You pulled off your robe, leaving it in a pile on the floor around your feet, and stepped into the tub. Yugyeom followed suit, stopping to admire your body before he got in behind you. “God, Y/N, you’re so beautiful. The freckle on the back of your neck is my favorite,” he breathed, pressing his lips to it. You shivered, and he pulled you back so you were lying in his lap, the bubbles surrounding you. His hand tangled into your hair, and you sighed, letting yourself relax into his touch.

           “Tell me about your day, babe. What started all of this?” he murmured, moving his free hand to your side, stroking it gently.

           “I was fine until she came home and decided that I wasn’t allowed to be in my room by myself. She literally came in my room for no reason and started shit with me.”

           “She gets bored and starts picking at you, I swear to god. I’m so done with it. You have no idea.”

           You sighed. “She says all my stuff’s on the porch because I didn’t come home.”

           “We can go get it tomorrow.”

           “I’m not even worried about my stuff, honestly. I just want my relationship with her to be better…” you trailed off and laid back further, your hair dipping completely into the water.

           Yugyeom’s hands swirled your hair around, getting it fully wet, and helped you sit back up. He grabbed the shampoo and lathered it into his hands, then began massaging your scalp. “I don’t think that’ll happen until you’re out of her house, babe. Maybe this is a good thing, ya know? Escalating our already great relationship,” he paused to kiss your cheek, “and getting you the hell out of your abusive living situation. Lay back,” he added. You obliged, and he massaged the shampoo out of your hair. He looked tenderly down at you, and you smiled as he helped you sit up again. He got out the conditioner and put it in your hair, waited a few minutes, and then rinsed it out.

           “I know. It’s a blessing in disguise, it’s just hard to see right now,” you said, and his mouth peppered kisses over your back while he grabbed the soap, washing you and himself in the process. You helped him wash and condition his hair.

           “I love you, Y/N. We’ll figure it out,” he said softly.

           “I love you too,” you said, getting up out of the tub. He held you steady as you climbed over the edge, and you helped him climb out in turn. You pulled on your robe, and he pulled on his. He grabbed the hairbrush and led the way to his bedroom, situating you on the floor as he sat on the bed, and brushed out the tangles in your hair.

           You did the same for him, and, setting the brush on the nightstand, you got up to turn off the light as he pulled the covers back, settling into bed. You flipped the lightswitch and made your way to the bed, his arms wrapping around you when you found him. “Thank you for being so good to me, Yugyeom. I love you more than you will ever know,” you said sleepily.

           He pulled you closer into his chest, nearly knocking the wind out of you. “I love you, baby. Goodnight,” he said, kissing the top of your head.

Don’t ask me why Nico he’s drowning. Just, he’s drowning.

Well. Anyway. I FINISHED THE MARK OF ATHENA AND WOW. Percy. Annabeth. Nico. My children. Oh, please, please, be safe. I started the House of Hades and I’m so worried for ALL OF THEM. Hazel, Leo, all. Be safe, please.

Got7′s Reaction to you knowing the whole choreography to Fly


*After watching you dance the whole song, he wouldn’t be able to contain himself. The fact that it was his song and that you danced it perfectly would make him go crazy and he’d be really impressed.*


*He would be really impressed that you could do the whole dance and be really proud that you learned it by yourself without his help.*


*He’d watch you dance but then would get extremely excited that your dancing to his song and would join in and dance with you. He would also start singing the song.*


*He’d be proud as hell that his girlfriend can dance and specially that she knew the whole choreography to his song.*


*Jinyoung would just passionately watch you dance.*

Junior: “Wow! You look amazing when you dance.”

*Then he would ask you do dance it once more and again he would carefully just watch you in amazement.*


*When you begin to dance and do the little hip thrust they do at the beginning of the song, he just wouldn’t be able to handle it. He didn’t know you even danced but as he saw you dance his song, it made him all bubbly and happy.*


*He would start dancing along with you specially when it was his part but then would start joking around while you two dance together. After you guys stop dancing, he can’t help but feel happy that his girlfriend knows the choreography to his new song.*

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