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(Steven Bomb 5 spoilers)

Man I remember the excitement when we finally got explicit confirmation of the whole gem types thing back when Peridot went on about how there’s “hundreds of pearls”

and now in one episode we have






it’s extremely weird to think about how i’ll be turning 25 this year and that i’ve been on this website since i was 18……. my blog is 7 years old already what is this

why am i getting so old why is time going by so fast wHY IS IT THAT I’M ONLY 5 YEARS AWAY FROM TURNING 30?????

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Looking back at my life, I know I’ve ruined it. Sometimes I wake up at dawn to something that closely resembles a vision. I see what life is. With piercing clarity, I see it as the unbelievable miracle it is: a tiny bubble, shining in different colors, sailing all alone through a vast, encompassing darkness. It’s a bubble in time, a brief moment on a frequency quickly rushing past, a scene performed only for an instant. I awaken at dawn as if touched, as if burnt by this unfathomable truth. The next moment, I am filled with pain, a sorrow so powerful that it almost suffocates me. It’s not simply that I haven’t made the most of my life; I have also done violence to it.
—  Elisabeth Rynell, from To Mervas (Archipelago Books, 2008)

does anyone else just… pretend to have an identity? like there are tons of posts about how bpd sufferers don’t know their favorite colors, or don’t have constant personality traits, and that’s true and helpful. but i’m wondering if anyone else does what i have done, which is pick certain traits and stick with them, just to have something to cling to even if it’s false.

for example, my “favorite color” is pink. i own tons of pink clothing, my laptop bag and my notebooks and my pens and my binders are pink. do i actually love pink? sometimes yes, sometimes no. i also “love puppies” and am “a bubbly person,” even though i don’t always love puppies, and i very often don’t feel like being bubbly. 

however, clinging to “pink” and “puppies” and “bubbly” as facets of my fabricated personality has really helped me feel like more of a real, complete person. it’s helpful because, when i get the chance to determine how i react to something. if it’s pink or puppy-related or involves being bubbly, i get to just default to my predetermined personality trait instead of trying to figure out how my constantly-dissociated ass actually feels.

it’s been a lifesaver when it comes to making friends and keeping them, because i get to provide them with certain constants about myself that let them feel like they know me better than they can know someone whose personality and preferences are constantly shifting. 

and on bad days, i can fool myself into clinging to those little falsehoods too, just so i can pretend i’m a concrete person whose existence isn’t variable.

Just started dating AUs
  • “I came over for dinner and tried your cooking for the first time and you’re such a good cook I’m practically having an orgasm over here oh my god………. stop laughing at me!!” au
  • “We were about to have our first bath together and I was feeling a bit self conscious but then I noticed how much freaking bUBBLE BATH YOU HAVE HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT FOR……………. actually please can we have bubbles I’m secretly just a kid okay” au
  • “I’m really REALLY attracted to you and the first time we had sex I came way too quickly and got super embarrassed about it but you just found it endearing and now you won’t stop smiling at me omg I need to bury my face in this pillow for a thousand years” au
  • “You had no idea that I am allergic to X food/medicine/flowers and now I’m pretty sure I’m having a reaction and we’re gonna have to go to the emergency room like I’ll be fine but just fucking kiss me rly good in case I die okay, okay” au
  • “Why did you pick THAT emoji to go by my contact name oh my god you beautiful weirdo” au

I bought watercolours today and decided to try them out! Bill is my first victim ♥

Im gonna get so much shit for this...

Ok fuck it. So voltron right? Its an action adventure show right? And everybody in this fandom ships… pretty much everybody together right?

Unpopular opinion here… I DONT WANT CANON SHIPS. Or at least, not so prominent that they take over the whole goddamn point of the show.

“But, Bubbles,” you say, confused, “you’re a huge shipper of Klance and low-key Shallura. Why don’t you want those two couples to become canon?”

My reasoning is very simple. Up until recently, i was quite a big fan of Naruto. Yes total weeb, i know, but let me explain why this affected my opinion.

(Warning, the info im about to give on naruto from here is very slapdash because i havent touched the fandom since the epilogue)

At the end of Naruto (Chapter 699), the war had ended with the goddess of the moon and Team 7 had been reunited, finally tying together the main and strongest themes that had run through the entire series - bonds and friendship. A pretty solid ending, imo, but then chapter 700 came along and ruined it.

In chapter 700, naruto is hokage but he’s a family man estranged from his kids and he basically works a 9-5 desk job and his one of his best friends (Sasuke) has fucked off elsewhere while his other best friend (Sakura) had married him and was basically reduced to cleaning lady while his daughter… fuck it. You get my point.

Basically, by that point, it was clear that Kishimoto had lost his vision of what the series was supposed to be about while forcing some slightly popular and highly problematic ships together… and i dont want the same for Voltron

I dont want to see Voltron become self absorbed and forget its audience and purpose in favour of pursuing ships that might not even work out in the long run.

That’s not to say i’m suddenly anti shipping or anything. I just dont want character’s romantic relationships to become more important than telling a comprehensive story.

(Edit: if they are mentioned, i would be happy with a throwaway line or background action, nothing that takes over the storyline or the themes of the story)

how do i move a fishtank

so i recently came across two axolotls for sale and having been looking for them forever i purchased them. they were put into into a twenty gallon precycled tank (which was not going to be for axolotls but who cares). i now, however, have to face the problem of getting it back to school with me and i have no idea how to do that.

my school is around ~3 ½ to 4 hours away from home and we will be driving.

the tank is
full of water

the tank has:
live plants
two axolotls
bubble wand

i know that i will need to take the bubble wand, the filter, the hood, etc. out but what do i do with everything else.

if anybody has ever moved a large fish tank before please let me know how you did it because i am lowkey stressed.


im tagging you because i thought you might know/know somebody who knows ^^;

it’s kinda weird because some people are scared that there might be life somewhere else in the universe but wouldn’t it be more frightening if we were all alone????