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Using math to investigate possibility of time travel

Ben Tippett, a mathematics and physics instructor at UBC’s Okanagan campus, recently published a study about the feasibility of time travel. Tippett, whose field of expertise is Einstein’s theory of general relativity, studies black holes and science fiction when he’s not teaching. Using math and physics, he has created a formula that describes a method for time travel.

“People think of time travel as something as fiction,” says Tippett. “And we tend to think it’s not possible because we don’t actually do it. But, mathematically, it is possible.”

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Planet Midnight

Tenth Doctor x Reader

“It’s beautiful.”

The Doctor smiles softly and leans against the doorframe of the TARDIS. The atmospheric bubble around the box protects the both of you from the planet’s environment, but it doesn’t affect the view at all. The diamonds shine brightly and beautifully. It’s breathtaking.

“It is.” The Doctor pauses, and you watch as his signature sad frown that he tries to hide slides over his face. “I came here once,” he mutters.

“You did?” you ask. He nods. You choose not to push him on what it was like. By the look on his face, it wasn’t a pleasant trip. The Doctor has gone through so much, a lot of it completely unknown to you. He’s so strong, and you hope he knows he doesn’t always have to be around you.

You smile softly and take his arm, leaning your head on his shoulder. “Thank you for taking me here. It’s beautiful.” You look up at him. “Now why don’t we go to that planet with the pink sky that you were talking about?”

He grins his wide grin and pulls away from you, rushing to the TARDIS’ console. “Right!” he yells. “You are going to love this, the grass moves without wind, and it’s the perfect temperature all the time. When the-”

You smile at his antics and turn around, shutting the doors carefully on the Planet Midnight.

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When They Realised They Were In Love With You

Request: Can I have a preference with Eleven, Jack and Oswin on when they realised they were in love with a female reader? I’d love to see any dramatic and fluffy ideas!! 

Requester: Anon

Pairings: Eleventh Doctor / Captain Jack Harkness / Oswin Oswald x Female!Reader

Warning: None


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secrets - part 4



SYNOPSIS: Draco and Y/N are hiding their relationship from her father, who happens to be their new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor for their sixth year at Hogwarts. Her father incidentally finds out about the two of them and is not particularly happy about it…

// PART 1 // PART 2 // PART 3 // PART 5

The next day, I didn’t have Defense Against The Dark Arts, but I had double Potions. Draco was in that class, and Snape kept a close eye on the two of us as we brewed our potion, a grimace on his face.

At dinner in the Great Hall that night, my dad didn’t even bother showing up. The whole school had basically heard the story of what had happened, probably thanks to Pansy Parkinson. Every time Draco and I interacted at all in front of the other students, we received dirty stares and low whispers. I had already been labeled as a slut.

My dad never talked to us, like he said he would. I was dreading that class, and honestly thought about ditching (which Cho highly disapproved of), but I decided that I needed to go. If I didn’t, that would mean my dad won this whole thing.

On Tuesday, I finally walked into class, and let out a shaky breath. I took my usual seat next to Cho, who greeted me with a smile. I smiled back (forcefully, I might add) and looked up at Draco, who was pulling out his chair just as the bell rang.

My dad walked out hastily, and, without looking up from his clipboard, said, “That’ll be ten points from Slytherin, Mr. Malfoy.”

Draco looked caught off guard as Zabini said, “What the hell for?”

“Tardiness.” my dad replied coldly.

Anger was bubbling inside me and before i could help it, I said, “He wasn’t even tardy! Draco was here when the bell rang!”

My father continued to look down at his clipboard as he said, “And fifteen points from Ravenclaw for talking back.”

The entire class fell silent, and I felt all eyes on me. I was livid. It wasn’t the fact that he was deducting house points - sixth years didn’t even care about that anymore. The point was, my dad was acting so incredibly immature about this. I stood up and headed for the door.

“Y/N. Get back here. Now.” I heard my dad say behind me.

I walked out the door without looking back.


I watched as Y/N walked out of the room. Once she was gone, the entire class looked at me. Without even thinking first, I stood up and grabbed my bag.

“Malfoy, don’t you dare-”

I walked out of the classroom, feeling the eyes of everyone like a flame on the back of my neck. Once I was in the hall, I knew exactly where to go.


Right as I threw a glass vase blindly toward the door, it shattered on the wall, barely missing Draco’s head as he walked into the Room of Requirement.

“Hey!” he said, jumping aside. “Don’t bloody kill me!”

“Sorry.” I said as he made his way over to me, stepping over random objects I had hurled everywhere. “I’m just so pissed off! He has no right to act like that. He’s acting like a fucking child-”

“I know.” he said, gently rubbing my am.

“I mean, I knew it would be bad if he found out, but not this bad! He won’t even look at me, Draco!” I babbled on, not knowing when to stop.

“I know, love. He’ll eventually accept it.” he said, moving a strand of hair out of my face.

“That’s the thing! I don’t just want him to accept it; I want him to like you! I want him to love you, as much as I do.” I said, looking into his eyes.

Draco smiled and wiped a tear off my cheek that I hadn’t even realized was there. He pulled me into a hug, and I sighed as my right cheek pressed against his chest.

“I mean, your parents already hate me, and they haven’t even met me. It would be nice if my dad could… not get sick at the thought of us together.” I said, softly.

Draco pulled away from the hug slightly and looked down at me. “Okay, but just think about how he found out about us. You were wearing my underwear, for fucks sake.” he said, grinning.

A small laugh escaped my mouth as I wiped away another tear. “I know. You’re right.”

“It’ll be alright.” he said, pressing his lips to my forehead. “This will all blow over.”

“I hope so.”


// PART 1 // PART 2 // PART 3 // PART 5

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Frustrated tears tightening her throat and something bordering on anger bubbling in her veins, Rose pulls her dress off the moment the TARDIS doors close, leaving herself in only a lacy bra and thong, and tosses it over the rail. "What are you doing?" Behind her, the Doctor sounds choked. "Like you bloody well care." An entire evening spent pressed against him, trying to prompt him to do more than waltz, and yet... "You barely even looked at me tonight." (1/2)

(2/2) She turns. “I might as well have been invisible.” “Trust me, Rose Tyler,” — his voice is suddenly low, his hands on her bare waist, and she stares into his eyes darkening with the sort of hunger she knows has been lurking in her own for months — “I noticed.”

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Ohhh my goodness, Nonny! <3<3<3 Slay him, Rose!

(*puts on Sherlock hat*) Could this be a sequel to certain other askbox fics? Hmmmm….

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I'm curious. What you think about Clara confronting The Doctor about Missy? That reaction was a little different than I expected

I loved that scene a lot. Ruthless Clara is always a bit unexpected, no matter how much one knows she is absolutely capable of that kind of behaviour.

But this isn’t really the same as her essentially telling the TARDIS she doesn’t care if the TARDIS dies if they cross into the bubble universe or raising the weapon to kill Missy, because there’s not really anything inherently spur-of-the-moment about the confrontation with the Doctor. She has known that Missy is alive for hours, at the very least, and has known about the confession dial for maybe half of the time. This isn’t even the first time she sees the Doctor, after she must have done the math, or the sudden rush of realising the implication of what she’s experiencing. Never mind that she doesn’t really appear upset over the fact that he lied to her.

Is it an impulsive decision to confront him in that moment? Maybe, after all, she couldn’t have been sure whether she’d even get that opportunity. But something of how purposeful the entire speech is almost makes it seem like she was biding her time. Or putting together some last-minute plan, at the very least. (On a less serious note, scheming would explain why she didn’t even attempt to strangle Missy with a snake to stop the singing.) And her choice of words. Her choice of words.

“…or worse, hoped she wasn’t dead.”

It’s one thing to have lied to her, knowing about Missy’s survival - maybe he would have merely done it to give her the peace of thinking that someone who had caused so much evil was gone. But to wish her alive would be the greater sin, the greater transgression against Clara personally. Clara has very valid reasons to want Missy dead, but that’s one thing and without hesitation claiming that one is owed because another person wasn’t killed… is a whole different thing.

And she uses it as a bargaining chip. And smiles sweetly. Not really masking what she just revealed about herself, more giving it all the confidence and appreciation of her own brilliance she can, in such dire circumstances. Gotcha.

Clara Oswald isn’t always funny or perfect, nor can she always be what the Doctor needs. Because she’s her own person and a human being. And really, utterly terrifying.


To be honest, I wasn’t really a huge follower of “Doctor Who” before I got this part. I mean I knew it was huge, but … I was nothing like my mum, who’s a proper diehard Whovian. She’s got a Tardis money-bag, and Dalek bubble-bath. But having read the first episode I was utterly smitten, and with the character. Amy’s a sassy lady, funny and passionate, and her relationship with the Doctor has a really interesting dynamic.


My Easter Eggs, 2015. I always have fun going overboard with the geeky stuff, but this year I wasn’t able to do half of the ones that I wanted; especially a Minion and two other Powerpuff Girls. missharpersworld, next year, I SWEAR I will do a Bubbles and a Blossom, too! :)  ✹


To be honest, I wasn’t really a huge follower of Doctor Who before I got this part. I mean I knew it was huge, but … I was nothing like my mum, who’s a proper diehard Whovian. She’s got a Tardis money-bag, and Dalek bubble-bath. But having read the first episode I was utterly smitten, and with the character. Amy’s a sassy lady, funny and passionate, and her relationship with the doctor has a really interesting dynamic.

To be honest, I wasn’t really a huge follower of Doctor Who before I got this part. I mean I knew it was huge, but … I was nothing like my mum, who’s a proper diehard Whovian. She’s got a Tardis money-bag, and Dalek bubble-bath. But having read the first episode I was utterly smitten, and with the character. Amy’s a sassy lady, funny and passionate, and her relationship with the doctor has a really interesting dynamic.


Alex Kingston at Comic Con 2014

I wish I could give you a clever title to this day, but it goes so far beyond anything we expected,

mr-song-mrs-doctor (Ashley) and I went together. Our mission: meet Alex Kingston, get an autograph, photo and not make fools of ourselves.

Two things disappointed right away:

  • We wanted videos of us meeting Alex, especially as we had special mementos we wanted her to see (and sign). We wanted to record this significant experience. They allowed pictures Saturdays and around the place, but when we lined up, they put up a sign: no pictures, no videos. Why? One Comic Con manager decided that if he didn’t allow pictures, more people would buy the photos ops. Lots of us were angry.
  • Alex’s “handler” was 45 minutes late for the autograph event. They wouldn’t let Alex come out without this handler. We were ready to jump the ropes and be handlers ourselves.

Finally the guy showed up and Alex came out to the table. We snapped photos as quickly as we could. To us, a shot from the line didn’t count as photos at the table. One woman still glared at us. But it’s why the 2 photos are blurred. We shot them fast and with people moving in front of the camera.

Because of the handler, Alex had only 5 minutes before they whisked her away for the photo op. Everyone in the autograph line complained because it meant they had to either leave for their next event or stand there in line for another hour or more. Luckily, Ashley and I got there early so we were close to the front. We crossed our fingers: we were the last two to get to see her before she had to leave.

And now comes the most emotional part of our day. An incredibly beautiful part.

I told Ashley to go first. She told me she had finally thought was she wanted to say, a personal message. We imagined Alex saying, “Thank you for saying that” and we’d move on. NO.

Alex reached across the table and took Ashley’s hands in her own. She stayed close and lowered her voice so no one else could hear.  They spoke to each other and held on to each other tight. I was to the side and I can’t tell you how powerful and moving it was to see them. By the time it ended, they were both in tears. Ashley told me later everything they said to each other. It’s private between them; they both revealed so much to one another.

I have met many, many actors. I have never seen one do what Alex did for Ashley. Alex motioned over but she was still talking to Ashley. “We need to take a picture together. You’ll take one with me?” Ashley promised we would go to the photo line right after that. Alex squeezed her hands again and they said something about the promises they made to each other.

When I saw they were done, I walked up. Alex broke the rules and signed 2 things for Ashley, things from Macbeth including the tweet where Alex had dedicated a performance to her.

Ashley then told her how we had seen her, but she wouldn’t remember. She told her how we saw her but I was looking down. She said, “We had these Kinglet shirts on and Erin had crutches.” Alex lit up! “I remember you!”

I thought that was nice but also wondered if Alex was just saying so to be polite. But she then said details about us meeting that we hadn’t said and only she would know. She really remembered us! She said the Kinglet shirt and my crutches stuck out in her memory. She told me to come closer. She suddenly stopped and looked at my shirt. It was the first time she saw it close up. “It’s all my characters!” Which got the con people and those in line who heard her to look at the shirt.

I gave her the 2 pictures and told her I couldn’t pick one and said “So you pick.” (You saw these in an earlier post.) She looked back and forth and said, “Pick ONE? It’s too hard.”

Ashley said that while she decided that she needed to see something. I brought out my River plushie. Alex squealed and picked her up looking her over, noticing all the details. Ashely said she needed to see that the doll had a diary. Alex laughed and said, “Really?” I pulled it out and handed it over. She said how cute it was and Ashley told her that she had to open it. And there it was: a diary of all his faces. Alex was stunned and couldn’t believe it.

I had put my phone down and she saw the River and Doctor case. She snatched that up too. This sounds like a long time, but we were moving fast. So Alex finally had to choose a picture. You can see it above (although Ashley tried to change her mind). We realized that she didn’t want to put Hello Sweetie or Spoilers on the other piece because it wouldn’t fit the mood. But she grinned and drew the speech bubble coming from River to the Tardis.

Now you see why I wanted to do videos. Even without hearing Ashley and Alex, if you should have seen them. And her reactions to me was everything I hoped for. But because they were rushing us, I couldn’t ask her the things I wanted.

We went to the photo ops line (long lines for all of Alex’s events), made some friends, and got picked for the Facebook page. When we moved into the photo area, the guys in front of us stopped stun. “She’s gorgeous!  Oh my god, she’s gorgeous! TV doesn’t do her justice!!” One of the con people grinned and said, “That’s what we all said.” He pointed to one woman and told how she had burst into tears. She smiled and nodded.

When it was our turn, Alex lit up when she saw us. Ashley started asking for a hug when Alex came over and threw her arms around her and gave her a big bear hug! She threw her arms around us and we had our picture.

Ashley floated on a cloud all day. I’m not exaggerating when I say this was a life defining moment for her and how moved I was to see them together. I’ve seen actors and fans have a special moment, but NOTHING like this.

And who cares what happened the rest of the day. :)

What an amazing day. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.

What a special human being. She gave everything.

Oh! And yes, she is still wearing the pear ring that her boyfriend gave her!

PS: Ashley found out I have a Tardis bookcase with lights and sound (motion activated). Ha, Ashley!

Since I keep seeing complaints that the Moffat era either doesn’t show alien planets any more or always visits Victorian London, I decided to go through each episode of the Moffat era that has aired so far, break them down by time and place and prove how inaccurate these statements are.

Note: the TARDIS interior is only listed as a location when an extended amount of time is spent there, at least half an episode’s run time. 

Season Five

The Eleventh Hour

  • Leadworth in 1996, 2008 and 2010
  • London in 2010

The Beast Below

  • Starship UK
  • London in the 1940s

Victory of the Daleks

  • London in the 1940s
  • Dalek Spaceship in 1940s

The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone

  • Alfava Metraxis in the 51st century
  • Delirium Archive (resting place of the Headless Monks) in the 171st century
  • Alistair’s spaceship
  • Leadwoth in 2010

The Vampires of Venice

  • Venice in 1580
  • Leadworth in 2010

Amy’s Choice

  • An illusion of modern day Leadworth and the TARDIS

The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood

  • Cwmtaff, Wales in 2020
  • Silurian’s underground colony 

Vincent and the Doctor

  • Auvers-sur-Oise, France in 1890
  • Musée d'Orsay, Paris in 2010

The Lodger 

  • Colchester in 2010

The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang

  • Stonehenge, England in 102 AD
  • Leadworth in alternative 1996
  • National Museum, London in alternative 1996
  • France in 1890
  • London in 1941
  • Stormcage Containment Facility in 5145
  • Royal Collection, Starship UK
  • The Maldovarium in the 52nd century
  • Planet One
  • Leadworth in 2010

Season Six

A Christmas Carol

  • Space Liner
  • Ember in 44th century
  • America in 1952

The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon

  • America in 1969 and 2011
  • Stormcage Containment Facility in 52nd century
  • England in 2011 and the 17th century
  • German POW camp during WWII 

The Curse of the Black Spot

  • The Fancy, a pirate ship, in 1699
  • Siren’s spaceship in 1699

The Doctor’s Wife

  • A living planetoid in a bubble universe 
  • The TARDIS

The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People

  • Earth in the 22nd century
  • Demon’s Run in the 52nd century 

A Good Man Goes To War

  • Demon’s Run in the 52nd century
  • Flagship of the Twelfth Cyber Legion
  • London in 1888
  • Zaruthstra in 4037
  • Stormcage Containment Facility in the 52nd Century
  • The Maldovarium in the 52nd century 

Let’s Kill Hitler

  • Berlin in 1938
  • Leadworth from 1996-2011
  • Teselecta
  • Sisters of the Infinite Schism (the greatest hospital in the universe)
  • Luna University in 5123

Night Terrors

  • 21st century England

The Girl Who Waited

  • Apalapucia

The God Complex

  • A prison ship disguised as a 1980s Earth hotel
  • 21st century London

Closing Time

  • Colchester in 2011
  • Luna University in the 52nd century
  • Lake Silencio in 2011 

The Wedding of River Song

  • Earth in an alternative reality where all of history is happening at once
  • Damaged Dalek ship
  • Some unnamed planets
  • Seventh Transept
  • Lake Silencio in 2011
  • 21st century London

Season Seven

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe

  • England in 1938 and 1941
  • Unnamed snow forest planet in 5345
  • 21st century London

Asylum of the Daleks

  • The Dalek Asylum
  • Skaro
  • 21st century London
  • Parliament of the Daleks 

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

  • Silurian Ark in 2367
  • Indian Space Agency in 2367
  • Solomon’s ship in 2367
  • Egypt in 1334 BC
  • African Plains in 1902
  • 21st century London

A Town Called Mercy

  • Mercy, Nevada in 1870

The Power of Three

  • 21st century London
  • Savoy Hotel in 1890
  • England during the reign of Henry VIII
  • Shakri spaceship 

The Angels Take Manhattan

  • New York in 2012 and 1938 

The Snowmen

  • London in 1842 and 1892

The Bells of Saint John

  • London in 2013
  • Cumbria 1207

The Rings of Akhaten

  • Tiaanamat in the Rings of Akhaten
  • Pyramid of the Rings of Akhaten
  • Earth from 1981 to 2013 

Cold War

  • The Russian submarine Firebird in the North Pole in 1983 


  • Caliburn House in 1974 and other points in Earth’s history 
  • Pocket universe

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

  • The TARDIS
  • Van Baalen Bros. salvage ship

The Crimson Horror

  • Yorkshire in 1893
  • London in 1893
  • London in 2013

Nightmare in Silver

  • Hedgewick’s World of Wonders
  • Imperial Ship 

The Name of the Doctor

  • Trenzalore 
  • London in the 1890s
  • Glasgow in the 1890s
  • London in 2013
  • Gallifrey a very long time ago

The Day of the Doctor

  • 21st century London
  • England in 1562
  • Gallifrey on the last day of the Time War 

The Time of the Doctor

  • Trenzalore
  • 21st century London
  • Church of the Papal Mainframe

Season Eight

Deep Breath

  • London in the 1890s
  • 21st century Glasgow
  • “Heaven”

Into the Dalek

  • Rebel Fighter
  • Coal hill School, 21st century London
  • Starship Aristotle
  • Dalek spaceship
  • Rusty the Dalek onboad the starship Aristotle 
  • “Heaven”