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Would there be a chance at translating the other profiles? (Hound dog sensei, night eye, and so)

Heya anon. GOOD TIMING! I just finished it.

Hound Dog

Feared by UA students. He’s assigned as that role. Very noble. Him and Blood King are best friends.

Quirk: Dog. Not related at all to the Police Chief.

Sir Nighteye

A contrast to All Might’s American image, he is a stereotypical Japanese man.

Bubble Girl

Previously we held a fanart contest where we required original heroes to be submitted and the best works would appear in the story. She’s one of them. Because of their trouble, rather than putting them in lesser roles, I put them in positions where they have more significance.

Betta Fish Perks

>When they use objects for purposes other than what they’re intended for, like hiding behind the filter or heater
>Bubble nests! “Mom I made that!!”
>Aquatic dog
>Poking their head out of hides like “whazzup mother”
>Never ending staring contests you know you can’t win even when they look away u know they didn’t blink
>The exciting event of when they get new stuff
>Beauty and grace

I know there are so many of these but I had to