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Would there be a chance at translating the other profiles? (Hound dog sensei, night eye, and so)

Heya anon. GOOD TIMING! I just finished it.

Hound Dog

Feared by UA students. He’s assigned as that role. Very noble. Him and Blood King are best friends.

Quirk: Dog. Not related at all to the Police Chief.

Sir Nighteye

A contrast to All Might’s American image, he is a stereotypical Japanese man.

Bubble Girl

Previously we held a fanart contest where we required original heroes to be submitted and the best works would appear in the story. She’s one of them. Because of their trouble, rather than putting them in lesser roles, I put them in positions where they have more significance.

Betta Fish Perks

>When they use objects for purposes other than what they’re intended for, like hiding behind the filter or heater
>Bubble nests! “Mom I made that!!”
>Aquatic dog
>Poking their head out of hides like “whazzup mother”
>Never ending staring contests you know you can’t win even when they look away u know they didn’t blink
>The exciting event of when they get new stuff
>Beauty and grace

I know there are so many of these but I had to

[Drawing of a pink and green dog saying “It’s okay if you aren’t great at something on your first try. Improvement often takes time and effort, and you’re capable of putting in that time and effort. You can do this.” in a green speech bubble.]

Laurent Perrier Grand Siècle Grande Brut

Welcome to my finer things club. Lemon brioche, buttery croissant flakes, and a surprising amount of minerality (chalk and even some salinity) on the nose. Starts with a hint of non-sweet tarte tatin on the palate and finishes with a burst of fresh lemony acidity. Fine mousse (bubbles). Not as layered as some other fine, top-tier champagnes, but does a couple things really really well.

4/5 bones


Chardonnay, Pinot Noir

12% abv

Champagne, FRANCE

[drawing of a white dog with brown ears and a brown tail next to a caption that says “It’s normal to have doubts and insecurities about your writing, but it doesn’t mean you’re a bad writer and it doesn’t mean you should quit. Your writing is original and powerful. You’re incredibly talented and you can do this.” in a brown speech bubble.]

Puppy love

Shaking his shoulders out and leaning against the front door Jughead squeezed his eyes shut tight. Being a Serpent was harder than he had ever expected, there were responsibilities and meetings and jobs, he was exhausted, lonely and the leather jacket felt heavy on his back.

He missed his friends, his school, his writing, but most of all he missed his girlfriend. Jughead hadn’t heard from Betty in a full week, she wasn’t answering his texts and as badly as he wanted to go to her, he was too damn exhausted to leave his trailer. Speaking of trailers, leaning against the door to his own home he heard a low chuckle coming from inside, his guard instantly went up, hotdog was inside but that animal was the farthest thing from a guard dog, slamming inside his eyes went wide at the sight before him.

Betty was sitting crosslegged on his center room floor and hotdog was sitting in between her open legs, his tail wagging as she rubbed his belly, the tiny dog had a bandaid wrapped around his ankle. Sitting to her right in the love seat was the leader of the Serpents, Viper, he was smiling at the beautiful blonde and chugging a beer.

Betty looked up at the sound of the door opening “Jughead” she smiled slightly.

Viper looked between the two and smirked
“Found your dog here limping its way through the center of the park, collapsed right in front of me , figure he got hit by a truck or something, this ones sneaky, you gotta make sure you leave the back door locked or he’ll nudge it open. Fortunately this little angel came walking by just in time, we ain’t welcome at many vets offices but this little lady fixed hotdog right up, guess we got our very own Florence nightingale” he smiled down at Betty and she shyly beamed back.

The tall muscular man rose from the seat and headed towards the door, winking at Betty.
“I’ll see you tomorrow love, the wife’ll be happy to finally have someone to share recipes with” he chuckled as Betty nodded enthusiastically.

As he made his way to the front of the trailer, Viper turned back to Jughead
“You take care of her, she’s one of the great ones.” He ruffled the new recruits hair and slammed out the front door.

It was a silent for a moment in the trailer as Jughead stared at Betty, suddenly a low whine broke them out of the moment and Betty giggled, picking up the little sheep dog and carrying him to the couch

“Your dog is very dramatic.” She smiled, her eyes sparkling as she dropped a sloppy kiss to the dogs furry head.

“He’s okay?” Jughead said moving to stand beside her and stroke hotdogs fur.

“Well I’m no vet but it seems like the car only hit his leg, he’s still a puppy so his leg will set as he grows but I’d be careful to not let him out of your sight and lock up the doors before you leave. As for feeding him, you can’t just feed him cereal and old French fries! I picked up a few bags of kibble, he’s not you Jughead, he doesn’t have an iron stomach.” She smiled, leaning. Down and patting hotdogs tummy.

Jughead blushed slightly before turning his body to Betty’s

“I miss you.” He whispered as she angled herself towards him, his hand coming up to rest on her cheek. She nodded sadly

“I miss you too.” She whispered.

“Maybe.. maybe you can come visit more, I can come to your place but.. you’re always welcome here.” He said nervously.

Betty smiled at him, bringing her lips to his for a slow reassuring kiss

“I was nervous, I didn’t think your new family would accept me, with me being.. well.. me. But they seem really nice, I met a few of your new friends while i was patching hotdog up, they were very sweet.” She blushed slightly and Jughead raised a curious brow, jealousy coursing through him.

“Sweet how?” He questioned, his voice deep.

Rolling her eyes Betty laughed
“Not the way you’re thinking. They were just very nice, and they were all very surprised that you were my boyfriend.” She giggled

Jughead wrapped his hands around her waist and tugged her towards him

“Because you’re too good for me Juliet, I’ll probably never hear the end of it.” He smirked as she slapped his arm

“I am not too good for you!” Betty exclaimed indignantly.

Jughead looked down at her with lust filled eyes

“Show me.” He whispered in her ear.

Just as their lips were about to meet, a sharp bark broke them both out of their bubble, hot dog was laying back on the couch staring up at the teens, his paw dangling in his makeshift cast as he barked again.

Betty giggled as she rested her head on Jugheads chest, her hands resting on his shoulders

“As if The Serpents weren’t enough of a loveblocker, now I’ve got the worlds most needy dog.” He groaned.

Betty laughed as they both settled on the couch, Hotdog happily panting between them. Maybe their family wasn’t the biggest but to the two broken homed teenagers?

It was perfect.

Castell d’Age Anne Marie Comtesse Brut Nature Reserva Cava

Rawr! It’s El Classico today! Força Barça! This lovely Cava puts on some French airs as a Spanish bubbly. Lemon tart, brioche, and even a hint of lime on the nose. Lemon and apple on the palate with hints of marzipan and fresh, crisp acidity. 

4/5 bones


Macabeo, Xarel-lo, Parellada

12% abv