its a few days later now, finn has settled in SO well to the big tank, he’s very calm and comfortable with the tetras n corys and has been contently building bubblenests all day, his favourite thing is when he finds me staring at him while im on the computer so he rushes to the corner to give me hello wiggles

i caved in and gave boon some plastic plants (i keep trying and failing to aquascape his tank and i should know by now it aint workin), he seems happier and more alert with the introduction of these colours in the tank

lyn came with me to petsmart on friday and we ended up leaving with fake grass, which due to a lack of space ended up going to the 3.5 gallon soon-to-be shrimp tank. funnily enough??? snurp the snail fucking loves this fake grass omg he keeps slithering across it all day its really cute

and finally, the gay frog tank is on its third dose of BB, so coming relatively soon this tank will be almost ready for the f r o g g e n i n g, and GOD does it ever look cool in my room