honestly fuck everyone who makes fun of harmless obscure interests like GOD what is wrong with you people.
if some kid on the internet makes a post on how theyre excited over something “cringey” (especially things aimed at little kids) and you arses begin reblogging it ironically to make fun of the person in question then youre a total douche asshole.
instead of mocking people for liking Spongebob, Minecraft, Bubbleguppies, etc. and just having fun with their interests why dont you go back to jacking off to your pedophile Voltron ships. thanks.

im watching too much disney junior zodiac post ~ 

aries: mickey mouse clubhouse 
taurus: chloe’s closet 
gemini: little einsteins 
cancer: bubbleguppies 
leo: sofia the first 
virgo: doc mcstuffins 
libra: minnie’s bow tunes 
scorpio: special agent oso 
sagittarius: dora the explorer 
capricorn: mister maker 
aquarius: miles from tomorrowland 
pisces: shimmer and shine 

Being gender nonbinary is much deeper than just thoughts

I work for an agency that helps take care of adults who are developmentally/mentally disabled.  One of the people I have the blessing of taking care of is Bernie.

Bernie is a lovely, bright human being with the mental intelligence equivalent to a three or four year old.  They love to laugh.  I mean LOVE to laugh.  They love to make silly jokes.  They’ll try to trick you by saying “I think that tree is walking away.” and then have a fit of laughter.  They love dogs.  They can’t remember their address but they know the difference between a German Shepard and a Yorkie.   They can count, but only up to five.  They know their colors, but only the Crayola 8. They have a personality as strong and real as anyone with full mental development. 

And they are genderfluid.

Bernie doesn’t know the word “genderfluid”.  But they know the words “boy” and “girl”.  And they will state, very clearly “I want to be a boy today.  I want to be a girl today."  They will get dressed appropriately, and you will be the subject of a string of curse words if you try to argue.  If they are a boy, it’s a superhero t-shirt and baseball cap with jeans and sneakers.  If they are a girl, it’s a pink blouse with white jeans and butterflies.  When they are given weekend money for fun, they spend it on Batman temporary tattoos and American Girl dolls, army trucks and pink sunglasses.  Bernie knows who they are.  No one taught them to be this way; in fact I can guess that their caretakers have probably tried to "teach them out of it” throughout their lives to no success.

They didn’t “get these ideas” from the internet, because they don’t know how to use a computer.  They didn’t “get these ideas” from TV, because they watch Dora the Explorer and Bubbleguppies all day.  They didn’t “get these ideas” from reading books, because they can’t read; though they do have a nice collection of comic books and Disney storybooks.

So why am I telling you this?  Because there are those out there who think people who are gender nonbinary are “making it up”, or “trying to get attention”, or “in a phase” or worse, just trying to make life hard for everyone else who is quite happy fitting into the male/female boxes.  There are people who think being gender nonbinary is caused by peer influence, or media influence, or that it’s a fad or a stage.

But when you take a human being who is so clearly and absolutely JUST THEMSELVES, who isn’t doing this “for attention” (because Bernie gets enough already, trust me), and isn’t doing this “as a phase”, I hope it makes it clearer that being outside the gender binary is REAL, and a DEEP PART of a person that is IMPORTANT and FUNDAMENTAL to who they are.  Being gender nonbinary IS NOT “new” or “in style”, it’s been around for as long as humans have been around; the only thing new about it is that we now have words to describe it with.

In a way, Bernie is very lucky.  They will never have to face discrimination based on their gender, because their mental disability shields them from most of the world’s wrath.  They are in a very good, loving group home who lets them be themselves, as they are, and no one bats an eye one way or the other because they’re given the freedom, the leeway, to be who they are.

And who they are is beautiful, just like every person with mental disabilities is beautiful, just like every person of EVERY gender, male, female, and other, is beautiful.  I just really, really hope that some day, all the rest of us will be able to see that.