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Kissed 💋 -Wilford

((Your muse kisses my muse on a paper cut))

[[ @bubblegum-psychopath ]]

Glitch had small tears running down his cheeks and held his finger out to the taller male, his bottom lip quivering cutely as the cut on his finger bled a bit. “I-I hurt myself…,” Glitch told Wilford, knowing it was only a small paper cut, but it still burned. When Wilford, without hesitance, kissed Glitch on the cut, Glitch immediately stopped crying, instead smiled weakly. He kissed Wilford on the lips softly. “Thank you, Bubble Gum… It still hurts, though… Can you kiss it a bit more…?”

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Ruby to get to The Land of OOO have Peridot to create to a portal that will allow you,Sapphire and your friends to go to The Land of OOO anyways in The Land of OOO after Marceline got tired of being a vampire she asked her friend Princess Bubblegum to be human again so Princess Bubblegum created an invention to turn Marceline human again which left 2 deadly consequences 1 it gave Marceline a weird dream 2 it release all the vampires she staked including The Vampire King.


flamingos dancing
around my room
hopping on clumsy feet
neck outstretched
plucking from the ground
a bouquet of beautiful
cameo peonies
thriving carnations
and rhododendron
or even quincunx
beneath the cerise sunset
snacking on salmon
swimming in the deep coral
of the champagne sea
bubblegum beaks
agape in awe
as shades of fuchsia
and magenta
drip down the canvas

you have mixed your purple hues
with my darkened reds
and you have created in me
the most desirable
shade of pink

-tickled 9/28