“Survey the Heavens, Open the Heavens”
I am the ruler of the stars

My interpretation of one magic, I suppose. I’ve always liked the idea of Lucy sacrificing herself for Natsu through one magic. I’ve always loved the idea of her with shorter hair and I still wish for it to this day. 

Ahh, hold on, @snogfairy just got back from greece. This is for her. I can’t wait for more of the pics from your vacay phi!

Progress gif of this piece over here

Progress Gif of One Magic Lucy (BTW the gif is only working on desktop)

I had a few people ask what was my usual work flow with my work; this took a few hours. I don’t really count my hours but I’m certain it was around 2-3 hours. 

There’s a huge gap of work between the last two images I apologize I apologize I forgot to take shots by then though you can observe the beginning of most of my work. There was actually a lot of trial and error during this piece but I had an idea sorta set in my head when I sketched it out so that helped. I also played around with 3d effects using Krita. Otherwise everything else was done at Manga Studio 5. As you can see at the start, there was suppose to be this giant cut pretty much in the middle of her boobs but that sorta ?? didn’t make it. 

I had a lot of work on lighting for this which involved multiple layers using different blending modes. I took a bit of inspiration from those last episodes on Avatar the Last Airbender where Aang had all the elements around him and absolutely smashing Ozai.