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Just a question from a fan of your art... how did you get such a good eye for color? The compositions of your pieces are incredible!


So I’m glad you asked but at the same time, I’m not so sure how to elaborate! Colours I find myself always going for range around red, pink and blue. I’m somehow never to pick up green unless it’s a simple base colour or it’s nature (grass, trees etc, etc). That’s for my casual work, I have to say though! 

My heavy work (ones that at least take more than 2 hours with heavy detail and techniques) go a lil’ bit different. I think for the get-go, when I sketch out certain pieces, I like to plan beforehand the kind of atmosphere I want to create for it. Atmosphere is such a huge factor for me; most of work rely so much on atmosphere because with my heavy work I tend to want to convey certain emotions. And that’s where the colours come in; if you want to take a lookie at certain colour study tips, I would reccomend searching them up on Pinterest. There’s tons of tricks there. But even then I don’t go by certain colour rules; I just try to find certain colours that I feel fit the mood. Pastels can set a more calm, light mood but even bolder colours like reds, yellows and oranges can create a warm atmospheric tone if used in the right way. 

I’ll get onto that later but here’s one more thing I want to point out; I’m a big believer in bold usage of colours. Whilst I’ve explained that I rely on atmosphere to pick my colours, you can see certain factors in my work that does not even fit in the atmosphere. This is my way of experimentation and I’ve done it for quite some time. Bold usage of colours is something I’ve always loved doing because it’s something that can set apart a certain piece; make it more interesting and dynamic. Not everyone will be comfortable with it simply because it’s a hit or miss sitaution to some people but I’ve always tried to encourage any artist friend of mine to create works that let your onlookers wonder what the hell are they gonna do next?

Now onto a few works of mine that might set some examples; 

When I mentioned using bold colours to create calm atmospheres, I was thinking directly of this piece I collabed on with @seulil. I wanted to create a fun but somewhat calming atmosphere.

As you can see, there is almost a weird mixture of colours when added all together. Warmer colours are the colours you can associate with fall; orange, red and yellow but the real kicker is the green and especially the fact that it’s a rather bright green. Most grass and leaves are a growing dull colour by fall; the green adds a sudden colour that set itself apart from the image and thus avoids become a general warm colour palette. I could’ve made those grass a deep umber of sorts or a dull orange but I’m a rebel. 

This piece is quite interesting. This is one of the pieces where I hadn’t planned out most of my colours. I wanted myself to surprise me essentially. The only factor I knew for this piece was that it was going to be a water gif piece. 

You can spot some pastel colours such as that lilac and baby blue and then bam, a warm skin tone and dark foliage everywhere. And because of the pastel tone I had already established within the whole piece, the pink stands out in the background. The interesting tone in this piece made it one of faves so far this year; I really did adore this one specifically for the colours. The colours are almost subtle in a way in regards to contrasting each other but it makes the piece atmospheric in a way I didn’t even plan. 

Character centric work I adore because it creates a opportunity to let yourself find a tone to set clearly. This work I intended the top tips of the hair indicating the water to have an illuminating glow. 

If you can even take a lookie; the whole idea for this palette is actually almost identical to the second (due to both pieces featuring juvia) but note how no matter how similar the palettes are, their tones are different. This palette has rich blues, bold from the get-go. In fact, this can be perceived as a bit warm due to the dark not being black but this dark mauve. The colours are cool and warm and somehow they fit because of how bold they clash together. I personally took the pleasure in using different tones of blue for her hair just because the piece was underwater. Use different tones of certain colours is so effective sometimes; especially blue. Blue is a colour you should not underestimate; it can convey so many things just from changing its tone so use it to your advantage. To match the striking blue, I couldn’t settle for a subtle blush so I used a bright red coral colour. This piece was fun. 

This was a collab with @stormtrpo I did recently that I thought was a huge clash of colours. And huge clashes of colours are a fave of mine because i get to experiment vastly. This piece was initially planned out and suddenly it wasn’t; I had too many ideas. Casual elaborate pieces are something you should look forward to; there are so many opportunities for experiments with them. 

Look at that. Look how many colours there are. I’m pretty sure I even missed some because there’s colour everywhere. Let’s start with how the skin tone is all kinds of shades of pink; this is to emphasise the rich colours around her; specifically the red surrounding her waist. That almost neon green around the right bottom? Hehe..whilst it adds even more to look at in the piece, that was actually a tribute to the art I did for @mslead‘s fic Wine Red. You can find all sorts of inspiration for even your previous pieces; I chose that work because it added a mystical effect to that image. But this piece is not suppose to look particularly godly this time; it’s fun and almost quirkly. It can remind you of scenes from James Cameron’s Avatar if not for the reds and pinks. Dark colours are again used to focus more on the bright but even then, the colours really did take over in this piece and it was a fun piece because of it. Your art should be not only make others happy but you in the process of it. 

This is one of my most recent pieces and I’m using this as an example because this one is particularly interesting for me. This piece is one of my most ambitious and it goes subtly.

For a piece that is screaming for angst; I didn’t use pure black. In fact, you may note that in most cases, I tend to not use pure black in my work. And then there’s the pink, which seems almost too out-of-place. This is what I meant by using bold colours without regards to atmosphere. I love it for it’s experimentational purposes. The sudden green is a result from 3D effects. This image seems almost confronting; it seems eery and hollow and yet bright colours are showing up but dark cool colours are as well. It’s clashing in a strange way. I wanted to let this palette send out that the tone was hollow, lonely and unhappy but I also wanted to create something more. It’s almost a state of confusion. Light colours are clearly behind her but she’s not facing the right direction and she can only see the dark. This piece interested me a lot. 

For these works, I highly reccomend using overlay, soft light and all kinds of blending modes to create the colours I’ve shown you thus far. 

Some of my personal favourites are Glow Dodge, Overlay and Lighten. Take your time to research what exactly they do to your image. 

Getting a ‘good eye’ for colour is not even something I can say is true. Colours are there to convey meaning and let onlookers see the focus of your work and what you want to convey. It’s a huge factor in an art piece that has either no meaning or contain life’s secrets. But how do you find the right colours after this? Well, if you’re working on casual art pieces, go ahead and find colours that compliment and/or contrast each other pleasantly and as per my advice, try having a go at bold colour usage. But if you’re working on pieces that you want others to find more meaning to; I suggest really trying to pour emotions from that piece, let yourself be the character for a moment. It’s not a complicated process but it can be detailed out; since we were little, we could perceive red to be a colour of anger; essentially fire. But what about the process of that anger and how far it goes? Does it rage so quickly that a fiery amber takes spotlight in your piece? Or instead of even anger, it’s a warmth. I would associate a pale yellow but also incorporate oranges and suddenly it’s not quite burning red anger anymore. It’s warmth; a heartfelt and almost sad piece. Bright colours are not our enemies, dear artist frands.

I’ll tag @firedragonroaring, @cosmicloveoftheages, @meadowofstars, @doublepasse@doginshoe, @neato-ft, and @belilosove because I know they’re art people. Tag anyone you know who are art freaks if you want. 

Well then. Adios amigo. 

On Guilty Pleasures

Every now and then, someone will ask me about what my guilty pleasures are. But I don’t actually have any. Not because my taste is pure sophisticated perfection, no. I like pop tarts and velveeta and happy bubblegum pop songs (some of them, anyway) and popcorn read-em-once adventures just fine. And I have no difficulty…

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“It took her a long time to get accustomed to it because she was really into the tomboy thing and was resistant to too much glamour. I think there was part of her that didn’t want that sort of attention, because somewhere down inside she thought she wouldn’t be taken seriously. She wanted to come off a little tougher, like, I’m not this bubblegum girl. I think it was a good choice because it left her room to grow.

Then, all of a sudden, she turned into a woman overnight. I remember when we were getting ready for that the MTV awards show, and she wore the yellow and black Cavalli dress. It was the first time she’d really worn something couture, like a full-on gown. When she walked out I teared up and she asked me, What’s wrong with you, and I said, You’re a grown woman!”

Voltron Ice Cream Headcanons

Random thought I had while on holiday; what ice creams would the paladins have? Feel free to make any additions!

Lance: Rocky Road - this boy does not need any more sugar in him but he will always go for the sweetest option.

Keith: Vanilla - need I say more? Keith is 100% vanilla kind a guy….. everywhere except for the bedroom.

Hunk: Coconut - Hawaiian!Hunk is my shit, and surely he must love those exotic flavours.

Shiro: Black cherry and cream - this is just such a dad choice I couldn’t help it, its a classic.

Pidge: Bubblegum - just like Lance, if given the chance they will consume as much sugar as possible and SCREAM at you and you will SUFFER.

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If people are bitter over the title of Yuri on Ice being deceiving, then boy do I have news for you about Bleach having nothing to do with a laundry detergent.