bubblegums-little-stars  asked:

What 104 squad think of pigtails? (Pigtails like Mina Carolina had) Also,who would want to spend a night under the stars with a girl/boy they love?

I think everyone would like pigtails, as long as the person having them feels good with it

Eren would love to spend a night under the stars with a loved one. Also Annie and probably also Berthold. They’re quite romantic 💓


a thing; the hero fam love to go to cons and surprise everyone but also love to drag their one beloved friend to cosplay with them and it’s a fun yet dangerous tyme

this is la vie en rose

@re-unknown and I finally got around to doing a collab; he linearted (very beautifully) chat and i did mari, he coloured (very nicely) mari and i coloured chat and finally i did background and lighting (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧