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the possibility that he could trip and fall and set things on fire completely escaped me until your tags
thanks, Matt.


I know how clumsy people are being one myself, so yes… it’s very much a possibility.

I mean, remember that time he fell onto his flat’s porch or whatever and needed stitches for his head and it was in all the papers? Imagine if that happened but with fire also involved!

bubblegumbea replied to your post: next year if kurt and blaine do take a break,…

crying because Blam

 can’t you just see it though?

they’re working out together after school and they’re the only ones in there

and sam’s going on and on about something adorable and nerdy and sam-like

and blaine’s just laughing and ‘you’re adorable’ slips out

and then things get weird for a couple of seconds and they go back to working out

and then sam says 'you’re not so bad yourself’

and then 

real talk: when i was in elementary school, i knew five OTHER white girls named megan, all of us within two years of each other.

even through high school, i was always one of three or four megans.

we’re everywhere

skellerbzzt replied to your post: no seriously I’m writing asexy!Klaine with a d/s dynamic (sub!Blaine) and with everything I write I cry because nothing will ever be as great as the dynamic in that fic


See! Yessss.

Okay and I will say this, Bea.

Because a lot of D/s that I find in fandom has to do with the sexual stuff. Not the fandom’s fault; it’s just what people are interested in – sex and getting off on something. But the reason why I like Rule Ten so much is the same reason why asexy d/s is such an awesome thing to put your hand to. There’s just so much in the dynamic that I like that has nothing to do with the sex. It’s the trust and the ability to be put somewhere and directed and giving yourself over, you know, for whatever. Just whatever the both of you want. 

And it’s just. Christ, okay, there’s so few fics out there that really let their readers into that kind of understanding. It’s all like, “oh i want to be humiliated” and “oh i want to hurt” or “i want to be hung from the ceiling by my feet and for my mouth to be an empty receptacle for your spunk” or something like, and not in the why of it, what makes those particular things so great.

Consent too! You wouldn’t think that’s something that would get left out of a D/s fic, what with the power dynamic, but whether it’s dubcon fic or a fully consensual fic, you gotta know one way or the other. And god there is something that hits me right in the gut when I get a character that will be offered something that might not be what they want or fully understand that they want but they’ll still go, “yes,” because they trust the person who’s offering.