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The foxes probably have an official Snapchat that they rotate between the members.

On days Dan and Kevin have it, they post pictures of practice, though Dan posts more fun ones while Kevin’s seem to be strictly practice.

Matt posts videos of the upperclassmen feat. Aaron, and sneaks pictures of Neil whenever he can.

ALL of Allison’s posts include herself in them, usually with at least another fox (more likely than not either Neil or Renee) by her side.

Renee takes pictures of banners with cheers on them and photos of when everybody is just hanging out rather than practicing or doing something crazy.

Andrew refuses to use Snapchat so they dropped him from the rotation.

Aaron does try to be serious with it, but Nicky always tries to photobomb any picture he takes by dabbing in front of the camera, so he sticks to being more professional about his posts.

Nicky is one of the more avid users of the account and uses it like a vlog about anything relating to the foxes. His are also the pictures more likely to be screenshotted

Neil just takes a lot of blurry pictures of Andrew and sometimes the rest of the team. It’s become a pastime to try and figure out what his pictures are for.


Corn Syrup
Pink Sugar
1 ½ oz. (45ml) Vodka
½ oz. (15ml) Kinky Liqueur
2 oz. (60ml) Pink Lemonade
Splash of Lemon-Lime Soda
Blow Pop
Bubble Gum

1. Rim martini glass with corn syrup and pink sugar.
2. Infuse vodka with bubblegum.
3. In a mixing glass with ice, add bubble gum vodka, kinky liqueur, and pink lemonade.
4. Pour into martini glass and top with lemon-lime soda.

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Signs as Vodka
  • Aries: Cinnamon Vodka
  • Taurus: Marshmallow Vodka
  • Gemini: Green Apple Vodka
  • Cancer: Birthday Cake Vodka
  • Leo: Honey Vodka
  • Virgo: Vanilla Vodka
  • Libra: Bubblegum Vodka
  • Scorpio: Cranberry Vodka
  • Sagittarius: Grape Vodka
  • Capricorn: Root Beer Vodka
  • Aquarius: Mango Vodka
  • Pisces: Whipped Cream Vodka

The Hubba Bubble 🍬🍭

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overwatch themed drinks!

DVA: • Bubblegum Vodka • Pink Lemonade • Dash of Curacao • Pink Straws for Garnish

MCCREE: • Whiskey • Rum • Dr. Pepper • Blood Orange (Only normal orange in the picture) 

TRACER: • White rum • Club Orange (Orange Soda) • Whipped Cream • Blue Sprinkles

REAPER: Black Rum • Cidona (Apple Soda) • Strawberry for Garnish

ur coming to the party right. lol it’ll be fun :^)

Hajime has to pull Oikawa down from the pool table sometime after the ninth shot, making sure that the giggling mess he calls his best friend manages to keep his shirt on.  

“I thought I was going to a party, not babysitting,” he grumbles, keeping his grip firm around Oikawa’s upper arm and recalling that one text Hanamaki had sent him earlier that day.  It’ll be fun, he thinks, scowling.  Sure.

“C’mon, Iwa-chan,” whines Oikawa, laughing and reaching out to grab a shot from one of the people in his class at school as Hajime leads him into the quiet of the kitchen.  Hajime frowns, intercepting the shot before it reaches Oikawa’s mouth, and placing it on the counter.

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?” he hisses, smoothing Oikawa’s hair away from his forehead to feel how hot he’s getting.  

“No?” replies Oikawa, sounding genuinely confused.  He pushes at Hajime’s hands, sticking out his bottom lip in a pout.  "Stop that, I’m hot.“

Hajime rolls his eyes.  "I can tell.  You were practically stripping.”

“So?” barks Oikawa, then widens his eyes at how loud it comes out, raising his hand to his mouth.  "Oops.“  

Hajime narrows his eyes.  "Oikawa, listen.  That’s enough with the drinks.  I don’t want–”  He sighs, pinching his nose.  "Look, you’re drunk and making crappy decisions and there are tons of girls here who like you, so you’ll probably end up making a poor choice and I really don’t wanna hear about your drunken hook-ups tomorrow–“

Oikawa puffs up his cheeks, stomping his foot.  "Just because I’m drunk doesn’t mean I’m going to suddenly realize I’m not gay and throw myself at the nearest girl!” he protests.

“Of course you–”  Hajime freezes.  He wets his lips, not knowing what to say for a moment.  "Uh, you’re gay?“

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Another rad mashup from The Hood Internet. This is my pump up song lately. The song I drink my Hutchy High-Fives to, before hittin’ the bars on friday nights! How can you not shake your booty to this song?!!!! At about 1:30 in the song, is when the fist starts pumpin’ and it’s officially party time!



(make one. you won’t be disappointed.)

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skips invites benson over to his house to drink and hang out. when benson goes back to the kitchen to pour himself another drink, he finds a ½ empty bottle of bubblegum vodka in the fridge. He laughs and says “hey, skips, what’s this?” & skips blushes super hard, can’t form words, doesn’t want to reveal that he actually only likes flavored vodka + soda, not the whiskey he’s been forcing himself to drink all night, & he bought bubblegum vodka because it reminds him of benson <3 


Jackson sighed looking around the room of the old
house that became there brothel. God did his back
hurt from all the scratches, he was supposed to be
cleaning the rooms, but that bottle of scotch that 
Sinclair had given him had called his name, there
wasn’t whole lot he could do till the sheets were out
of the dryer anyway. He calm took the family photo he
kept in his wallet out, along with several others of
he, Monroe and the boys he kept and sat down at
the coffee table. He poured a glass of scotch and sat
down, he drank three, maybe four before the kids
came in and saw him. The all joined him on the floor,
he never binged drank unless something was wrong.

“What’s the matter Jacks?” Jason asked plopping down
 next to him moving the bottle, which Casten put under
 the table.

“You me to put a pot of coffee on?” Mara asked wringing
 her hands nervously. Jackson scoffed nothing was wrong,
 god these pestering kids. If the weren’t on duty here, they
 were doing the normal work and fighting over who got warm

“Nothin’ the matter, it’s my anniversary and I’m gonna celebrate
 it. Why don’t ya’ join me?” Jackson asked. The kids all smiled
 the sad smiles they often shared since…since it happened.
 Then fetched glass, all minus Jason who’d sent his cup
 with Casten but showed up seconds later with a bottle of
 bubblegum vodka.

“Moxie’s favorite,  Monroe’s least,” He laughed looking down
 at his already filled glass sadly. Jackson laughed and picked
 the bottle from Jason’s hands and pouring a bit in all the other

“Monroe’s favorite, Moxie’s least, Moxie’s favorite, Rosie’s least.
 Would’ve pissed them off us mixing it,” Jackson laughed, they all
 drank in silence before Hannah pulled a joint claiming it to their
 real favorite and lighting up. Two rounds in the door swung open.

“The girls, there was a mountain riot, the survivors were found and
 they think!” Jerry yelled panicked and out of breath. “They, saw girls
 who matched descriptions. Kane and Murphy just headed to talk to 
 them! The ginger woman, had a little girl with dark skin! The short
 brunette had a scar on her shoulder!”

Everyone in the room jumped to there feet asking questions following the teenager to the woods edge.