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happy holigays!! ! ! spreading some christmas queer!!! am i right!!!

this is an old comic idea and its rushed but im ok w this! i hope you all are also! marceline is garbage at dealing with crushes but thats ok so am i!! 

have a good holiday, buds!!! 

(dialogue under the cut!)

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Fond Farewell

My dear friend @cahlac moved back to Brazil about a month ago, and I had drawn this for her as a goodbye present. can’t lose with gay art  I forgot that I coloured it, and thusly never posted it! 

It felt weird saying goodbye for an indeterminate amount of time - more so than usual. She’s a dear, and I miss having her around. 

juvia of the great sea.

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I’m rereading Eyeshield 21 (again) and I can’t believe I just realized what a fucking loser Hiruma is??

  • Does shit like build figurines and make trading cards
  • Organizes elaborate games to fuck with people
  • Makes little infomercials
  • Kicks people when they please him
  • Could feasibly be a mob boss but??? nope???? football??????
  • Is always chewing bubblegum
  • Literally says things like “explosive breaking newsflash” and “dweeb”
  • Stands in shadowy areas and waits for people to fuck up so he can step out dramatically and give them advice
  • Dyes his hair bc it makes him look intimidating
  • “YA HA”
Animeland Wasabi Alpha Shenanigans Panel (16+)

Homestuck panel from Animeland Wasabi 2014 Video and Editing by - JaeJae @ Darling Jealousy Productions Additional video - Nathan @ Kurodensetsu on flickr Cr…

I saw that this hadn’t been put up yet and I really wanted to show the people of tumblr this mess of love.
Thanks to attackonegderp for filming and editing, it’s beautiful. And thanks to the crowd for being awesome. It was so fun to do this with you all.

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So the con was good and bad. I guess someone I liked found out something about me and it put them off? Which of course is fine it just hurts a little that it happened again. I got to see a lot of people and meet some new ones ♡ photoshoots were lovely and so is being able to lay on my couch. I also met Jessica from Crabcat Industries! She was just a breath of fresh air and I love her to death.