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Hey! It’s my second Christmas giveaway!

Here’s what you’ll be getting:
🎅🏼fuzzy socks with holly on them
🎅🏼elf on the shelf funko pop vinyl figure (from stupid.com)
🎅🏼gingerbread scented and shaped bath bomb (from GiftsByLittleMiss1 on Etsy)
🎅🏼a (working) snow globe ring (from ingredientsforlovely on Etsy)
🎅🏼oogie boogie earrings (from AlexsMisfitToys on Etsy)
🎅🏼and (a not pictured ) gingerbread man (or house) set (from michaels craft store) -this is real gingerbread so I will be buying last minute so I know it’s fresh!

🎄must be following me! @bubblegum-graveyard
🎄likes and reblog a count
🎄must be 18+ or have parents permission
🎄must be willing to give me your address
🎄DO NOT tag as giveaway
🎄please no spamming
🎄US and Canada only! (Next giveaways will be international!)
🎄each like and reblog counts as one entry
🎄if this gets 500+ I’ll add more items!

More ways to get entries?:
🎁follow me on Instagram! Message me on there or here with ur tumblr/Instagram name (my Instagram is taybabe1300) this will be 2 entries
🎁buy me something off my wishlist : https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1URRG9G6WG9UV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ip_wl_o_Qmohyb93818R8 this is 5 extra entries!

Links to the stores I bought from:

Any questions? Message me or send me an ask!
This giveaway will end on December 15 at midnight! Have fun!!


Hey guys! This is my first ever giveaway and since I and the rest of tumblr is obsessed with Halloween I thought I’d do that as a theme!

🎃Must be following me bubblegum-graveyard
🎃Reblogs and likes count! Reblog as many times as you like just be courteous of your followers
🎃U.S. only! (Sorry once I get a job I’ll be able to do international shipping)
🎃Do NOT tag as ‘giveaway’
🎃Follow my Instagram (taybabe1300) for an extra chance (must message me your URL for proof)

Items listed:
👻Doll legs tights (size L/XL from hot topic)
👻skeleton hands hair clips
👻Color drip candles (red)
👻Pumpkin spice lip balm

Items not listed:
🔪Wool beanie (knitted by me in any color)
🔪A special note
🔪A new friend/follower (me) 🔪Tequila worm lollipop

If this reaches 500-1000 notes I’ll add one or two other cute Halloween themed items. ENDS OCTOBER 18th at midnight

bubblegum-graveyard  asked:

Are there any other Halloween lush items besides the pumpkin and the Lord of Misrule

ohhh my god i’m so irritated w myself bc we just had a staff meeting TODAY where we went over all the halloween items and i’ve forgotten like all of them…. @me wtf seriously…. i’m sorry >///<

we do have more seasonal halloween stuff! all of the halloween products will be out OCTOBER 1st! we’ve just got a soft launch going on right now for halloween things, which means not all of the products are shown :) there’s gonna be some really cute halloween themed gift sets, some of which include some exclusive new bath bombs, a couple really cute knot wraps, and one or two other new products :3 stay tuned!


Hey guys! It’s time for another giveaway! For this giveaway I’m teaming up with HappyClayCreations from etsy! As you can see it’s a Christmas/holiday giveaway!

🎁Ugly Christmas sweater kit (large)
🎁reindeer socks
🎁2 packs of scented ornaments (sugar cookie and cinnamon)
🎁one snow man night light (yellow assessors)
🎁one cute Christmas themed marshmallow keychain from HappyClayCreations

🎄must be 18 yr or with parents permission
🎄must be willing to give me your address
🎄reblog as many times as you want (be courteous of followers)
🎄likes and reblogs count!
🎄do not tag as giveaway
🎄this is world wide!
🎄follow my Instagram taybabe1300 and HappyClayCreations Instagram marshmellllli for two extra entries (remember to message me your username so I can check!)
🎄 must be following me! Bubblegum-graveyard (I check)
🎄 do not tag as giveaway ⛄️if it gets to 1000 I’ll add more prizes! 🎅🏼Last but not least have fun! Giveaway ends December 15 Here’s a link to HappyClayCreations if you’re interested in any of her necklaces, key chains, or trinkets https://www.etsy.com/shop/HappyClayCreations