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Three panels that was used in Juvia are recreated. Fun fact do you know i try in every retrospect to be stealthy in the fandom giving random anon asks to everyone with a certain title and it doesn’t work purely bc of this series do you know that bc i do and it breaks my little heart that i can’t stealth jsus 

So far in the Bubblegum Series; 

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Los signos como canciones de Marina and the diamonds:
  • aries: girls
  • tauro: Froot
  • Geminis: Can't pin me down
  • Cancer: Lies
  • Leo: Primadonna
  • Virgo: Lonely hearts club
  • Libra: Bubblegum bitch
  • Escorpio: How to be a Heartbreaker
  • Sagitario: I'm a ruin
  • Capricornio : Happy
  • Acuario: Power & Control
  • Piscis: Immortal
electra heart songs for the signs

aries: radioactive
taurus: hypocrites
gemini: lonely hearts club
cancer: bubblegum bitch
leo: starring roll
virgo: living dead
libra: primadonna
scorpio: teen idle
sagittarius: homewrecker
capricorn: power and control
aquarius: valley of the dolls
pisces: state of dreaming

anonymous asked:

Oooh! Could you write something where the girl(the reader i guess..?), whom all the KiriDai boys have a crush on, accidentally walks into the basketball gym without knowing it as she was not paying attention as to where she was going. How would the boys react? Maybe they'll half tease and half flirt with her.(Ah... I'm sorry if this is complicated >.< I really love your blog by the way :))

No worries, dear Anon. Hmm that wouldn’t be romantic at all, that’s for certain…. Those are the KiriDai dorks we’re talking about. I can’t imagine them sugar-coating their words during their first meeting, even if they do care about the girl.

Beware of their sly innuendos, lovely readers. If you don’t want to dirty your innocent minds, proceed no further! Just joking. It’s not that bad. Kinda…

Hanamiya’s precise instructions soon seemed to echo as a far distant whisper when the gym’s door was shot open in a rush and you suddenly emerged. You halted your steps abruptly, wearing a look of utter surprise and puzzlement.

“Aah…” a low mumble escaped your lips. “I guess this is not the volleyball club.” You tightened the grip you retained on the four volleyballs that you were keeping in your hands, furrowing your eyebrows in nervousness.

The sheer realization that this large group of men, directly staring down at you, were the infamous basketball players of Kirisaki Daiichi made you cringe at how small you really were comparing to them. You felt like a proper dwarf.

“I am sorry for interrupting your practice!” you immediately bowed deeply in apologies and turned on the balls of your feet to leave, but a firm hold on your shoulder kept you in place.

“Oy, oy. Where do you think you’re going? Do you even know where the volleyball club’s gym is?” That person… You knew him… You’ve surely heard of the man that was now effectively stopping you from running away. How could you not have? This person was Hanamiya Makoto, the Coach and Captain of the basketball club, rumored genius, pride and joy of Kirisaki Daiichi. “Obviously not,” he continued deriding you. “You wouldn’t find yourself here if you knew, no?”

You felt the urgent need to swallow, cruelly submitted under his austere gaze. “I’m really sorry,” you only managed to utter out. Somehow, it felt like you entered a den of wolves -and you were the silly Red Riding Hood- rather than a gym used for sports practice after school.

“No worries, no worries~” a gray-haired person suddenly neared, popping a bubblegum while he walked. You found it a little hard to adhere to this instruction. The Captain and Coach, the mere fact of his presence here, left you with plenty of reasons to worry already.  

“Hey, little muffin, don’t be shy! Our basketball club is full of pacifists, really.” The same gray-haired man commented, inhibiting a deep laugh.

A red-haired one soon approached. “These are balls are used in volleyball. Why are you carrying them? Aren’t you a little too small for that?”

Was that supposed to be an insult or a compliment?


“Our balls here are bigger than those of the volley club,” the bubblegum player laughingly said, making his teammate chuckle teasingly at a joke you didn’t even properly understand. “Why don’t you join us? We won’t have you carry them for us. Promise! We are used to carry them ourselves day in and day out,” he continued, trying hard to gulp down the chuckles that threatened to spill out of his mouth. His friend at his side was almost doubled over, coughing loudly in a vain attempt to cease his laughing fit.

“That’s not your decision to make, Hara.” A player with spooky, emotionless eyes suddenly came forward to stand right next to the other two. And Hanamiya Makoto still refused to loosen his hold on you. “What does our leader have to say about this?”

Instinctively, you looked up again only to find said leader staring very intently down at you; as though he was measuring your worth.

“Hmm…what indeed….” he started impishly. “Two or three ideas certainly come to mind when you see her looking at us so innocently.”  The peculiar statement only acted to make the rest of the players in the gym wolf-whistle and chuckle evilly. What was that supposed to mean this time?

The next person who spoke was impossible to identify, or even pinpoint altogether, at first, simply because he was completely out of sight. A second later, the crowd around him dispersed in order to reveal a tall man, lying on the bleachers with a dark visor-like item on, which surprisingly resembled a sleeping mask. But that wouldn’t make sense, would it?

“Why don’t you appoint her our Manager, Hanamiya? You need a pair of hands to help you manage the club, won’t you? She seems like she can hold out a lot, too.”

Their laughter erupted even more thunderous this time. “Surely. An extra pair of hands is always needed here,” Hanamiya slyly agreed, carefully studying your nervous reactions. “It’s decided then. Come to me tomorrow morning to sign the application.”

What? What just happened?

“Eh? Wait a second! I am volunteering to help the volleyball club! I can’t just—”

Hanamiya interrupted without hesitation. “Oh, but you can, right? It’s easy to do what you must.” The all-too-knowing look he shot pinned you down mercilessly and left no room for you to refuse. Before you even managed to voice your protest, the gray-haired man named Hara and his friend, the red-haired one, whose name you still did not know, leaned even closer and rudely hit at the balls precariously held in your small hands. In the blink of an eye, all balls were out of your hands and rolling out of your reach.

“No!” You rushed to collect them again, but another person stood in your way. He lifted your hands and, instead of a volley ball, he placed a much heavier basket ball for you to hold.

“Welcome to the Team. I am looking forward to working with you,” he said, much too nonchalantly for the words to be true. “I’m Furuhashi. I didn’t catch your name…?”

F E E L G O O D ;

a playlist for dancing to during the little spaces of free time on busy, stressful days. [listen]

Head On - Man Man // What A Feeling - One Direction // A Certain Romance - Arctic Monkeys // Seeing Stars - BØRNS // Mess Around - Cage The Elephant // LA Devotee - Panic! At The Disco // Black Treacle - Arctic Monkeys // Walcott - Vampire Weekend // Leaves - Cheers Elephant // The Great Divide - The Mowgli’s // Hold Me Down - Halsey // Paris - Magic Man // Vampire Money - My Chemical Romance // I’m So Sorry - Imagine Dragons // Irresistible - Fall Out Boy // Fashion - The Royal Concept // Electric Love - BØRNS // Changing of the Seasons - Two Door Cinema Club // Bubblegum Bitch - Marina & the Diamonds // Still Into You - Paramore // Diane Young - Vampire Weekend // Avalanche - WALK THE MOON // Hum Hallelujah - Fall Out Boy // After Hours - We Are Scientists

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