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Strawberry Bubblegum - Kuroo Tetsurou

AN: I love this song and I think about Kuroo when I listen to it idk why!!!! I took the song lyrics as literal as it could get, sorry if you thought this was gonna be nsfw cuz the song is an entire innuendo but idk I wanted cute Kuroo things

Strawberry Bubblegum by Justin Timberlake

Soulmate AU: the one where you see colors for the first time when you make eye contact with your soulmate.

Today was like any normal day in the city - the trains were packed, the smell of coffee polluted the air, and the skies rained.

Kuroo held onto one of the overhead straps in the middle of the train cart. Everyone was stuffed tightly into the cart and he could feel everyone shuffling around as the train approached each stop, but he made sure that he had a secure spot in the middle.

You, on the other hand, had gotten into the same cart not too many stops ago only to be pushed from the door to the very center. Holding your phone tightly to your chest, you sighed, just riding the waves of the sea of people. You figured it wouldn’t be worth the struggle to stay in your spot, but you practically choked on your bubblegum with every bump and shove.

Kuroo felt someone shorter jab their elbow into his lower back.

“Ow!” he hissed.

“Ah, sorry!” you exclaimed from behind.

When Kuroo turned around to tease you a little, he felt his breath get caught in his throat and thought the train had stopped moving.

You were nothing like he’s ever seen before.

You stood directly in front of him, your occupied hands almost pressing against his chest. You were stunning, even in a school uniform; almost too good to be true. He almost didn’t want you to look him in the eyes. Kuroo wasn’t really one to believe in soulmates; he thought that just because you were fated to be with someone, it didn’t mean that you were meant for each other. If he was going to love someone, it was going to be on his own accord.

Yet even with his belief, he couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if your eyes did meet.

Your eyes were locked on your phone as Kuroo took in every monochromed feature. As his eyes scanned your face, they couldn’t help but land on your lips. They were supple and look cute as you chewed your gum.

Kuroo could smell the strawberry flavor and wanted to taste it for himself.

You felt a pair of eyes burn holes into you, so you scanned the entire cart to look for the pervert. It wasn’t until you looked up in front of you to see a tall, hadsome guy staring at you, too.

And then your worlds burst into color.

You saw the light hazel in his irises, his spikey black hair, and his crimson striped tie. You saw the overcast skies, the gray buildings, and everyone’s gray business suits. It was a mellow day today, but you felt like it was the first day of spring. Your eyes naturally went back to the tall stranger, and his eyes never left yours for a second, even when your worlds turned. A smile creeped up on your face.

So this was your soulmate.

His eyes widened at the sudden brightness of the world and blushed when you both couldn’t break the gaze. He finally saw all the colors to have ever existed and couldn’t even bare to look away to look at the world, but he thought it was worth missing as he saw your cheeks flush, too.

“Hey…!” you breathed in awe.

And that’s when you got him.

Kuroo gave you a blank look before his lips curved into a playful smirk.


Okay so I said some nice things about mass effect yesterday, here’s my critical one:

Bioware, did a lesbian kill your father or something? I believe I’m owed an explanation for Suvi.

I mean, I like the other lady romance options for Fryder, but the one Fryder-only female romance’s first words to you out of her bubblegum pink glossed lips are “ISN’T GOD GREAT?? YOU BELIEVE IN GOD, RIGHT??”

While my square-stanced undercut-sporting vaguely handsome ASARI COMMANDO lady squad mate is dudes only???

mass effect has some incredible lady characters, but I don’t like playing male characters when I don’t have to and frankly a lot of the mshep romances seemed kinda creepy and exploitative to me. Tali’s infatuation with Shepard, or Miranda’s slow-building respect of her, could have been awesome romance arcs. Having a slow-burn romance with Ash like mshep apparently gets to have with Kaiden would have been hella satisfying.

And then there’s all the kinda… very gay-coded female characters that are pointedly straight like they’re heroically defying stereotypes or whatever. Like Jack, and Cora, and while we’re on the subject Cassandra and Morrigan

Traynor was pretty great, and the bisexual female romances are usually quality (I love Liara and Leliana and Isabella and Josephine and Vetra is stealing all of my heart) but there’s just something kinda… hmm, when you get characters like Suvi and Sera. Bioware does a great job with girl characters when they’re not trying too hard, but when they do it gets gross fast

Honestly if gay and lesbian romances weren’t so starved for positive representation I’d say the solution is to make all in game romances “player-sexual” and call it done. But unfortunately that isn’t the case, and unfortunately it seems like this is an area where the writing could really use some work


if yr a dude, you can still 100% take bubble baths / melts / bombs etc. it’s not a ~femme~ thing, it’s relaxing and makes ur skin feel soft and u know what? people like soft skin and smelling good so go ahead and dump that bubblegum scented bath stuff in yr tub and have a good ol soak k? k


ive already posted this before but this is honestly the best DJ mix ive ever heard (bubblegum bass or otherwise) and great candidate for accepting dj mixes as a musical medium