aaand done :o

askjs it’s so messy, I wanted it to but messy stuff bothers me like you have no idea….

I hope you still like it though Sabbe, she’s so much fun drawing <3

edit: I don’t think anyone will point it out, but the lack of shadow on her iris is compleatly intentionall, because IRL it’s colored with a fluorescent marker which makes it stand out which was exactly what I wanted, putting shadow on it compleatly ruinins the effect. (and I AM speaking out of experience here)

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Kan även tillägga att de finns på hlstore.com också. Startsida > Konstnärsmaterial > Finelines > Leta runt lite (de ligger typ längst ner på sidan…). De kostar en del där, men det är ett alternativ om man inte bor i Göteborg :)

Postar detta med~
De finns nog lite överallt, och de är överlägset bra!

ok I’m like in the worst of bad moods, my hand keeps going numb but I ain’t leaving this room for the rest of this day I’ll tell ya, not gonna go any closer to that shemonster downstairs.

Anyway, I needed something to distract my mind with and the only thing I can pretty much do in my room is to draw, so draw it is even do my cts has been crazy all through out this day (but my mom has also been crazy all day long so therefor all the art today…….)

THE ANATOMY AND PERSPECTIVE IS CRAP, I know, but I still thought it turned out kinda cool. 

Oh, and Rifel again because I just wanted to draw her in a more “serious” style.