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Fic: You With the Sad Eyes, Don’t be Discouraged

Here is my submission for the Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-thon organized by @thebookjumper. The theme this week was “eye contact.” This fic kind of took on a life of its own, so I hope you enjoy it! 

Read it on Ao3 or below. 

You With the Sad Eyes, Don’t be Discouraged

This was the most ridiculous and humiliating thing she had ever endured.

Felicity Smoak, master hacker and double major in business and computers was sitting in Introduction to Computers 101  - as a student. She had thought her advisor was joking when she told Felicity, a college senior, that Intro to Computers was a required course to graduate.

It didn’t matter if she had taken many more advanced courses and was a senior. Nope. She had to sit here and listen to someone who probably didn’t know the difference between Linux and Windows. Frak you Starling University.

Cooper would have teased her to no end over this. She felt a twinge of pain in her heart at the thought of her now-deceased boyfriend. He had been arrested for their hacking antics and then killed himself in prison. Felicity let the guilt of her involvement in the hacking consume her.

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sool2900  asked:

Hey there! Me again, I know, a plague :) Can we have some insecure! NoctNyx sex? like maybe first time and Nyx's all ready and stuff but Noctis' really awkward and has never done this so he isn't ready but doesn't want to disappoint Nyx? I live for uncomfortable or sad Noct being loved :p Either way, I love your stories, and also the other's guys too :) You are awesome =)

turned out a little differently than might be-fit your request, but i hope it’ll suffice! nsfw everybody.

Nyx loved this. He loved Noct, he was practically sure of it. They hadn’t talked about it much. Hadn’t really said it to each other yet. But Nyx felt with the prince something he hadn’t felt before with anyone else. A deep ache that wanted to reach out and pull Noctis inside to protect him from everything. The desire had extended so far beyond his duties as Kingsglaive. He wanted to warp head-first between Noct and danger with daggers bared, as well as just wrap him up in his arms like this.

Have him shut inside his apartment with the lively district chatter bubbling through the windows. Pressed down on his couch beneath him, making the cushions moan to match the sounds trapped in his throat. Long, careful kisses to melt down his barriers, open him up, invite Nyx in to make him feel safe and belonged and wanted.

Nyx was patient with him. Knew how hard it was for Noctis to trust, to give himself over completely. The prince was difficult to resist – with that soft hair that felt so good to tangle his hands through; that smooth skin which Noctis had allowed him small teases of to brush fingertips across; the way he bit his lip when Nyx ventured to whisper something in his ear. And those eyes like underwater street-lamps; submerged passages to mysteries Nyx wanted to get forever lost uncovering.

But Noct was worth waiting for. Worth the stumbled “no”s whenever Nyx asked. He was worth the nervous, needy hooks of fingers in Nyx’s shirt. Like he was afraid the rejection would chase him away forever. But Noct’s fear only drew Nyx closer. Fueled his want to protect him from that terror of being abandoned for saying “no.” If he was being honest, Nyx was starting to like the “no”s. He liked wanting to prove to Noctis that he could say anything and Nyx would adore him all the more for any of it. That he could be his truest, most honest self and Nyx would only pull him closer for it.

He’d gotten so used to “no” that Nyx didn’t expect the deep, breathy sigh of “yes.” He drew back from where he was lavishing kisses along Noct’s neck, hands braced against the couch on either side of the prince’s head. Noctis blinked up at him, eyes glittering, lips pink and parted and forcing Nyx to swallow down his hunger long enough to ask again.

“You sure?”

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YAYYYY another Dean original ^~^ also I just want to take a quick second and say THANK YOU to @mysteriouslyme81 for recommending my “Shopping Day” original in their “Supernatural February Recommendation Library 2017″ You guys should go check their blog out and the other recommendations listed there!

This original is you and Dean in high school and of course your dad doesn’t know about Dean and y’all’s relationship so he comes and visits occasionally. Gummies became life savers ~ constructive criticism encouraged ~ enjoy!

‘Tables have four legs but they cant walk.’

‘Dead people can still get goosebumps.’

‘If you were to remove all of the empty space from the atoms that make up every human on earth, the entire world population could fit into an apple.’

You were supposed to be asleep but all these thoughts; these truthfully odd riddling-facts were just whizzing around your mind. It was very similar to the five blades on the ceiling fan spinning around, blending to look like one.

‘Laughing while being tickled is actually a panic response from your body.’

Just thinking about it made you giggle to yourself. It was always seen as a normal reaction to some people but it was actually a distress call from your body. 

A series of taps echoed throughout your room. Your eyebrows furrowed as you laid still, to make sure you weren’t hearing things and to make sure if it was something, you could catch it off guard.

Another set of taps came through from the window. Well at least you weren’t going crazy.

You were swift onto your feet and on the wall, knife in hand. More taps were heard, a bit more frantically this time.

With a quick turn in front of the window, you tilted your head in confusion and then a hand over your own mouth to keep from waking your dad with laughter.

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ive always been afraid of growing up. it terrifies me that someday all the scary things that come along with adulthood will take over and ill stop trying to be happy. 20 has brought me so many grown up things that i didnt know how to handle like loss, love and change, but as long as i can blow bubbles out my apartment window, do donuts with my best friend in gravel parking lots, and spend my time with people who keep me happy and excited about life i’d say i’m doing okay. bring it on 21.


Sleeping Noctis! That which started the fairy tale kick. This is the first scene/inciting event. This is not to be taken seriously and is thus a little cracky…a little. 

In which Ardyn goes tossing around curses and Regis doesn’t like his options.  

Once upon a time there was a king, who we shall call Regis. He was a good king, beloved by his people, known for his brave deeds, fair to all who crossed his path. He loved his people, he loved his land, he loved his queen and, when the time came, he loved his son as well. So much so that when his son was born he threw a great celebration, allowing people to come from far and wide to see and rejoice.

And so they came, humans, witches, wizards, the fey, and more.  Regis had made many friends in his youth and they all appeared, eager to bestow gifts unto the infant. The party was winding down and only five visitors, and their guests, remained to bless the young prince.

It was a bit arrogant and self indulgent, all told.

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Faces in the Background - Origins - Part 1

Magic is a big game. No, I’m not talking about the size of sets and the number of cards in each one - I’m talking about its setting. Or settings, as the case may be.

To describe the Multiverse to people who don’t know about it, I’ve taken to likening the Multiverse as a sheet of bubble wrap: the Blind Eternities is the space between the bubbles, while each bubble is a window to its own world - a world that has its own rules, its own identity, and, most importantly from a story telling perspective, its own characters.

As we know, a vast majority of these characters will never leave their bubble, with only a handful ever experiencing the outer boundaries of their world.

And Magic, both as a card game and as a story, will only ever touch upon a small handful of these characters. Some of them won’t even get to have their own card!

But Wizards throws a bone to a few of these characters, and it’s here that I’ll shine a spot light on them. With this series, I hope to bring to light the characters of the multiverse mentioned in only one place: flavor text.

Origins seems like a good place to start:

Pel Javya

Pel Javya, as seen in the flavor text, is a Wojek Investigator. For those that don’t know, the Wojek were more or less enforcers of the old guildpact before its destruction in the original Ravnica storyline. They made sure that guilds didn’t step out of line and generally kept the peace (or at least tried to). So it’s pretty clear that Pel is a member of the Boros League who’s seen a lot of sh*t in their day.

Pel Javya is also quoted in two other cards;

Lightning Talons (M14)
“The victim was either clawed to death or struck by lightning. Possibly both.”

Sunspire Griffin (RTR)
“For each griffin wounded by an arrow, there’s a corpse with a bow nearby.”

Kanlos, Akroan Captain

Kanlos is an Akroan - Theros’ version of a spartan. So right off the bat we know this guy is a pretty tough fighter. What’s interesting here is an insight into Akros’ culture. Do Akroans use eagles as messengers? Or fighters? They’re obviously used for something, because if the eagles are out, it’s nothing but bad news and the Akroans need to double time back to base.

Maggath, Sardian Elementalist

The Sardian Mountains were a mountain range on the plane of Dominaria, inhabited mainly by…dwarves! Meaning our friend Maggath was most likely a dwarf living their life just making good woofers. Well, at least until Urza and Mishra’s war pushed them (and the rest of the dwarves) into servitude for Argive. The dwarves later revolted against Argive once they got the chance, but it didn’t end well for them. To this day, it’s unknown if dwarves still live in the mountains, which have since been renamed the Karplusan Mountains.

Keyta, Rebel Hydromancer

Keyta is a hydromancer. Or a water bender if you were a cool kid who watched A:tLA. Her mention of the mage-rings places her squarely on Vryn and sided with the rebels that seek to gain power of the mage-rings. Without Alhammarret around to pull the strings of the war, I wonder how that’s going…hopefully we’ll get to see if we ever return to Jace’s home plane. Funnily enough, she says she doesn’t “need the mage-rings”, yet supposedly fights on the side that wishes to gain control of them. Very strange character indeed.

Terhold, Archmage of Drunau

Drunau is a port city in the province of Nephalia on Innistrad. That’s where you’re going to find your corpse traders, your stitchers, your ghoulcallers. Basically, not a pleasant place to be. Terhold here holds the title of archmage. On Innistrad, archmages are people who have shown a naturally ability to channel Avacyn’s divine powers. According to the Planeswalker’s Guide to Avacyn Restored, these abilities are hereditary, meaning that Terhold’s been doing his thing and carrying on the family business for most of his life. Hard to say where he is now without Avacyn around…ah, I’ve made myself sad again. Moving on.

Terhold is quoted in one other card;

Marrow Bats (AVR)
“No matter how far we push into Stensia, undeath will always remain in these lands.”

Numa, Joraga Chieftan

Numa is (or maybe was. Most of the Joraga were wiped out by the Eldrazi) a Joraga Chieftan. The Joraga were a loosely connected group of tribes, and since we know all Joraga were led by Speaker Nen, this means Numa was chieftan of just one of these groups. Also, looks like Numa was one of the elves who thought Nissa being an animist was bad. Eat that Numa. Also, I know it crossed your mind. Don’t lie to me.

Radwick, Gatstaf Farmer

Gatstaf is an isolated village out in Kessig on the plane of Innistrad. Radwick here is a resident of the town and seems to be your run of the mill farmer; he tends to his orchards, picks fruit, tries not to earn the ire of tree ghosts. You know, normal, everyday farmer doing normal everyday farmer stuff.

Radwick is quoted in one other card;

Second Harvest (SOI)
“The cornfields promise a good yield this season.”

And that’s it for this bunch. Next week I’ll cover the rest of the characters named in flavor text in Origins and talk about them a little bit. After Origins, I’ll move on to the set after - Battle for Zendikar. Should be fun. You should stick around for it. Lest I send my tree ghosts after you.

Zenmasters AU Week | Day 3 | Fluffy Cliched AU

Tattoo Parlour & Flower Shop AU

Whoever’s moved into the once-vacant shop next-door is probably an asshole, Hyde determines when it’s eight in the fucking morning and they’re blaring whatever this week’s chart-topper is. He can hear it through the walls; it’s too early for this.

It’s a flower shop, he learns, taking one step outside and looking to the left, an awning hanging cheerfully over the display of a veritable rainbow of what is probably roses. The pastel, bubble-writing on the window declare that it’s ‘Burkhart Bouquets’ which is pretentious and awful, and he finds it surprisingly fitting.

It’s definitely roses, it turns out, because by midday his whole shop smells like them, which isn’t so bad because his shop usually smells like stale cigarettes and rubbing alcohol, but it’s the principle of the thing. The smell also clings to him as he’s locking up for the day, grumbling as the aroma irritated his nose, up until someone runs straight into him as he’s locking the door, and it’s not so much assault as it is an assault on his senses. She smells like a flower shop and- oh.

Oh no

He was so ready to hate the asshole flower salesman next-door, or begrudgingly put up with some sweet old lady; he was not prepared for her to be young and cute and for her to be glaring he had done her some personal offense when she had run into him in the first place. He was not prepared for Jackie Burkhart.