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Cartoon Cartoons! By drummerboydomo (deviantart)
Cartoon Cartoon Fridays were the best! All your favorite show back to back all night long! When CN actually cared…😕

#70 - For placidus

Filling the prompt “taking photos of van while you have a bath together would be v cute”

“When we buy a house, it has to have a really good bath. Like, one of the free standing ones with the little claw feet,” you said. Van put too much of the mix in, and the bubbles were overflowing. You watched them slowly melt down the side of the tub and disappear into the drain in the middle of the bathroom floor.

“They’re kind of creepy though, you know what I mean?”

You were lying in the bath between Van’s legs. You were using them like armrests, as they rested on the edge behind you. Your legs were shorter, so your feet could sit flat against his chest. He was running his hands up and down your legs. In the water, covered in the soapy bubbles, skin was extra smooth. Some of Van’s hair was wet, some dry; it meant it stuck up all over the place. He closed his eyes and leant his head back on the wall. You slowly leant backwards to the little table next to the bath. It’s where candles, water bottles, and phones were kept. You flicked the switch on the side of your phone to make it silent, and started to take sneaky pictures of Van. His eyes didn’t open, but his mouth curled into a grin.

“I know what you’re doing, Y/N,” he said in a tone that he’d probably use with his future children. “If you drop your phone in the bath, I’m not gonna feel sorry for you,”

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#168 - For Isla

Filling the prompt “Van trying to calm you down when someone comes at you for your opinions and things your passionate about” from @placidus

Maybe you were just too smart for your own good. If you could be naive, or live in ignorance, things would be easier. You wouldn’t notice the bad. The injustice. The wrong. You wouldn’t feel the need to speak up, speak out. There wouldn’t be so much backlash from your small-minded family and your closed-minded ‘friends.’ Maybe if you could just not care about it all, you could live in the same bubbly sunshiney world Van seemed to. 

The boy was blessed and his lack of suffering meant he’d never really thought about anyone else’s. It wasn’t that he didn’t care, it was just that he didn’t think about it. When you first started dating, it took a long time to reconcile loving a person that didn’t get angry about things like you did. In the end, you realised he was actually good for you. If you had to fight the big, bad world, then at least you could come home to warm, soft Van. He’d rattle on about music and Larry and the new curry place down the road, and he’d remind you of the good you were fighting for in the first place. Not everything needed to be political. Sometimes you were allowed to just exist and that was enough.

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Hendrick van der Burch - Woman with a Child Blowing Bubbles in a Garden 


oil on panel

The Betty and David M. Koester Foundation Kansthaus, Zurich