bubble tipped anemone


Have some OC’s I came up with awhile ago! They work with @madchillsquids OC Tucker at a supposedly “haunted” hotel during the night shift! 

Mikey does some maintenance, but mostly cleans the rooms. He will often come into work with weird glasses or gadgets he finds to hunt the ghosts! Totally dragging Tucker into whatever weird shenanigans he has planned.

Catrina, or Cat for short, is a maid, so she cleans the rooms at night and anything else that has to be done. She dyes her ink color because she hates her original color, and she has anger issues. Do not get on her bad side.

Raine is a blind bubble tip anemone! They got the job at the front desk because of a family connection and has been working there for awhile. They know the layout of the main lobby but will get lost if they go further than that. Tucker helps work the front desk with them~