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Helloooo! I like how you write imagines so far!!! Could you make something like uhm RFA accidentally opened the bathroom door while MC was taking a bath?? Thanks!!!!

sorry, i made this unbelievably silly, please forgive me.


  • “Uh,” Yoosung says, a blank expression of uncomprehending disbelief on his features as he stares at you. Bit by bit, the situation sinks in, and he begins turning a rather impressive shade of crimson. “Uh… I wasn’t… I… I thought… I didn’t realize…!”
  • Yoosung still can’t get his body to move, and it takes you throwing the bar of soap at him to get him to FINALLY GET OUT
  • of course now you’re sans a bar of soap and you needed that to wash so
  • uh………..
  • shit.
  • “…yoosung, sweetie, will. will you. crack the door open and. and toss me the soap.”
  • “thanks”
  • yoosung doesn’t want to look so he ends up hitting you directly in the face.


  • he slams the door shut before you can say anything
  • “z-zen? did… you need to use the bathroom?”
  • “we literally live together, zen”
  • “we - we’ve slept together”
  • zen, crouching down on the floor and hiding his face in his knees, shouts that THIS IS DIFFERENT
  • he doesn’t know what to do with himself.
  • ok how about you come in here u moron


  • oh god she’s so sorry she should have knocked
  • she didn’t realize you were still taking a bath ahhh she’s sorry she’s sorry she’s so sorry
  • Jaehee literally bows in apologize. (seriously woman it’s cool)
  • The situation is smoothed over without too much trouble but afterwards Jaehee just has to lean against a wall
  • cover her face
  • and blush.


  • ok, to be quite honest it’s probably not an accident
  • it’s probably a single event in a series of times where Seven, to mess with you, has burst in on you while you are in the bathroom shouting things like “I HEARD AN DANGER SIGNAL COMING FROM THIS ROOM, WHAT IS UR EMERGENCY”
  • and then you scream at him to get out and throw something and he retreats while laughing.
  • well, the joke is on him now, because YOU ARE READY
  • You have constructed a complicated mechanism to drop a bucket of ice cold water on whoever opens the door so - as soon as he throws it open to start his spiel -  he is drenched.
  • as he’s wiping the water from his eyes in an attempt to see, you jump-out of the bath, pull out the dual water pistols you had concealed, and open fire.
  • You proceed to chase him around the house, wearing a swimsuit so he doesn’t even get a show, harassing him and making him rue the day he ever decided to interrupt your you time.


  • He opens the door, takes one look, and closes it. It’s a fairly mundane, nondescript event, and the “I’m very sorry” he calls through the door is both considerate and calm.
  • however, when you come out, you find that Jumin is on his hands in knees in prostration, and he’s constructed a formal, written apology to you.
  • J U M I N…
  • despite how stoically he seems to take he, he takes breaches of your privacy veeeeeerrrryyyy seriously and wants u to know that he very, very much respects your space.
  • (it is, in part, to make up for how wacky he gets on your route.)
  • You, of course, pat his head and accept his apology. You know he didn’t mean to.
  • (he is like a cat with how much he likes headpats, seriously…)

How about picturing Oikawa singing Maroon 5’s Sugar to Iwaizumi:

Oikawa sings and hugs Iwaizumi from behind while Iwa is washing the dishes, “I’m hurting, baby, I’m broken down. I need your loving, loving, I need it now.” (“I am washing dishes, idiot!”)

When I’m without you, I’m something weak,” Oikawa sings, swirling Iwa around and getting down on his knee, kissing Iwaizumi’s hand and getting a bubble mustache around his mouth. “You got me begging. Begging, I’m on my knees.” (Iwa laughs and it’s Oikawa’s cue to bring in the dancing.)

Ooh, baby, 'cause I really don’t care where you are. I just wanna be there where you are,” Oikawa grabs Iwa and swaying their hands in big, childish movements, singing, happy to see his boyfriend laughing- “and I gotta get one little taste-” and steals a kiss simply because the line suggests it. 

Oikawa steals so many other and Iwaizumi lets him, always lets him. “I want that red velvet. I want that sugar sweet. Don’t let nobody touch it. Unless that somebody’s me.

I gotta be a man. There ain’t no other way,” Oikawa dips Iwaizumi down. “’Cause boy you’re hotter than all the Miyagi baes.” (“Oh my god, Oikawa.”)

I don’t wanna play no games. I don’t gotta be afraid,” Oikawa’s voice lowers, forehead touching Iwaizumi’s. “Don’t give all that shy shit. No make up on, that’s my Iwa-chan, my Hajime.”

(Iwaizumi hits Oikawa in the head before grabbing him down for a kiss.)

Just Relax (Illya Kuryakin x Reader)

Request: Could you do one with Illya and the reader work together and after a hard mission spend time relaxing together with a bath?

Warning(s): Removal of clothes (because that’s obviously what happens when you take a bath).

A/N: Hope it’s what you wanted :-)

As you climbed the stairs to the third floor of the rental house, you could actually hear your joints creaking. For this mission the team decided to rent a house to appear less conspicuous, and they had the genius idea to make you stay in the loft on the third floor. Truthfully you didn’t mind the privacy but on nights like these, it was almost grueling to climb the stairs.

When you reached the landing you let out a loud sigh, raking your hand through your hair as you set down your gear. You didn’t hesitate before you quickly began peeling off your muddy clothes, starting with your black trench coat. It was followed by the remainder of your dark clothes until everything was in a crumpled pile in the corner. You moved around the room in only your undergarments to start the water in the tub. The only thing you wanted to do at the moment was take a hot, steaming bath.

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blurb about sitting on luke's lap (not necessarily sexual i just need that in my life lol)

There was something about Luke’s embrace that brought an overwhelming amount of comfort to wash through your veins. His hugs were something routinely mundane, yet extraordinarily intoxicating. The feeling of pressing your ear against the racing beat of his heart, enveloping yourself in the inner warmth that raced through your veins via the deep thump of your own chest cavity, something you eagerly welcomed. 

It was something about fitting yourself in the same position yet on his lap was entirely different experience. You welcomed the concrete foundation that came with settling into his lap, resting your cheek against the tip in his collarbones, fiddling with the pendant of his jewelry as his lips rest comfortably against your hairline. He didn’t have a flight to catch when he settled in like this, no interview to be ushered down the hall for, no show to vocally prepare for, no wave of fans to greet beyond the tinted confinement of the car. 

Like this, he was just Luke. Your Luke. The one who wore socks with holes in them until you confiscated them from the laundry on a Sunday, the one who charred pasta so badly that it ruined your only pan, the one who painted bubble mustaches across his upper lip a midst a routine relaxation method, the one who sang off key in the kitchen while dancing ridiculously around the granite counter top with a stupidly silly smile to pair to his floppy white chef’s hat.

So, you’d slot your legs across his thighs to squash into the cushions behind him, wrap your arms around his broad shoulders, span your fingers across the taut skin pulled beneath his soft cotton t-shirt, fit yourself underneath his chin and just breathe. Luke was with you and would be for more seconds that you cared to mark on your fingers.

“I love you,” Luke’s sweet nothings came out as more of vows, short expressions that held the equivalent of a promise of what were to come. Promises of something when he set his feet in the ground, when he found himself not so thrown into the whirlwind. It were those things that scared him the most, the uncertainties of what would come in the future, when he weren’t pressed back against the ratty leather couch in your shared apartment with you all tangled in his arms seven days, six hours, and twenty-seven minutes until his next flight.

But no matter what the future entailed, reunion tours or quiet writing sessions or the occasional award show, he had an assured check mark on the list of attributes he strove to a achieve. He’d be somewhere in a room, maybe not perched on a piece of furniture, with his other half tucked safely against the routine thump of his heart, an exterior vitality that kept him functioning. 

Preference #142 Showers

Liam- The boy was just crazy about your body and when he had the privilege to shower with you that’s all he could look at. Your hips fit in his hands like a puzzle piece and your behind was the perfect place to hold you within his reach. He would just relax with his favorite person in the world and have the pitter patter of water set the atmosphere.

Harry- What Harry liked to do was waste an hour of running hot water because playing with your hair and adding fake bubble mustaches on you seemed far more entertaining. “You look like Stalin now,” he giggled as he cleared his hands from the excess soap under the shower head. You lifted your feet to reach his height and kissed him. “It’s on my face isn’t it?” you nodded and he just laughed.

Zayn- Shower sex was your special thing. Something about the way your bodies were so smooth and slippery, the drops trickling down Zayn’s flat ink hair, the way the water slid down every edge and curve and the intense look his eyes held. Hot water and his body against yours seemed to be all you needed after a rough day.

Louis- “Get under the water!” his high pitched voice trembled with laughter as he tried his best to get you under the shower. He had pulled one of his pranks and spilled flower and eggs over your head. You resisted him wanting to get the mess on him but he dragged you to the bathroom and turned on the shower not caring if your clothes were still on. There was never a dull moment with Louis.

Niall- He was the type of guy who would rather watch you shower. You’d be humming and running your hands through your hair, shampooing it and then move down to soap your body. Niall would knock on the door and then come in and sit on the edge of the sink watching you shower. You didn’t mind, it gave you a chance to show off your body and tease him.


Books + Coffee = my religion

My dad introduced me to this style of making cold coffee and it is amazing. I am addicted. I shall share it with you guys because everyone needs coffee (Or any form of caffeine really) it’s God’s gift from heaven.

You will need:
1. Coffee (duh) brewed not instant.
2. Condensed milk (no sugar, because the milk is already super sweet.. You probably knew that. But I’m just making sure you guys don’t go crazy with the milk. I don’t want you to get diabetes.)
3. Ice

1. Put the coffee and the condensed milk into a blender. (I didn’t put measurements because it all depends om how strong and how sweet you like your coffee).
2. Blend it until there is a satisfactory amount of bubbles.
3. Put it in a nice mug and add the ice.
4. Take a picture of it because it looks pretty
5. Enjoy the heavenly taste and the bubbly mustache.