bubble maze

That One Shirt [Newt x Reader]

Author’s Note: This is the first thing I’ve written in like… a long time. I don’t even remember if I wrote at all this summer now that I think about it. It was one of the last things on my mind. But I didn’t have much homework today so that’s why I wrote this. I’m still warming up to writing again. It feels kind of weird. Hopefully this is decent though! This was just something fun and silly to get back into the swing of things. 

It’s based off an imagine by http://thomasbrodie-stfu.tumblr.com. (Link to actual imagine: http://thomasbrodie-stfu.tumblr.com/post/128509124572/imagine-walking-into-the-room-wearing-nothing-but)

Word Count: 1,101 (darn! so close to 1,100!)

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Planetary Aesthetics
  • Sun: Emperors, Film Scripts, Goldsmiths, Theatres, Colossal Palaces, Mines, Dandelion Fields, Aristocrats, Regency Era, Anatomical Hearts, Liquors, Hexagrams, Alter Egos, Geometrical Designs, Tailored Suits, Jet Trails.
  • Earth: Himalayan Salts, Life Force, Quiet Villages, Honeysuckles, Forest Deers, Nymphs, Crawling Vines, Fossils, Meteor Crates, Arcane Circles, Underground Caves, Banquets, Destroyed Manors, Fairy Circles, Pentacles.
  • Moon: Grand Hotels, Streaming Tears, Boat Rides, Aquariums, Crowds, Seashores, Owls, Moonstones, Coconut, Lotus Ponds, Willow Trees, Tarot Cards, Maiden Voyages, Psychic Abilities, Nostalgias, Unconscious Minds, Moods.
  • Mercury: Twilights, Road Merchants, Wanderlust, Lavenders, White Feathers, Ornate Mirrors, Cryptic Witches, Large Libraries, Journalism, Toned Biceps, Soft Hands, Town Fairs, Tennis Courts, Crossroads, Bicycle Rides.
  • Mars: Lesser Malefic, Bloodshed, Impulsive Decisions, Sexual Prime, Choleric Humour, Liberal Arts, Towers, Wolf Packs, Spicy Food, Surgery Instruments, Furnaces, Sharpened Blades, Pine Trees, Iron Works, Dragon's Blood.
  • Venus: Romantic Dates, Bubbles, Rose Mazes, Plump Apricots, Soothing Baths, Spontaneous Flings, Art Schools, Banks, French Peonies, Foams, Ancient Cultures, Volcanic Islands, Fashion Industry, Blue Veins, Reconciliation.
  • Jupiter: Faith, Purification, Contended Relaxation, Divine State, Enhanced Luck, Royalty, Diamonds, High Kings, Morning Skies, Thunderstorms, Coloured Clouds, Higher Education, Empty Classrooms, Foreign Lands, Thighs.
  • Saturn: Ivory Tusks, Bones, Father Clocks, Grey Weather, Mountain Ranges, Heirloom Rings, Crows, Ravens, Black Smoke, Corpse Candles, Snowdrops, Hierarchies, Coldness, Greater Malefic, Melancholic Humour, Chaotic Minds.
  • Neptune: Vast Oceans, Paracosms, Artistic Expressions, Hypnotic Illusions, Mysticism, Spinal Column, Intoxication, Gentle Fragrances, Coral Reefs, Crystal Castles, Filmmaking, Photographs, Hospitals, Holy Relics.
  • Uranus: Evening Skies, Breaking Conventions, Ascending Revolutions, Genius, Humanitarian Agendas, Heaven's Tree, Oriental Plants, Avant Grande, Incenses, Ripe Mangoes, Supple Chests, Thickened Inks, Inventors, Passages.
  • Pluto: Archeology, Destruction, Doorways, Hidden Qualities, Poisons, Deep Roots, Dark Secrets, Cosmos, Phoenixes, Subconscious, Predictions, Instant Karmas, Narrow Alleys, Secret Societies, Detectives, Destinies.
Running... [Thomas x Reader]

Author’s Note: This… is actually really shitty and I am so sorry LOL. I started writing this several months ago and left it alone because I got stuck, then decided to finish it last night because I watched The Scorch Trials last weekend. This one is really awkward, probably because of that huge gap in time where I didn’t work on it or look at it or anything. I want to write more for TMR though and really soon. Hopefully they’ll be better. ;P 

Word Count: 2,268

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Hey, Neighbor [Newt x Reader]

Author’s Note: My first AU ever! The premise of this story is an idea I had for a while so I’m glad I finally got to write it out, and then I just kept writing since I never really planned past that and now you’ve got… this. I’m hoping it’s all right though! Just something fluffy and simple. I haven’t really had the time or brainpower to write any imagines in general anymore complex than this, but I’m just glad to be writing stuff at all and keeping consistent. Hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 2,078

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[Image description: Two photos, one of a huge collection of stim toys, the other of them wrapped in bubble-wrap parcels, both on the same wooden kitchen island bench.

Stim toys in photo one - Two Tangle Jrs, container of glitter slime, green reusable bag, ball made of a mesh of interwoven neon plastic, strawberry squishy in a plastic packet, giant green bubble blower, marble maze, snake puzzle, three rainbow beaded rolling keychains, a pendant of pony beads at the end of a zipper necklace, two necklaces with pendants made of pony beads on a metal loop, an ice pack with small green gel beads, a goblin finger puppet, two tassel pendants, a fabric pom pom pendant, a fabric lucky cat with two bells, a red D20, a red rolling bead keychain, and a green silicone necklace.]

Oh my gosh! I am beyond overwhelmed by all the amazing gifts @ambiguouspieces​ sent me as the prize for participating in the reading challenge they ran in April. @eldritchesoterica​ also included some incredibly lovely gifts. This is literally the best thing ever, and even a few days later I have no idea what to say that would express how completely delighted I am. :D :D :D Thank you both so much.

Thomas Sangsterfor better quality; screen shot, don’t save!


Bubble Maze-Big Gigantic

got you shackled in my embrace

A/N: Hey lovelies! Sorry for the dry spell in terms of writing – I have lots of things vacillating in my head – but here is a short oneshot that will perhaps be sufficient until I get other things – coughpinupaucough – underway. SFW and 1k words. Many thanks to carrotskoalasandbooze for listening to me say, “I think I am gonna write THIS now” on the regular. AO3

Summary: Hannah wants to pretend they’re anyone else but two 15 year old girls in a futile love story. Boarding school au. 


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