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Paranoid white people are going to kill us all.

The NRA released an ad a couple of months ago pitting Liberals against “Americans” in a war only gun-owners want.  NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch spends sixty seconds expressing the irrational paranoia of conservative white people more clearly than I could’ve imagined.  She laid it all out there in this sales pitch to inspire gun owners to go out and buy even more guns and it’s terrifying.

The good news is, this video was released in April and is just recently starting to gain traction.  This means Conservative websites didn’t really pick it up so maybe it’s too extreme even for the mainstream Right?

The bad news is, this is the reason gun sales continue to rise out of proportion to the population.  Crazy gun people are hoarding guns.  

For only 242 million adults living in the U.S., there are about 265 million guns, according to a recent Harvard and Northeastern University study obtained by the Guardian. That comes out to be more than one gun for every adult.

Half of those guns belong to just 3% of the adult population. These super-owners have anywhere between eight and 140 guns each, with the group average being 17, according to the study.

Overall, there are an estimated 55 million gun owners in the U.S.: Most have an average of three guns; half own one or two guns; and the number of guns owned by Americans has gone up by 70 million over that same time period.

(cont. Fortune)

That’s all thanks to the NRA and paranoid gun people infecting the simple-minded with propaganda like this.  They love to say the Left is violent, the Left is dangerous, the Left is a threat to America, but our President never encouraged gun owners to shoot another politician.  The vast majority of mass shootings are committed by conservative White men.  Random acts of politically motivated violence are almost always rooted in xenophobia, racism, or religion on behalf of a straight white Christian who loves America.  And we don’t have any ads serving as a call to arms to protect ourselves against the demonstrably violent actions of the Right.

I live in New York City and I will always live in a city like this, be it Los Angeles or San Francisco or Seattle or some other liberal bubble safely insulated from the paranoid red wasteland of the United States at large.  I think gun ownership is stupid and the Second Amendment makes no sense in a modern society having little in common with the daily life or political climate of the Founding Fathers.  But if I lived in a small city in Alabama or a rural area in Oklahoma, I’d have a permit and a gun, because crazy gun people are crazy.  It actually scares me that there are people who think this way and they’re out here stockpiling a hundred guns waiting for a reason to use them.  I don’t trust them not to instigate confrontation in a war wholly imagined inside their tiny little paranoid brains and I wouldn’t feel safe living anywhere near them.

The fact that this video was made means the NRA knows it would be warmly and enthusiastically received by enough people to warrant the time and effort to create it.  I don’t feel safe next to those people and my thoughts are with all y’all who have to live and work with them.

OC Night Market Hate Crime 5/21/17

On the 21st of May, 2017, an Asian-American man was severely beaten in the parking lot at the OC Night Market by a tall white man with full tattoo sleeves and two white women, one of which was the original instigator. He is currently in ER. When the Asian man refused to let the white woman cut in line for a drink, she told him to ‘eat dogs’ and go back to Asia, and then gathered her companions and stalked the Asian man until he was leaving the event and alone in the parking lot.

When more information is revealed about the hate crime that occurred last night, I’m going to thoroughly follow the case and do my best to spread the info, make sure that the three perpetrators are caught and brought to justice, and raise awareness about the shocking and dismaying prevalence of anti-Asian sentiment and violence even in the most diverse of Californian communities.

What happened tonight is disturbing, and I feel as if my knowingly false sense of security in my own home territory here in SoCal has been somehow proven even more false than ever before. I grew up in the LA suburbs on the border of the OC where the majority of the residents were Asian-American, and in this insulated bubble, many of my peers grew up complacent and ignorant of the reality of life as a person of color in America. After all, the horrific events surrounding the death of Vincent Chin seemed to us like it was so long ago. But that has never truly been the case, and I hope that in this influx of overt anti-Asian racism in the places where we feel the most safe, we can come together as a community and face the fact that none of us were ever safe here. All we can do is fight for a voice of our own and do what we can to see to it that the systematic injustice that aims to bring down all people of color in America is faced with all of our collective strength.

I was out in Hollywood all of yesterday, in a group of mostly Asian-American (and entirely POC) friends, and ate at a Japanese izakaya filled with white people spouting microaggressions just a few hours ago. And the frightening thing is, we were contemplating heading out to the night market ourselves. This story hits home because it could have been me or anyone I was with. It could have been a member of my family. It could have been my significant other. And it happened to this specific Asian-American man simply because he was the one that was there.

And it happened in the OC: Asian-American territory. Racists have no fear any longer, and we are no longer safe even within our own communities, at our own events centered around Asian food and culture, in the heart of what is supposed to be one of the most tolerant, progressive and ethnically diverse places in the world.

As you may be able to tell, I’m pretty angry about it.

None of the perpetrators of the crime at the OC Night Market have been found as of yet, there seems to be no mention of the attack on the local news, and I haven’t been able to find any information other than the first-hand accounts posted to social media by friends of the victim. Please follow the link for more information on the perpetrators, and stay safe, folks.


Once again, High Existence demonstrates its allegiance to insulated hippie liberalism. They think they’re above ideology, above the “wayward masses who actively seek out things to be offended by”. This doesn’t apply to all people who identify as “hippie” (or offshoots of that label), but from personal experience these seem to be people who will preach love and world change but will very rarely exit an insulated bubble, consider context, or apply material analysis to their emphasis on world change. High Existence is no exception in this regard.

I cannot emphasize it enough: if you want to advocate this Alan Watts-esque spiritualism that shirks the worst aspects of capitalism, you also need to focus on the material qualities, including class, resource access, and socio-economic system analysis. Individualist solutions to world problems, including “just change your outlook” and “no one can exploit you without your permission” (peh), will never be enough. Never. The sort of spiritualism they’re talking about is only possible in a classless society that allows for human flourishing and solidarity; to get there, you need to take apart systems and analyze context and understand how to dismantle Empire.

We need more Marxist hippies, just sayin’.

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The thing I always remember is that no matter how much negativity and Debbie-downerism that goes on in this hellsite and on the king overlord of hellsites twitter, very little, if any of that makes it out of the fairly insulated fandom bubbles we’re in. I’m always surprised when I realize that no one else cares about the petty drama we’re all forced to deal with every day on tumblr cause they don’t hear about it! Things that seem life or death here rarely make it to the GP or media.

fandom truly exists in a bubble