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Down by the river - Peter Maximoff x Reader

Request by Anonymous <3

warnings: slight angst, reader has a traumatic past, family death

summary: Charles and Moira took you in years ago but never really left your side after what happened. Things change when you meet your significant other.

a/n: you have the hydrokinetic ability to control water


Its been years since Professor Charles Xavier and Special Agent Moira MacTaggert adopted you and treated you as their own ever since. 15 years to be precise. 

Some time ago a new mutant arrived at your school. He seemed interesting from the moment you met him. But it was neither his silver hair, nor his fascinating speed that first caught your attention. 

Your style of water-bending was mostly fluid and graceful but you were a bit out of practice. One afternoon you were in the hallway working on your water manipulation. You were right in the middle of molding it into a variety of shapes above your head.

“Y/N!” Charles called for you from his office across the hallway causing you to lose control over the enormous water bubble above your head, which naturally led to a huge puddle on the floor. 

The next thing you heard was a brisk Woosh followed by a long groan.

You turned around to find the new kid lying on the floor in the middle of the mess you made. You heard he was fast but the thought that a simple puddle would incapacitate him made you chuckle.

“Whats so funny?”, he groaned.

Realising how highly inappropriate your reaction was you stuttered “Oh my stars, I-I’m terribly sorry. I didn’t realise-”

“Ah, don’t worry its not a big deal. I should’ve looked where I was going. This was gonna happen eventually. I’m Peter by the way.”, he smirked.

You reached for his hand to help him up “I’m Y/N” you blushed. You gathered all your courage and asked “Can I make this up to you over a nice cup of coffee? Don’t worry this isn’t gonna be a regular thing. You know you slipping because of the mess I made.”, you flirted.

“Can I be completely honest with you, Miss? I would actually love to fall down because of some puddles of yours again some time soon.”

“So that’s a yes?”, you chuckled.

Obviously” he smirked. 


You spent a lot of time together up until a few weeks ago when you finally started dating. You consciously decided to ignore the Professor side eyeing your boyfriend Peter. 

Until one morning when you were in class and Peter was strolling past Charles’ office. Moira stepped out of the door and gave Pete a sign to follow her into Charles’ office. 

Charles looked at Peter and said “You are probably wondering why we are so overly protective of Y/N..”

“You know, I’m kind of getting this parent-protectiveness vibe and I don’t mind it quite frankly.” Pete 

“No, there’s more to it. And we are going to explain. You seem like a honest young man and I know your intentions are good.”

“Woah, I don’t mean to sound rude but this situation is kind of creeping me ou-”

“She had a sister…” he interrupted Pete.

“Amelia..”, Moira added.

“One day they were playing by the river and little Amy fell in. Y/N tried to help but you must know she was a child herself back then. Scared and alone. No one else around to help. It was also the day she found out about her powers.”, he sighed. “But naturally she wasn’t able to control them.”, Peter could hear the crack in Charles’ voice.

Moira continued “Amelia drowned that day. And her paren-her parents blamed Y/N.”, she shook her head in disbelief.

A million thoughts were rushing through Peter’s head but he couldn’t even speak one word. Pete was just staring at them. Speechless.

“You see young man, this is why we are very protective of Y/N. It has been a very emotional time for all of us and we don’t want her to get hurt.” Charles uttered.

Peter audibly gasped “I-I would never…”

“We know”, Moira interrupted him giving him a reassuring smile. 

Charles looked at Moira and then back at Peter

 “Yes, we know.”