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Commission List OPEN!

HAY guys! for the first time i’ll be opening a list ahead of Thought Bubble. 

I’ll be opening a list of Pre-show commissions for the convention in November.

I’ll only be accepting commissions that can be picked up at show only

B&W 10x15 comic backing board (as exampled above) - £30

B&W/ or Colour A4 (as exampled above)- £40/£50

B&W A3 (Bristol Board smoooooth)(as exampled above)- £70

B&W/ or Colour A3 (watercolour paper)(as exampled above) - £100 

I am open to doing pretty much anything, photo references are welcome!

payment will be accepted via Paypal.

Email at :abi_120@live.co.uk for details and to be added to the list!

Spaces are limited!!!

but please spread the word! 


It feels like it has been an age since i posted anything on here - in my defence i changed computers and lost my password. Anyhow - back again, blogging will continue in earnest.

Last year I wrote and drew a one shot comic called The Great Salt Lake, which was released at Thought Bubble convention in Leeds. I was pretty happy with it, and people seemed to enjoy it, so this year I thought i’d do the same again. Unfortunately time and money conspired against me (not enough of either), and so this is currently all you’ll see for the time being of my latest effort which was to be called The Wild Frontier.

I’m vaguely thinking of reviving it next year as a web comic, but even if i do, i’ll invariably redraw these pages so for now these are just an insight into my attempts at comic making. I hope you like them.

In regards to the Touhou Smash dream

So it’s pretty clear that the western Touhou fandom is keen on making a Touhou Smash Bros type game and who can blame them? Smash Bros has proven to be popular among fighting games being hosted at major fighting game tournaments like Evo.

With how each game has distinct mechanics a lot of other people want to make their own take on it, like Rivals of Aether or (to an extent) Brawlhala. For Touhou we have seen one combine mechanics of Melee and Brawl hack Brawl Minus which use to be dubbed Touhou Super Smash Battles and now being molded into an original game Nansei Doujin Spirit and another one being made called Fantasy Crescendo ~ Rumble Dream Ensemble still being worked as a Touhou fan game aiming for a play style similar to Smash 4.

Though despite all this I can’t help but shake the feeling while we are asking for a Touhou Smash, the stuff being made right now might not be what we all want. This is gonna be a long spiel and it may feel like I’m being of a backseat designer (which I’m WELL AWARE goes nowhere) but it’s just my thoughts on the matter. I’ll also break it up into numbered segments if you want to skip a point.

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shankt  asked:

Hi, I'm having trouble getting your tumblr to load so I apologize if this has already been asked. Do you sell any prints or originals of the work your post?

hiya sorry to hear this x

but to answer your question I sell my original works yes but only at conventions.

 But I also do commissions. details can be found here 

I currently don’t do prints, But am planning on doing some for Thought Bubble convention later this year. I will be selling original works there as well.


Hello. This strip has been a bit slow lately. Currently mostly because I’m busy preparing for the Thought Bubble convention next weekend. I’m making a Slowly Dying “second collection” zine - containing some not-yet-published strips. So yeah, the strip isn’t dying, just slow at the moment.

In the meantime, here’s one of many photographs and drawings that I made for my graduation show in June. I’m still intending to put together a PDF of that material, as it is far too much to post onto tumblr in a practical fashion.


By FAR my favorite thing about all the conventions I’ve been to is the friendly energy that comes with people being brought together under one roof for a general common interest

Like to be honest, in the grand scheme of things I find nerd culture more trouble than it’s worth and I’m not super fond of elevating it above or separating it from the norm. And I definitely don’t think conventions are safe havens where everyone can be trusted. Like we all know the creepy stuff that goes down at a lot of conventions

But the general energy of a convention is so nice. Nobody really needs to know each other to be kind and enthusiastic about each others’ presence. Having that common interest is all you need to like somebody within the bubble of a convention. You can just talk to people, pay them compliments, get a picture with them, bond with complete strangers over mutual adoration for something, and there things are just givens. It’s part of the experience. And when it’s just that and none of the elitist, creepy, misogynistic, all-flavors-of-problematic crap that geek culture fosters, I can’t help but think that the way people treat each other at conventions is how human beings would ideally treat each other all the time, everywhere