bubble attack

I fall prey to internalized misogyny and find myself looking through the lens of white privilege and white feminism a lot. 

But I’m working on it.  

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oh shit i just had a horrible though but like what if ame goes like full rogue/corrupted and shit and the gems would have to bubble her but she attacks steven and (fill in the blank). so, what if something happened in the kindergarten and it made another amethyst and they had to raise that amethyst and pearl gets so attached or something. mm too much feels for me already why am I thinking about this good-fucking-niGHT



Yabaecip:  The Bubble Buddies Are Attacking! | CoD: Modded Zombies

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There's really one thing I hate about shatter me and it's the feelz it gives me bc warnette is literally controlling my life!I would be sitting at dinner and all of a sudden I'm like'Warner'then get all bubbly and fangirl attack. How do I stop this?

Literally sameee!!! I could be in the middle of class and warnette suddenly pops into my head and then I’m smiling like a hyena and trying to control the urge to flail around and cry haha. There’s no known cure for the warnette freakout syndrome it just consumes you

I can kinda feel a panic attack bubbling beneath the surface of my emotions and I’m trying to keep it out by building walls of positive emotions but it’s hard


BUBBLE TEA ATTACK!!! Part 2.#bubbletea #assassination #brother –>JasonChan #food #thatsoundtho #afterschool #spazzingout #attack #firsttake


Oh my gosh this fish!! His name is Miyazaki and he came from petco, he’s been with me since Thursday and he’s doing wonderful! This pretty boy really likes to show off and keep me watching him. He’s super adorable too, he attacks the bubbles from his air stone. :D I’ll try to get more pictures of him soon. He seems to be darkening some and he’s just too pretty to not take photos of!

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bubble cuddle attack go~ ─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ

Ali had lifted her head and turned around when she heard feet running towards her but that was all she could manage until a certain hobbit somehow managed to tackle her ass to the ground. Earning a surprised yelp as she was caught off guard but it melted into a fit of laugher as she hugged hir him back.

“Holy shit, hello to you too. bub!” She managed out between giggles.


It feels a little trivial to post this but this attack bubble, pod thing travels quickly.