bubble arched

two boys and a pool and the whole world
in front of them. it was weird at first but
now it feels good, breathing underwater
thru kisses and bubbles when we kick,
arch our arms to carve apart the chlorine and
the sun and nothing can reach us down here.
funny, how anybody could be afraid of us.
it’s just too hard to stare at one sun, let alone
two of them. it’s just to hard to let go of what
you feel and switch it with something else,
i guess. the pool was a field and the road
was everything else and your feet were bare
and your shoes, you threw them off a bridge
and never thought about them again.
weird, i know, but when you’re barefoot
you’re even better. closer to it all, i mean.
i take off my shoes by the water’s edge, i
burn my feet on concrete but still feel good
and blue. i touch them to the water and it
makes me whole again. i touch you in the
water and it makes me better, all over again.

Five minute ficlet (Angst, pt10)

Your quarters were much more spacious than you’d been anticipating. Tiberius had his own small bedroom, as did you, and the bed in your room was made for a couple, so it was big. Ti took one look at it and announced he was going to sleep with you forever.

“Mama! You would always be snuggle close if we shared!” He protested when you declined to share.

“You are too big for sharing.” You wrapped him in your arms. “Should we go find the teacher?”

“Can we find Daddy first?” Ti had done nothing but nag you about Jim since he’d realized you’d all be on the same ship. You were hesitant to disturb Jim. Aside from his apparent request for you to have family quarters, you’d heard nothing from him.

“Daddy is in the bridge right now, Bubs,” you explained. “Why don’t we go find your teacher and stop in and see Doctor McCoy for our intake assessments?”

“Doctor McCoy is going to be your boss,” Ti informed you. You smiled and nodded. “Let’s go there first.”

You couldn’t see the harm, and headed toward MedBay. Leonard’s face lit up when he saw Ti, and you realized it was the first time he’d seen the boy in anything other than a photo since delivering him. He approached you and dropped a friendly kiss on your cheek.

“You look well, Y/N,” he commented, before turning to Ti. “This strapping young buck must be Tiberius!”

“I am David Tiberius Leonard Y/L/N, Doctor McCoy,” Ti informed him, very seriously. “I am here for my assessment.”

“Well, kiddo, you look pretty good to me.” Leonard squatted to look him over. “Did you know my first name is Leonard?”

“Mama says she gave me that name after the Doctor friend who delivered me,” Ti announced. “Are you the Leonard who helped Mama have me?”

Leonard positively beamed with pride. “I am,” he nodded. “You sure have grown a lot since then.”

“Well of course, silly. I’m almost six now!” Ti laughed. “Are you friends with my Daddy?”

“Your daddy is my best friend, Tiberius,” Leonard admitted. Ti’s face lit up.

“I call Mama’s best friend Auntie Jane! Will you be my Auntie Leonard?” Ti asked. You bit your lip to stop the giggle that was bubbling up. Leonard arched an eyebrow.

“I would prefer Uncle Leonard,” he suggested, much to Ti’s confusion. “Uncle is the term for a man Auntie.”

“Could you take me to see Daddy?” Ti asked. “We haven’t seen him yet.”

Leonard looked at you and you met his gaze without looking away. “I didn’t want to disturb him in the bridge.”

“Nonsense,” Leonard scoffed. “I disturb him all the time. He wanted you on the ship, Y/N. he jumped on it as soon as he saw Sherman’s Planet was being shut down.” He took Ti’s hand in his and led you both to the turbolift. Right as you entered the bridge, the ship went on red alert. Jim looked over and scowled.

“Bones! What the hell are you doing? Get them out of here!”

Ti burst into tears and ran back to the turbolift.