bubba the cave duck

Things to Love About DuckTales (4/10) – Bubba the Cave Duck

A lot of people dislike Bubba for being, well, himself. What do you expect from a cave duck from 1000000 B.C that suddenly has to live in the twentieth century? He’s doing a lot better than I would’ve done, that’s for sure.

He may have a primitive mind, but he’s highly creative. And he should be, to live in a dangerous jungle among dinosaurs. Super-strength, a sharp sense of smell and strong survival skills are a given.

I guess some fans wonder why Scrooge would ever be interested in any kid that’s not his direct kin, but I find it believable for several reasons.

  • Character development took its time. Scrooge wanted nothing to do with Bubba at first, and even came to dislike and fear his presence later. Bubba however, fell in love at first sight and followed Scrooge around like the kid he is.  The fact that he kept trying to get the old duck to pet his head is both cute and sad. Bubba is a child that lived alone, which is in itself an implication that his parents and tribe were dead.
  • Bubba’s gratefulness for being saved grew to become wanting to stay with Scrooge and the kids and protect them. Scrooge – in typical Scrooge-ness – let him at first, if it didn’t get in his way.
  •  When Bubba returned with the gang to Duckburg and it became apparent that his existence may be a threat to Scrooge’s fortune, Scrooge shunned the poor kid. His conscience however, wouldn’t leave him alone for that. It reminded him that it wasn’t the way of Scrooge McDuck to blame his ill fortunes on a child.
  • The moment when things began to change on Scrooge’s side was when he realized how lonely Bubba really felt in the world, and that’s the main reason why I think Scrooge eventually adopted him - Bubba’s loneliness reminded him of his own before he re-connected with his family.

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