Meu desejo é mais simples - e menos clichê. Quero que o universo nos trate bem. Quero que haja flores pelo nosso chão. Quero que as palavras sejam menores do que as atitudes, e que tentem vir sempre acompanhadas umas das outras. Quero as correntes frouxas e os abraços apertados. Que não busquemos o martelo para quebrar os frios corações humanos, mas o fogo que os derreta e a mão que os impulsione. Que não nos falte o depois. E que haja poesia.
—  Nattan Duran

Happy Trans Day of Visibility, everyone!

My name is Andrew. I identify as both agender and as a demiboy, and I have a very unusual story of self-discovery.

About a year ago I cosplayed the Grand Highblood (a character from Homestuck) for the very first time. When I did, I felt a strange sense of comfort, quite different from the usual sense of skin-crawling discomfort that filled me on most days. It was only after cosplaying him that I realized I felt much more comfortable as a male then as a female. As time went on I cosplayed him more and more before figuring out that I identified with something other than female. It was then that I began exploring separate gender identities and figured out my own. 

I grew more and more comfortable and certain of myself as time went on, and it was all thanks to  cosplay. Unfortunately, I was always too scared at the mere thought of transitioning until I cosplayed a human GHB (middle cosplay selfie). When I finally finished my makeup for him I realized that I loved the way that looked. I was comfortable, I was confident, and I was handsome. I realized then that one day I wanted to wake up and see myself look like that—or at least look more masculine—when I saw myself in the mirror. I decided a few days ago that once I was able, I would start on T and finally become someone I can be comfortable with.

The last selfie is my current cosplay (which I am incredibly proud of) and the last selfie before the cosplay ones was taken just this weekend after realizing I wanted to transition. I am happy with myself, and feel comfortable and proud with who I am.

(First selfie was my school ID my senior year of high school! I’ve changed so much and I honestly feel really confident in my appearance.)

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Sooo, I was thinking the other day you know how a lot of the people who don't ship Clexa, mostly come up with the excuse that Clexa came out of nowhere and that their kiss was too soon (as in there wasn't a lot of buildup towards it) well, Maya and Jasper were together for give or take the same amount of time as Clexa and they kissed and said ''I love you'' to each other by the end of the season. How come people don't complain about them *facepalms*


It’s been a very tough road for finding my identity and I couldn’t have done it without the supportive people out there. It’s a scary world for us and having things like this for trans and non binary people makes one feel so much better. I’m proud of the boy that I’m becoming and I’m so happy that I can share Trans Day of Visibility with other people.

“From Snow White, we gained more experience and the courage to take another big step. We’d make another cartoon feature starring only animals. Now, we’ve been interested in the works of Felix Salten. And, one of these we felt was ideal. It was, Bambi the story of a deer. We know that to retain the charm of these creatures, our animated drawings must fully capture the natural movements and attitudes of living animals.”

Walt Disney X, X

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