The singer, who just so happens to be New York City’s ambassador for tourism, took her Scottish boyfriend Calvin Harris to dinner at L'asso on Kenmare St. and Mott St. Tuesday night, E! News can confirm. The “Bad Blood” singer, 25, and the music producer, 31, selected a corner booth in the back of the pizza place. “The place had about 15 tables, so it was very small and intimate,” a fellow patron says.

Swift ordered a glass of white wine, while Harris drank water.

“They ordered a salad and then two gluten-free pizzas. Before the food came they were holding hands and they were really engaged with each other. You can tell they were totally a couple and so into one another. They laughed and were talking throughout the night,” the diner says of the stars, who met in February. “When the pizza came, Taylor served Calvin a slice of pizza on his plate then gave herself one.”

At one point, Swift took out her phone and showed it to Harris. “She took his hand towards the end and put it close to her heart,” the diner says. “It was a sincere gesture.” Harris paid the bill, and the new couple headed home around 11 p.m.

“As they were leaving, they were holding hands,” the patron tells E! News.

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