Marriage or its equivalent is going away, thanks to the modern ornery women that young men have no interest in.

Manslation: You heard it here first, youngins are gonna quit gettin’ hitched because the females in these parts are jest too dang ornery for the little whippersnappers. Nobody ever wanted to marry me, so if that ain’t proof enough that marriage is dyin’ I don’t know what is. If you’ll ‘scuse me I need to get back to doomsday preppin’.

blue night radio - 150829

listener: my best friend gave birth to a child. when she was pregnant she went for tokyo dome in march, all the three day concerts in may and the seventh anniversary party too. my friend is a big shinee fan. even (her) prenatal education was shinee also, hoping that her kid would be as handsome as shinee.
jonghyun: (laughs) i wish that the kid will always be healthy and, please, love blue night and shinee in the future. (source: keybe0mmie)

[150828] Doogi PD’s Twitter Update with Vernon and Hoshi

[Doogi PD] 어렵게 찾은 버논이와 호시 
#고유명사_스포호시 #보컬_힙합_다음은 #내일_호시십분 

[Doogi PD] A Vernon and Hoshi picture that is hard to find

(T/N: Spo-Hoshi - spoiler Hoshi)

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