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You walking to your shared bedroom, and see Luke still sleeping on the bed making you giggle at his laziness and his laying on his tummy his head muffled into the pillows and his ass looks great from your view, so you climb on top of him and so your chest is pressed against his back & you whisper "good morning, bubs" laying a kiss to the side of his face while wrapping your arms around his waist, laying your chin on his shoulder looking at the side of his face & +

him not moving at all so you whisper “i made you a cup of tea” with a cute smile making him shift his face towards you, his eyes still closed and says with a raspy sexy voice “can you bring it to me?” causing a giggle to come out of your mouth, which was lu’s favorite sound, putting a smile on Lu’s face “no, lu, you have to get your lazy ass out of this bed to go get your tea” making him groan & his head fall into the pillows again.

this is so cUTE!!!! and me 100000% 

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What do you think each H*R chraracters' parents would look like? 😊

  • homestar’s parents are respectively a retired athlete and a fresno nightcrawler
  • marzipan’s mom is a loud rich lady who has a new boyfriend every week
  • coach z’s parents aren’t very fond of how he’s leading his life and rarely speak to him nowadays. they’re very serious and hardworking
  • bubs’ mom is really sweet and cheerful! she doesn’t really like how her son deals business and she tries to smack some sense into him every now and then
  • (and as for the brothers strong’s parents i really like this design!)

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imagine pink hair mikey kissing Luke and giggling while doing so and lueks all "stauwppppp!!" and squeezing mikeys hips and writhing around and mikey "nnnnnnnnooooo!! I loooove u!! mmjust lovin on my lovely boy!!" and tickles lukes tummy as he buries his face in lukes neck and kisses it lots and he's laughing bc lukes laughing and he's layin on top of Luke and it's really gay and soft and mikey goes n kisses his lips passionately and "love you bub" "love u so much mikey"

im gonna throw up and black out get this the hell away from me 

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I fell of my couch watching the gtb music video. I also may have screamed more than once. they make me happy. AND IN 5 DAYS I GET TO SEE THEMMMMM. FIVE. DAYS. I CANT BELIEVE THIS. IT WILL BE MY FIRST CONCERT TOO!!!!!!

i’m so excited for you bubs i hope you have a great time!!!!