Wolverine Claws

Transform yourself into your favorite X-Man without dealing with the hassle of experimental surgeries when you acquire these Wolverine style claws. These incredibly sharp claws fit snuggly in between your fingers to create a lifelike appearance, Bub.


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anonymous asked:

I had a dream that I woke up and phil was sitting on my dining room table atop a stack of dan's cereal and there were fire works coming out of his hands and they were all rainbow. And then Dan came in sprinkling some white substance from his hands looking like the salt bae meme and then he looked at phil and said "Philllllllllllll why are you sitting on my cereal?!" and then phil reached over and booped him nose so hard that he turned into a puppy. :^)

i have to break it to u bub, but that was actually dan’s powder cum he was using it as punishment 

send me your dan and phil dreams

anonymous asked:

how do anarchists mainly believe we should deal with reactionary uprisings after we get rid of the state? ive heard marxists talk about this but ive never really known what the alternative opinion is

Idk bub I care more about getting to that point then writing a schematic for what comes after

anonymous asked:

ohhh i know what u mean bubs!! totally agree with you on it as well, i feel like if he had more inspirational people in his life, he can push himself u know? but tbh he's such a talented kid who fucking sings like an angel, his vocals and skills on the guitar are so damn impressive im shook

he’s so so so talented, if he surrounded himself with people that are motivated and ambitious he’d be thriving bc he’s so easily influenced that if he had people like Ashton around him more he’d be thriving and becoming better at what he loves, it’s like he’s lost himself in the last year and I think that comes down to be overworked, travelling non stop and who he’s associating himself with. I can already see a difference in him just after half a day w 5sos so I think writing and recording is going to do wonders for him 

vivilartista  asked:

Thenk u!! :D and now that I think about it, what's your Pokemon team? :3c (This is completely random but I also have a Lilligant whose name is Lil Bub (like the cat) 😂😂😂)

You’re welcome friendo!! :D (OM G)

My team consists of Primarina (male), Ribombee (female), Vikavolt (male), Alolan Sandslash (female), Lurantis (male), and Toucannon (female)!

Friendly reminder that you don’t have to wait until the weekends to live and enjoy your life. Go to your favorite coffee shop after school, call your friend, bake cookies on a Wednesday afternoon, dance around in your underwear. Your life is yours to live and you shouldn’t put it on hold because of work or school.


Yoongi looks so dreamy and he’s just laying down??!!!?!!!!!

like…how do ppl even start dating…one day it’s like “yeah we’re talking but we’re just friends it’s totally cool”, and then the next day it’s like “hey i like u a lot more than friends let’s date”