So my other brothers wife had a baby. I’m glad I’m gay, seems there’s something in the water around my family. Three bubs born within the space of six months.

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(guy anon again) SO I HAVE MY EYEBROW PIERCED, its literally the same as mikeys and a long long time ago he took it out for a while and i was so sad bc i was twinning with my bub :( BUT ITS BACK AND MICHAEL IS LOOKING SO GOOD I HOPE HE IS SO HAPPY WITH WHATEVER THE SQUISH MAN IS DOIN :))

Oh I didn’t even notice he took it out 😂

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dude youre seriously a huge inspiration to me, youre such a free spirit, you dont give a fuck, you long board half naked, you smoke weed anywhere, you draw and write so incredibly, youre like a goth hippie, you can get any girl you wanted, your music taste is so on point, you have the best body, you do all these crazy things, im so jealous i wish i could be like you

this is the best compliment ive ever received thank you so much bubs, just do you, dont live for anybody else

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michael would so call you "squirt" or "buddy" or "bubs" a lot i can feel it :-((

yes he’d have so many cute lil nicknames for u like when u woke up he’d be like “so what am i making us for breakfast bubby” or when u were sad he’d try and cheer u up and be like “hey buddy cmon pls give me a hug” i love this concept i love michael

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Top ten biggest jerks in Greensville

Since the phrasing of this is so innocent, I’m going to leave if to Bub to answer this one. 

I don’t like calling people jerks, but these people can be real crab apples sometimes (not all of the time though, because everyone has their good moments):

  • Warren
  • Rowan
  • Maria
  • Harper
  • Ryan
  • Sammy
  • Coraline
  • Lacey
  • Ezra
  • Drew

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hey i was at a drugstore today and i saw a metallic gold eyeliner and was !!!! bc it reminded me of luke in the golden fic so bought it in your honor just wanted to tell u lol take care bub :^)

omg that’s so cute i bet it’s gonna look so dope on you!!!

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2, 9, and 15💕

2 - my favorite weekly idol moment

OK…. either when namjoon got up and did that dance with his sleeves flying everywhere.. or when hobi kissed jungkook on the cheek bye

9 - any special tags i have for bts members

wow ok.. i use ‘my bub’ for jungkook occasionally n thats like specially reserved for him.. but other than that i don’t really.. rip

15 - favorite bts concept

can i say fuckboi concept from woh? the hyyh damaged youth shit concepts definitely…