scott’s dog dying when he was a kid is the most unjust thing that has ever happened in human history. firstly, all dogs deserve to live forever, and secondly, scott mccall is a precious angel cupcake who doesn’t deserve to feel pain ever, especially not when he was a little bub. i am not happy about this. jeff davis can expect a strongly worded letter. 



tbh I’m so emo abt jen being my friend like jen is probably the person who understands me most like they understand that I sometimes don’t understand things and need them explained to me and like jen always does and they always explain things to me perfectly so I understand completely and like jen is just such an awesome friend they’re always there for me and they’re really patient and just such a good friend to me I’m so emo omg

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ur so sweet! not only did u follow some of us u actually made us check eachothers blogs, and ive found so many amazing blogs! ur a true queen i swear stay perf bub

of course ❤️

Cold Feet

( allonsy-tommo )

Ollie was a bag of nerves, which predictably meant he got about twenty minutes sleep that night. He was sitting on the end of the bed when Harper woke up because he was too wound up to keep laying down, his knee bouncing– foot going from toes to flat. He kept running his hands through his hair, pulling too hard, strings of brunette curls coming away from his scalp. His alarm was going off, his phone vibrating on his bedside table but he couldn’t even hear it, too busy lost in his thoughts, thinking about every single thing that could go wrong today. He had his eyes closed, trying to picture his father, but all he really had was an image built up from when he was seven, strung with the few awkward visits along with a few old photographs his mother had kept hidden away. He could hear Grace in the shower, and he wanted to cry a little bit– at how calm she was coming across. He wished he was like that, thought he might be able to pretend everything was fine– but today was the day and he was having a bit of a meltdown at the end of a bed he didn’t even own. He wanted to call his mum, but he also knew she’d be worrying enough, so that’s why he’d left his phone on his dresser. 

Pharris and Bub look for survivors…

You probably thought I was kidding about the doujinshi but I’m not. I have a lot on my plate I want to finish–I have a BJD to sculpt (I really need a rasp for filing but I can’t afford it), I have a portfolio to update, fabric to design, shirts to design, patterns, postcards to send out–but I’m really slow and life in general gets in my way.

It’s suuper hard to stay inspired and motivated and positive because as an artist I feel alone because I’ve few people to show my progress to, and even fewer people I share interests with, who’ll be enthused over these projects. I have nobody to bore with my stories and ideas. 

I have you guys–you’re only a handful, but I appreciate that you’re there to see my posts! So thank you for being here!

Another Fluffy Sherlolly Headcanon

When Molly is pregnant with their first child, Sherlock plays the violin in front of Molly’s growing belly every night - despite Molly’s protestations that the baby can’t even hear until after 18 weeks’ development. When Sherlock’s out of town, he makes a recording for Molly to play for the bub instead.

When baby Will is newborn, the sound of his daddy’s violin is the only thing that will help him sleep when he’s unsettled.

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I sometimes feel like f/f ships are underrepresented in fandom. would you ever write femslash fic? you're an amazing writer and I saw your awesome gay gryf/slyth playlist and I was just wondering if you would.

hey there!! :D

I feel you, bub, I feel you. support and love for f/f ships is lacking in a lot of fandoms, which is sad, because that shiz is my jam. 

and I would totally write f/f! I already wrote a couple of fem!destiel fics (hs!au and ballet!au) so if you’re looking, you can check those out if you’d like c: I also really like anna/jo as a ship, so maybe one day I’ll have a go writing some of that. ^^

I’m v v happy you like the playlist, sunbeam B) have a great day!!

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BRO BOOTCAMP. This is why I love all of you people. Keep doing what you're doing bebs.

PLAJUS: np bub ;D