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How do u remember everyone's name in Haikyuu ;-;? Like, I had forgotten about Miya til today's chapter, I'm such a bad fan /sobs ;A;

Believe when I say I’m so bad with names too, but there are some characters (like Miya) that hit me so hard in the feels that it’s impossible for me to forget their names *-* at the same time, there are others which I have absolutely no idea how are they called.

You’re not a bad fan bub, don’t worry! They are so many it’s impossible to remember them all! :)

hello hi ! i’m your local mass effect enthusiast / co-admin of dalseo ! ( 18, est, she/her ) and ya’ll can call me lame bc alli kept that on the ooc page smh. ( i also go by lizzy, liz, l, etc, etc,. but u kno, lame is just as good ). this is going to be super messy bc i just got home from work & i’m rly tired. but ? i’m rly excited to rp with all you bubs ! anyways ! onto my bub jaehyun, aka one hell of a mess. if u somehow  get the urge to plot w/ me and him, give this a like and i’ll hop into ur ims ! i’m also available on d*scord; ( maehariels#8932 )

mentions of teen pregnancy, family death, drugs, and alcohol under the cut !

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my crush and i started dating recently and we're seeing a movie tomorrow...i high key hope it leads to a solid makeout - we haven't kissed yet (had to share lmao)

lmao i hope things work out and u get that solid makeout u want!! have fun on ur date tomorrow bub 💓💕💗

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how do i get rid of a crush on a professor? its driving me nuts and i feel really dumb about it and its actually distracting cries why am i like this kjshdkja and hes like 50 why is this happENING

sadly there’s no definite way of getting over a crush!! you just need time, i guess? try your best to focus in class bub, ik it’s hard when you’re attracted to someone but your education is always a priority ✨

weekly sleepover 🥀  send me an ask about anything - lets get to know each other better!