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I have a headcannon for the Laika kids!! Kubo knows how to make origami,right? So,I bet he also teaches Coraline,Norman,and Eggs to do that too. But in the end,their origami gets a little messy and was harder to fold.

YES!! Coraline makes a cat, Norman makes a little Bub (maybe a zombie, obvs), and Eggs makes a Boxtroll! Then Kubo brings them all to life and they all go on adventures with their origami babies!

@totallysupernaturaloneshots hi bub im here to cheer you up with rob’s presh face.

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he is a smol cupcake and he loves you. and i do too ♥


first milestone: 100 followers in 10 days!

oh gawd. what do i say. what do i do. man. i wanna give a shoutout to @lockedfighter for dragging me out here, and the whole CR fam bam for accepting me as one of their own. i’ve screamed, laughed, cried with y’all. you’re incredible. and i hope our friendships last a long time, because i really value them.

i have a couple of honorable mentions too, who manage to always make me smile whether i see them on the dash or we talk ooc. thank you to: 

@beckonlight | @brexthoftheplxnet  | @briidunviing@chaxsripper@cornualunae | @fightism | @flamesxofxeternity | @ibisangelus@lockedfighter@ofplacidity | @prcmising  | @redpupxiii@shirvdo |  @synxrgist  

yeah. so. i love you xx

let’s keep writing together! and if we haven’t yet, i’m sure we’ll figure something out soon if you’d like!  ♥

– nina

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✨, 🌷, 💕, 📖, & ☕️~~~

ACE MY BEBE LOVE! huehue how are you bub? i hope youre having a wonderful daaay!!

  • ✨ = a blog rate 

i love you and your blog so much!! you always fill my dash with these wonderful posts (im still cooing at your last post about cats lol too cute) and i adore how you call people sweet cheeks it is the cutest thing omfg ;;; stay awesome love and yeaah a whole 100/10 :)))

  • 🌷 = favourite blogs 

i already answered this here bby :))

  • 💕 = tumblr friends 

this site is sooo full of wonderful people that i cherish and love!! here are the souls i adore the most :)) @baekhyunsbabe @my-baeked-potato @chenbaekery @littlebyuns @baekhyuntella @tipannies @taendelion @sebaeked @byuny @flowerboybaek @greasyoppa @ohhsenshine @wang-eun @jonginery @zhangxingies @sebaekkk @byunchen @ninthwish @ooomybaek @taenggi @sehuntiago @exo–trash @kaizzzi @junmyeonsbae @sexualityixing @baekhyuneeh and YOU OFC!!! oh my god im so sorry if im missing anyone i love you all so much heart heart emoji!! hahaha

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lol my father just sent me a pic of the palace in sk (the ones where they film the historical dramas like moon lovers) and he told me “Your babe stood on this very spot where I’m standing. Jealous?” hahahahahahaha im still laughing. my father is such a father im crying now that i remembered it again oh god why is he like this????

  • ☕️ = shade someone 

oh god idk how to shade looool. uhmmm …. to you who think that sending anon hates to anyone is cool and that youre protected by that anon button? im shading you ……. errrm that’s not how we do it? oh okay sorry hahahaha :DDDDDD

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I haven't had a pic of any of the boys as my screensaver since like 2014 bc I just stopped having pics of them on my phone, but that pic of harry laying the grass being SO PURE NAD BEAUTIFUL was literally begging to be my home screen and Im almost an adult with harry styles laying in a field of flowers as my home screen and i spent $22 on that magazine and I don't regret a thing i love him so stinking much


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So im American and I can't stand either candidates but I usually leaned towards clinton (as shady as she is) bc im used to democrats. But tbh if you consider that a lot of things trump says are just for verbal effect and he doesn't plan on doing anything really extreme (which he hasn't in his history of entrepreneurship) and the fact that he only hates illegal immigration not legal citizens, he starts to make sense a little. Like clinton has a high chance of getting us into a war, but trump+

Ok i’m gonna stop you there bubs, i don’t know anything about politics especially American politics, like i have a Prime Minister who pulls on lady’s pony tails and everyone wonders why i stay out of politics this is why lmao