Please, take a few minutes to watch what is going on in the animal laboratories of the UK’s leading Universities. Behind all of the abstractions about the benefits, supremacy and irreproachability of science, the ‘necessary evils’ of experimentation, are individual, self-aware, thinking and feeling animals who are confined, torture and killed so miserably. There are complex issues at play about the division of labor with these graduate students, their desensitization to suffering and the total objectification of animals but these issues and these images uncover the true reality of animal experimentation as a globalized, institutionalized practice. In the UK as in the US, little has changed in the past 100 years from the subterranean laboratories of 19th century vivisectors, bringing animals home off the street to cut into on their kitchen tables. This is the type of ivory tower megalomania that needs to be confronted. This is suffering that is public funded in tax monies and publicly condoned in our complacency.

Michelle Thew: Change Cruelty Free International's Leaping Bunny Logo Requirements
More and more people are trying to shop cruelty free, which is absolutely fantastic for animals. However, Cruelty Free International's current requirements for companies to display their leaping bunny logo and current definition of what cruelty free actually means is actually pretty confusing for consumers who don't want to contribute to the cosmetic animal testing industry. At present, The Body Shop holds the leaping bunny logo. Neither The Body Shop's products or ingredients are tested on animals. Sounds good right? That's where the waters get a bit murky. A lot of people don't realise that The Body Shop is actually owned by Lorèal Cosmetics, a parent company who sells China and do test on animals. Now, how can a company who claims to be cruelty free hold that title, when the money it makes from people trying to shop ethically is lining the pockets of a parent company who profits from the cosmetic animal testing industry. Another example of the leaping bunny logo misleading well meaning customers is the M&S Beauty range. I've recently discovered that the beauty products made for the M&S Beauty range are made by Clarins. Clarins is owned by Esteè Lauder, a company who yet again distributes it's products in China . Just from the people I've had conversations with personally, (meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans) they are absolutely horrified to discover that they've been mislead when trying to do a kind act. I'm not alone in believing that Cruelty Free International should update its requirements to make it easier for people to shop cruelty free and not contribute to companies who profit from animal testing. What we want changed: - Any company who distributes cosmetic products in China should not be able to display the leaping bunny logo. - Any company who is owned by a parent company who distributes cosmetic products in China should not be able to display the leaping bunny logo. Please sign this petition to tell Cruelty Free International that their current definition of what is "cruelty free" needs to be readdressed.

If you care about animals and want it to be easier to shop cruelty free in the UK, please share and sign my petition!

Superdrug = animal friendly!!

Today at work a lady was talking to me about our own brand products. She said she thought they weren’t advertised enough to make people aware that they are all animal cruelty free.

I agree with her so I thought I would mention it on here incase anyone was interested. ALL Superdrug own brand products are animal cruelty free, they are BUAV approved. NONE of them have been tested on animals. You can see this by the leaping bunny logo on all the boxes/bottles.

Also most (if not all) of Superdrug own brand products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans! What more could you want! The lady that spoke to me said she found it hard to find hair dye and shampoo/conditioner that was BUAV approved and vegan she was excited when she found out we sold it, and now that’s all she ever uses.

Plus they are usually a lot cheaper than branded products!

This is probably really boring if you don’t care but if you do care, now you know!!