Superdrug = animal friendly!!

Today at work a lady was talking to me about our own brand products. She said she thought they weren’t advertised enough to make people aware that they are all animal cruelty free.

I agree with her so I thought I would mention it on here incase anyone was interested. ALL Superdrug own brand products are animal cruelty free, they are BUAV approved. NONE of them have been tested on animals. You can see this by the leaping bunny logo on all the boxes/bottles.

Also most (if not all) of Superdrug own brand products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans! What more could you want! The lady that spoke to me said she found it hard to find hair dye and shampoo/conditioner that was BUAV approved and vegan she was excited when she found out we sold it, and now that’s all she ever uses.

Plus they are usually a lot cheaper than branded products!

This is probably really boring if you don’t care but if you do care, now you know!!

Stop kitten experiments at Cardiff University!

We’ve  discovered that shocking experiments on kittens have taken place at Cardiff University. Some kittens were raised in complete darkness while…

Guys, Guys, GUYS, GUYS, GUYS.


We still need 57,008 signatures…This is going on in a University, I MEAN COME OOOOON GUYS.

The description reads:

Some kittens were raised in complete darkness while others were deprived of the sight in one eye by having their eyelids sewn shut. The kittens were then anaesthetised, artificially ventilated and paralysed with a drug to prevent eye movements. They were then subjected to highly invasive head surgery during which the skin was cut away, the skull was opened and the brain was exposed for recordings.

After various tests, all the kittens were killed and parts of their brain removed for analysis.

Sophisticated methods of studying vision and the neurologic processes underlying it in human beings already exist. Not only is this experiment inhumane, it is unnecessary for human health.

Ricky Gervais has joined the BUAV in calling for an end to these experiments: “I am appalled that kittens are being deprived of sight in one eye by having their eyelids sewn shut. I thought sickening experiments like these were a thing of the past. I support the BUAV in calling for this research to be stopped.”

Please join us in calling for Cardiff University to end these sickening experiments on kittens and cats.

Please, please, please sign this petition guys.

It really needs to stop!