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have you done one where iwatobi + samezuka s/o is cold and the boys happen to have a huge hoodie on so they pull up the hoodie and snuggle themselves under them? ahh thank you so much!! (✿◕ ∀◕) please keep up the good work!

(HOLY POO BALLS THAT’S CUTE, and thank you so much for your kind words, i love you! v u v)

Makoto: “Don’t squirm so much, it tickles.” His scolding tone totally falls through the floor from how he’s laughing, but when he sees their bright smile he can’t help but melt. He nuzzles their nose with a light laugh and kind eyes. “I love you.”

Haruka: “Is this warmer now?” He’s genuinely concerned about his partner’s current temperature and awkwardly reaches down to wrap their hands in both of his. After they rest their head on his shoulder, he blushes and drops a kiss on their cheek.

Nagisa: His entire face lights up when he realizes what they’re getting at, and he’s a smiling mess as he tries to help pull his hoodie over them. “Now I can hug you whenever I want!” He peppers their entire face in kisses until they’re both giggling.

Rei: The red goes up to his ears, but he’s so weak to his partner that he can’t do anything but stutter out broken words until they pop their head out of the collar of his hoodie and grin up at him. With a sigh, he pulls them a bit closer to his chest. “Really… I always lose to you.”

Rin: “H-Hey, what’re you-” Eventually he gives up on getting them to stop because he has to admit that they do look really cute snuggled up to him like that. So he just leans down to press his head to their shoulder. “…So? Where’re you cold?” He mutters and grabs their hands.

Sousuke: He just chuckles and waits for them to finish what they’re doing before kissing them on the forehead and playing around with their hair. “What’s this all of a sudden? You’re freezing, aren’t you?” He smiles at the cuteness and sways left and right teasingly with them in his arms.

Nitori: “Are you cold? I can get a blanket if you want.” He asks with worry in his eyes, but when they tell him that they’re fine with just him holding them, he gets quiet and nods with a pink hue crossing his cheeks. “Next time, I’ll buy you a thick sweater so you won’t be cold.” He smiles.

Seijuurou: “Oh? What’s this all about?” He grins, completely amused and smitten by how tiny they look in his hoodie. “Aw, you’re so cute. Not fair, y’know? I won’t be able to let go if you keep doing that.” He just laughs loudly when they smack him in the shoulder for saying something so cheesy.

Momotarou: He can’t stop laughing because not only do they look adorable, his stomach tickles now and he’s so unbelievably giddy at the whole sharing thing. They feel like a real couple now! His eyes start sparkling as he grins at his partner, nuzzling their cheek. “How about you just don’t leave at all?”

free! eternal summer - ep 01


THE OPENING THE BIRD MOTIF IS STRONG IN THIS ONE the whole thing felt like Haru yearning for something and he doesn’t know what it is but that something is getting away

if there is something I need to re-watch asap is the opening, as per usual those last few scenes totally spoil what’s going to happen and I love it

that said:


THE SCENE WITH THE RUNNING KIDS WAS EVERYTHING. A season ago, Haru and Rin saw them separatedly and they were both sad because the kids represented the past and happiness they had and lost; now they see them and they are together and that is what brings the cutest smiles to their faces and honestly this scene couldn’t have been any better or any more beautiful. Things have come back full-circle.

But happiness doesn’t last forever and the rain crashing the sakura petals party is the perfect metaphor - or omen - for that. 

okay and now for the rinharu and the rin and the cuteness and the everything else

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