bu-ling huang


Happy Birthday (August 7th, pt. 2)

  • Kaku (One Piece) 
  • Hyuuga Saki/Cure Bloom/Cure Bright (Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star) 
  • U*Sa*Ha*Na (Sanrio)
  • Yukine Miyazawa (Clannad)
  • Bu-Ling Huang/Mew Pudding (Tokyo Mew Mew)
  • Yanary (Pop’n Music)
  • Risette (Pop’n Music)
  • Troppie (Pop’n Music)
  • Hanako (Pop’n Music)
  • Tsubaki Rindo (I-Chu)

tokyo mew mew aesthetics

mew ichigo // mew mint // mew lettuce // mew pudding // mew zakuro // mew berry // mew ringo

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Tart leaving and returning. 

Pudding and Tart Kisses drawn by Mia Ikumi, colored by me! Absolutely love these two! They always make me so happy when I see them.

But can someone tell me where the last two pages come from? I’ve known about these two pages for years but I’ve never seen anyone mention where they were released. I know Mia Ikumi released a little Mew Mew special in her one shot Only One Wish, are these two pages from something similar like that?

Edit 1: Also if someone is willing to give a translation for the two pages that would be appreciated! I’ve been curios as to what they have been saying all these years

Edit 2: Thanks to eggbunnieblog I now have an answer! The two page short was released in a magazine as a special. Pudding is also giving Tart a French kiss saying she learned it from seeing Ryou and Keiichiro doing it(it’s left ambiguous whether she meant with each other or saw them each kissing like that with others, possibly unknown girlfriends).