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Something to Get Up For

Summary: The panicked, heart racing moments following Neil’s abduction to Baltimore, as told by a deteriorating Andrew. (Neil/Andrew)

Word Count: 3.3k

Warnings: swearing! mentions of abuse! scars! like. it’s tfc honestly >_>

A/N: I know this has been beautifully fleshed out before, but I couldn’t get it out of my head, and I am as obsessed as I am stymied with the workings of Andrew’s mind.

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16 Things all BU Students Know:

1. Whether you call it Shelton or Kilachand Hall, you know the fourth floor is haunted by the ghost of Eugene O’Neil

2. If you walk across the BU seal in Marsh Plaza, there’s no way you’ll graduate in four years

Sure, you may graduate early, but is it worth risking?

3. No School Has Better Food…

4… Or Stronger Password Requirements

5. Scarlet is an entirely different color than plain ol’ “red”

6. You know more acronyms than you’ll ever use again in your life: COM, CGS, CAS, GSU, SAO, DOS, CSC, HTC…the list goes on!

7. In winter, the BU Bridge may just be the windiest place on the planet

8. T. Anthony’s is, hands-down, the best college pizza shop in the city

9. If you’re lost, the Citgo Sign will guide you home 

10. You may never live anywhere as nice as StuVi again

11. The Beanpot is the best college sporting event in the city

BU has won more titles than any other school (30 to be exact).

12. You can survive for days at a time without leaving Warren Towers

Between the laundry rooms, dining hall, study lounges and common rooms, Warren makes the outdoors seem overrated. 

13. The BU “Beach” isn’t a beach at all 

But the sounds of the cars passing on Storrow Drive can be eerily calming. 

14. You’ll never have to walk more than 0.2 miles to get to the T

From Blandford to Babcock, the B line is essentially the “BU Line.”

15. There’s no other place where you can meet so many people from all over the planet

16. Having a traditional campus is overrated when the city of Boston is at your fingertips

Chat noir’s strength theory.

Okay, to be honest, this has been tough to determine.

But based on this:

As you can see, Chat Noir is tilting the bus upward to seal the mummies in the bus.

This is a pretty impressive feat of strength. But exactly how much does this bus weigh? That depends on the bus.

Based on my research, the bus model is a single decker Irisbus Agora.

According to the data I found this bus empty weighs on average

11,380 kg (25,090 lb).

To put that into perspective, the bus empty would weigh over 12.5 tons!

Now in the gif above, we see that the bus is not empty., in fact there are around 6 to 7 mummies in the bus.

Since the people turn into mummies which appear unisex but with the build of a mummified man, their exact height and weight are the same. Since this is in paris, the average height of a male in paris is around 5′8″

The average weight is about 160 pounds.  The total added weight would make the bus about 13 tons.

Of course Chat noir did not lift the bus with his hands. He used his strong staff as leverage.

Not to mention he is not lifting the bus off the ground, he is tilting it. so he is technically only lifting half the initial weight. 6.5 tons

He is only using his staff for the motion, with no pivots to help with the load.

So at the bare minimum,

It is safe to deduce that at his strongest, Chat Noir can lift several tons.

(can someone who knows physics help check my logic, because this has been bothering me)

BU Bucket List

These are the items graduating seniors most regret missing out on. Can you finish them all before you don your cap & gown?

1. Attempt Rhett’s Challenge

Many have attempted it, few have succeeded. Worth a try? Absolutely. 

2. Take the Knight’s Quest

A BU tradition since 1988, over 1,800 Terriers have completed the Knight’s Quest at the BU Pub, which requires drinking 50 different brews. Rules? Imbibers must be over 21, they are limited to two beers per day and no more than two drinks per hour, and the quest cannot be completed in fewer than 12 weeks. 

3. Walk the Freedom Trail

One of Boston’s biggest selling points is its important place in history. Take this 2.5 mile stroll downtown to see 16 of the most important places that helped shape the United States. The best part? Most of the tour is entirely free!

4. Sing along to “Sweet Caroline” at a Red Sox game 

America’s oldest ballpark is only steps from campus and a Red Sox game truly is a magical experience (even if you’re not a fan). There’s no better feeling than knowing the words to our iconic “Sweet Caroline” and singing along in the 8th inning. 

5. Get Your Fill of Clam Chowder

Arguably Boston’s most famous dish, get your fill of clam chowder, oysters, lobster & more New England fare while you’re here. 

6. Canoe/Kayak the Charles River

Adjacent to campus and one of the city’s defining features, the Charles provides gorgeous views of Boston. Don’t believe the rumors about the “dirty water” - the Charles River was recently named the cleanest urban river in America

6. Ice Skate on the Frog Pond

Located in America’s oldest public park, the Boston Common Frog Pond is a magical place for novices or experienced skaters in the winter months. 

7. Spend a Rainy Day at the MFA/Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

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Two gems of the art world in Boston, both museums are FREE to Terriers with their BU ID!

8. Head to both Mike’s Pastry & Modern Pastry - Choose your favorite

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An epic rivalry, Mike’s Pastry & Modern Pastry each have passionate devotees. Which cannoli reigns supreme? Try them both and be the judge!

9. Study for Finals at the Boston Public Library

One of the most iconic (and picturesque) buildings in Boston, the BPL is the perfect respite from Mugar when you need to get some serious studying done, but want to marvel at architecture simultaneously.

10. Take in the city from the Boston Harbor Islands

Explore a Civil War-era fort, picnic, walk and take in some of Boston’s hidden gems on a nice day. Don’t forget to enjoy the view of the city skyline from the harbor!

11.  Show your BU Pride at the Beanpot

Boston’s premier college sporting event, hockey takes over the TD Garden each February. The energy in the arena is electric and the BU Band always puts on a good show. Plus, our Terriers have won more Beanpots than any other Boston school so bragging rights are yours! 

12. Stargaze at BU’s own Coit Observatory

Open to the public each Wednesday night (weather permitting), indulge your budding astronomer right on the roof of CAS. 

13. Take a Selfie with Dean Elmore and/or Rhett

Both are incredibly photogenic and easy to find around campus. A selfie is a treasured possession you can keep long after graduation. 

14. Picnic in the Public Gardens or Boston Common

On a sunny spring day, there’s no better way to appreciate Boston - or its residents - than a picnic in the city’s best green spaces. 

15. Walk Across the BU Seal (but not before graduating!) 

After actively avoiding it for four years, we encourage you to walk, leap, lay, run or even karate chop (as our Kung Fu club does) on top of the BU seal in Marsh Plaza after graduation!